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  1. I was definitely guilty of this at GenCon, but where Hooly has figuratively all the time in the world, I had to get the module done in 4 hours...
  2. You can impose a limit if you want, but if you want to keep it more "system friendly", bump it up to tier 3. The odds of someone taking it more than 3 times at that point is really, really low. You have to figure that if the game lasts long enough to have pcs with more than 1 tier 5 talent, the pc is going to choose Dedication as one of them. 3 or more tier 5 talents is a long, long game.
  3. That's not a bad suggestion; doesn't seem balanced to cap one but not the other. Then again, it does allow for and encourage the party to band together and throw everything they can into one critical skill roll. Sometimes it's good to favor the players for the sake of Rule of Cool...
  4. They have to hit with it first, and generate enough advantage to trigger the Burn, AND they're at short range. Even if you start (somehow) with a 5 Intellect, you still have to roll the Augment spell well enough to get to 7 Intellect, maintain it, and then maneuver and cast the attack spell you just laid out. There are enough drawbacks that I as a GM can exploit and other PCs can look at and go "well yeah, but how often can you pull that combo off really?"
  5. Fixed it for you (also based on Sam's reply).
  6. Well done, Hooly! What I most enjoy, personally, is hearing how different this module is already going from the 5 times I ran it at GenCon. Every group ended up fighting the bandits, while your group talked them down and even got them to agree to journey with you all the way to Nerekhal. First encounter is over and not a single combat check made; well done! I'm eager to hear how the rest of the module plays out!
  7. Yeah, I was allowing players to do that for the GenCon module. It was sometimes the only way they could keep conscious...
  8. You're welcome!
  9. *blinks* ...I didn't think to put in page numbers. *facepalm* I'll create a new copy and have D20 Radio update the file. Should be up within the next day or so.
  10. Yes, please do...
  11. If a creature is vulnerable to something, like silver, maybe you could apply Breach 1 to any attack made against it with a silver weapon.
  12. No, because there's nothing in Empowered that says it increases the rating on any qualities
  13. Which is why it's +2 difficulty.
  14. I am; because you're affecting the base damage of the attack, the same way the staff's +4 damage affects the base damage of the attack.
  15. Actually I forgot about that; so an Empowered spell with an Intellect of 5 and a staff could make that a 14 point Burn for (Knowledge Rank) rounds...