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  1. DarthGM

    Fallout Theme by GM Phil

    Not yet, but it's coming (personal life and freelance work got in the way).
  2. DarthGM

    Tannhauser World Question

    Of all the other settings books FFG is likely to do, this is the one I can't wait for the most.
  3. It's time for another Developer Interview show! The Order 66 Podcast is excited to welcome RPG Lead Developer Tim Huckleberry and writer Max Brooke back to the show to discuss their work on Fully Operational! As we have done before, the Order 66 Podcast is collecting questions from you, the listeners, for any queries you have about the book. Got a production question? A rules dispute about a talent? A piece of gear that doesn't make sense? Looking for insight on the expansive Vehicle Creation rules, or want to ask about something in an ship's stat block? We'll take questions until Wednesday night, June 27th. The show will be on the evening of July 1st (usually 8pm Central), and we'd love to have you join us in our chatroom, Echo Base, for the show! https://m.twitch.tv/bigyoda/profile As usual, we are only taking and fielding questions about this book, Fully Operational. We won't really have time to ask about any questions relating to other books, and of course Tim can't answer questions about products that have not been announced yet. Finally, please limit replies in this thread to questions for the Devs only. If you would like to discuss something brought up in this thread, please start a new thread elsewhere and discuss the matter there. Thanks for your time and your questions!
  4. DarthGM

    Crimson Skies

    Very cool! I think the system could handle CS well!
  5. DarthGM

    G.I. Joe

    It looked awesome, and I regret not getting a chance to play it.
  6. DarthGM

    Genesys Mecha

    I know one of the FFG Freelancers is working on a Macross theme in his copious free time.
  7. DarthGM

    Axes and Sunder

    Yeah, because then it would take 8(?) Advantage to one-shot a weapon or object into pieces instead of 4(?). (I think my math is right...or would it be 6 instead of 3? I'm AFB right now...)
  8. DarthGM

    Fallout Theme by GM Phil

    Here you go, folks. Fallout Theme for Genesys (Updated 2/4/2018) Additional updates will start rolling in over the spring and summer. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. DarthGM

    Battletech Genesys

    It does? I mean, I know barrages were introduced in AoR, but I don't recall anything about a "Volley" weapon quality.
  10. DarthGM

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I think it's a great vehicle for introducing the total novice (like me) to the world of Terrinoth. I need artwork to sort of immerse myself into the feeling of a setting. I love sweeping, visually complex or narrative art pieces to help me see what the world is like. I hate something being described as "a tall humanoid made of iron, covered in runic wards and glyphs, wielding a halberd in one hand and a shield in the other"; actually SHOW me a picture of an Ironbound. The book provides supplemental rules for fantasy tropes and themes, but the book is a showcase for someone to run a Terrinoth game. I feel FFG did a great job with this book and look forward to similar treatises for Android, Twilight Imperium, and especially Tannhauser.
  11. DarthGM

    Terrinoth PDF

    Well dang...! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/239561/Realms-of-Terrinoth?cPath=36_29258
  12. DarthGM

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    According to UPS, my book from the FFG store is sitting on my porch... Well, DouganSF's copy is at any rate...
  13. DarthGM

    GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    I shall start doing that, yes.
  14. DarthGM

    GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Glad you're enjoying it! Now that my life seems to be setting down a bit, I'm hoping to put some mileage onto crafting, salvage, and settlements...