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  1. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    If I got the time and the drive, sure.
  2. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    The obvious answer is "whatever you and your players are going to enjoy". That being said, I tend to take a very balanced approach; I'm a sucker for good mechanics and solid rules (which is probably I don't grok FATE all that much; it's too open for me and isn't crunchy enough), but I also want mechanics to help the narrative, not limit it.
  3. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    No no, it's solid, man. I want the feedback! Power Armor is definitely designed to be more in line with Fallout 4 rather than FO3/NV. The high soak values of Power Armor does make them dangerous, but there are enough other suits of power armor out there as well as really dangerous creatures to threaten them. Plus remember that Triumphs can be spent to breach armor, reducing it's Soak value by 3 per. But it is something that I'm keeping an eye on, and could lower slightly based on feedback.
  4. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    The next DLC content is now available. This week it's the Institute, and rules for playing Generation 3 Synths! Enjoy! Fragments from the Rim Blog: DLC #3 - The Institute
  5. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Ooops...good catch there. Failing just means you take all the radiation damage from the source; Threat or Despair means you get Rad Poisoning until cured. I'll fix it in the next update...assuming I remember...
  6. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Where did "Sovereigns of Steam" come from? How did the idea for tones come about? What's your preference, generally; using/creating a complete homebrew setting or adapting and playing in an existing IP universe?
  7. Genesys Mecha

    I am aware of one person who is about to be in the Playtesting phase of a Macross/Robotech theme for Genesys; and they've contributed to a few SW books...
  8. Original creations or re-skins?

    Most of the Adversaries I'm creating for my Fallout setting are totally custom, but there's a lot of influence from Star Wars for things like Raiders, Scavengers, and Settlers.
  9. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Pain Train - It was unintentional. Interesting; I'm going to have to think on the implications of those two talents working together... Blitz - In a running melee battle, one of the advantages to slowing down your opponent is disengage to short range and move to medium range; that way the melee fighter needs to move twice to engage you again. This prevents the melee fighter from using Maneuvers for anything else, and burns 2 strain to keep the pressure on. Blitz saves the melee fighter from needing to burn that second maneuver, either saving them strain or allowing them to use their second maneuver for aiming or other maneuver-based talents. Finally, if you are immobilized you can still, by RAW, use Blitz to engage an opponent at Short range. Commando - While I wish I could take credit, I totally stole that one from the Talent in the Heavy specialization tree from Star Wars.
  10. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Update to the Theme; I've added more talents based on several Perks in the game. You can find them here!
  11. GM Screen?

    That's possible, and it would give them a chance to add in a brief adventure for each setting...
  12. GM Screen?

    The problem is what do you put on it? There's an entire panel in the GM Screen that lists common weapons for the Star Wars book. What weapons would you list in a Genesys screen? Fantasy? Weird War? Space Opera? If you take out the charts from that panel, what do you put in it's place? I'd like a screen too for ease of reference, but it's funny because I don't even use my Star Wars screens for their intended purpose. My game write up is usually on a laptop (which is it's own screen) and I do all my die rolls out in the open now. For my GM screens I keep them folded up until I need to check weapon listings for something I might not have written down, or for the critical injury tables.
  13. Cybernetics and Characteristics

    In Star Wars, the limit on characteristics was 6 naturally, or 7 with cybernetics. Based on the math and wording in Genesys, I read it that cybernetics can breach the limit of 5 for characteristics.
  14. GM Binder and Genesys

    ...I need to do some more research into this thing...
  15. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Super-Mutants: My thinking there was primarily that the Super Mutants tend to be really brawny and...slow in the mental capacity department. So to sort of stick with that; if you want a SM with a Brawn of 5, it's a choice you can make and it will likely fit in to what we see in the game. Like Strong; he clearly is a physical titan but...yeah, not so much in the brains department. We see that theme a bit in Fallout through the years. Brass Knuckles: I'm fairly certain I just overlooked that Brass Knuckles were in the core book. I'll have them updated to match the core book (or to keep it consistent, remove them from the Fallout doc and let you all use the ones from the core) Combat Shotgun: The shotgun is a double-barreled hand cannon that shreds targets at close range with buckshot. The combat shotgun to me is a more tactical, focus-fire weapon. As more folks get their hands on my theme and get it on the table, I'll be making re-evaluations and updates to it. I can see adding Knockdown to the Combat Shotgun, but I'm not sure if I'd want to throw Vicious on top of it too since that might make it too good (but I'm not saying no!)