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  1. DarthGM

    Question regarding talents like 'Counteroffer'

    It has it's place. I'm not sure I'd ever let a player stagger a target with a successful Negotiation check without this talent. Make them hesitate and apply Setback dice, sure. Maybe I'd let them stagger a target with a Triumph on a success, but get them to swap sides mid-fight without there being a plot reason to do so? No way. That's the other thing about this talent; you can use it on any non-Nemesis, any time. Dude-who-has-no-reason-to-change-sides, your GM might allow it. And that's the key part... Your GM is giving you zero assurances that you can get your opponent to change sides, even with a Triumph. That's still the GMs call on a case by case basis. But making your opponent lose their next action, once per session? As a Tier 2 talent? That can be clutch.
  2. DarthGM

    Fallout Genesys

    I am.
  3. DarthGM

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Not to try to outphysics anyone (not my speciality), but I'd think that if you tried to build a space elivator with the same principals as New Angeles in NY, it would end up slanting into the sky in a southerly angle, and there would likely be all kinds of other forces working against the beanstalk too
  4. DarthGM

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Two weeks for Genesys core, if I recall correctly. But yeah, RoT was right on the street date, so hopefully tomorrow! Something appropriate about having a pdf of this rulebook...
  5. DarthGM

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Careers are Academic, Bounty Hunter, Con Artist, Courier, Investigator, Ristie, Roughneck, Runner, Soldier, Tech Hacker = Runner Xplosion = Bounty Hunter, Roughneck, or Soldier Rigger = Tech Rogue = Con Artist. Kinda all I got time to do for now, got a lot of work I need to do. I'll have to defer to others to give out more info.
  6. DarthGM

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

  7. DarthGM

    Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?

    Has this become a problem, or are you trying to head off a possible problem ahead of time?
  8. DarthGM

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Technically, Q1 means before April...
  9. If I were to be offered the chance, sure.
  10. ...I would buy that...
  11. DarthGM


    This came up when the Dice Pool discussed Realms of Terrinoth with Huck and Tim Cox; I really like their idea of using the existing spells narratively to explain the teleport. You're enhancing an "ability" with the Augment spell and moving a distance away. You conjure a portal that allows you to move from one location to another. Maybe you're even attacking reality, breaching it with a specific Attack spell and causing a tear that you can step through. All of these are rather flavorful, and would also likely have a Formidable (<D><D><D><D><D>) difficulty.
  12. DarthGM

    Fallout Genesys Hack

    If I had the time, chief. If I had the time... I'm having enough trouble carving out time for my assignments from FFG. Plus I still have a couple adventures to write for GamernationCon in April. Private/For-fun writing projects have to take a backburner for now... *shrug*
  13. DarthGM

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    I really enjoy how Favors played out in the two modules (Happy Hour and On The Run). In each case it made some problems go away in thematically appropriate ways, or led to some real tough choices on the part of PCs (sometimes resulting in PC discussion and arguments).
  14. DarthGM

    Fallout Genesys Hack

    I was thinking something very similar to SPECIAL for a sort of "2nd Edition" of my original hack. Having radiation lower wound AND soak is highly dangerous. My version effectively lowers your Wound and Strain thresholds. If it lowers your soak as well, it makes combat while having any Radiation damage very deadly (instead of slightly more dangerous).