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  1. Noble Sacrifice seems like a questionable include if you don't have a reliable way to honor peeps. I leaned towards Duelist Training, myself.
  2. I'd like to see it. I'm putting together Dragon builds now.
  3. You are correct - Max 1 per conflict means that the ability can only be used once per conflict among all your Investigators. But you can still use Way of the Dragon to use it on both politicals, if you have a way to get him into both (Favorable Ground, anyone?). Also, Yokuni can copy his ability and use it in the same conflict, since the Max 1 per limit is only among cards with the same title.
  4. One thing I found after playing a lot of 1-core at Gen Con is that the price of paying a fate to an unclaimed ring isn't that high, if you've got it. You can force your opponent into a suboptimal ring choice for their next conflict if they want the fate. If the ring is also one that's bad for you, and you're second player, you can let it sit for another turn and gain another fate, then grab both when you have the first player token next turn. I'm looking forward to trying 3-core.
  5. Good report. As I said above, a 2nd fish could have made the difference for you here, even if you had to lose the blue corvette and strip some upgrades to do it. I ran a similar fleet (Ackbar in an MC80 Command Home One, 2 naked AFII-B, 2 naked Red Corvette, no squads) and I tabled my opponent. Even without Gunnery Teams or EA, the sheer number of red dice I was throwing from the sides was nuts. If I were going to run it again, I probably would dump one of the Corvettes for 4x A-wings, just because a larger bomber ball would give me trouble.
  6. I second the recommendation for a second fish - with Ackbar and Home One, your red dice are *nuts*. Enhanced Armament is a nice call on the AF, although you may find you get better use out of a Gunnery Team - I found that it's easier to get 2 shots out of the same side against 2 different ships, than 1 shot out of each side. Or you could dump the Advanced Projectors and get both... As to your defense objective, I can't recommend Fleet Ambush highly enough. Putting half their fleet in range of your train right off the bat is huge.
  7. The Techs, maybe - there's not a lot of times I need to go faster than speed 2, although I could see a larger bomber group being a problem. But the Projectors are worth their weight in gold - if you want to take down H1, you need to burn through every single point of shield I have, and on an MC80, that's a lot. I love those things.
  8. Definitely a thought. If it turns out that I need something to stop bombers, I'll probably end up dumping the second CR-90 and replace it with Han, and use the leftover points on Gunnery Teams for each of the fish. For the time being though, having a 5-ship fleet is awesome (I go first? Cool. Let me activate my MC80 last in the round, and then first next round), and the 3-dice out of each side of the CR-90s with a free Accuracy is bonkers. I'd hate having to give it up.
  9. So, a friend and I got first and second in the Massing at Sullust last week, so we decided to build 400-point fleets with our respective ISD and MC80. He brought an ISD-1, Vic-1, 2 Glads, and a Rhymer ball, and I brought the following: MC80 Command Ackbar Advanced Projectors Engine Techs Home One Assault Frigate Mk-IIB Assault Frigate Mk-IIB Corvette CR-90a Jaina's Light Corvette CR-90a And it was just a massacre. Home One, combined with Ackbar's ability to boost broadsides, was bananas. Using Home One to accuracy out the ISD's brace left and right had it out of shields on turn 3, and dead on turn 4. Bearing mind that this was a squadron-less fleet, and some of the new Rogues could definitely mess it up, but try it out. It's bonkers.
  10. Firepower matters, but if you can't bring that firepower to bear, then it doesn't do you any good. The advantage to an 8 Corvette list isn't just the number of dice you can throw, it's about being able to put ships where you need them, when you need to. This list would have a hard time with a big ship running Advanced Gunnery/Gunnery Teams, or any bomber-intensive build.
  11. Ackbar always struck me as more efficient when you have more ships; 2 MC80s may not be the best use of that point sink. I could actually see this being a Dodonna build, or potentially even a Rieekan (so you can get one last turn out of an MC80). 8 A-Wings also seems like overkill to me. You don't really care about their fighter screen because you don't have any bombers to protect, so the only thing you need them for is to tie up their bombers. You can do that with half as many A-wings and save space for a CR-90A, or swap half or all these points out for X-Wings and maybe land a few hits on a ship.
  12. I don't know if I'd run Reroutes on those CR90s; I'd use Slaved Turbolasers. Odds are good you're only shooting out of one side, so that's a 4th die on each shot. Also means that if you do get stuck with a forward-arc shot, it's 3 dice as well.
  13. Thanks! I figured I might have to get a Neb eventually, and it looks like the time is now.
  14. Rebel player here, and I just won an MC80 yesterday. Imagine my disappointment when I cracked the box and discovered that Engine Techs wasn't included. Are they only in the Gladiator box?
  15. Definitely Garm. Token spam was huge for me yesterday with this list. So was Fleet Ambush - broadsides turns 1-2 from two fish can wipe out a Vic (and the nav tokens from Garm help make sure that you can do it). If you're first player with Demolisher, you're either getting Fleet Ambushed and isolated from half your fleet, or auto-Paragon'ed from Advanced Gunnery (nobody even tried for Dangerous Territory against me, and with two Corvettes, good luck with that). You can't withstand firepower of that magnitude. :-) Plus, you spam engineer turns 3-6 on both fish. With the two engineering tokens, that's 10 points of shields you're regenerating on each fish, and with Advanced Projectors, they have to burn off every single one of them to get you. I took maybe 1-2 hull damage on a fish the entire tournament. The only things I lost all day were a single Corvette in two of my games. This build is metal.
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