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  1. In this case ffg had to make new dice. The symbols on the star wars dice are proprietary to lucasfilm. They can't use them in the genesys book (s).
  2. I'menough of a completist that I'll get several sets of Genesys dice, but I'm sure players will use the star wars dice and app in my games.
  3. I've been a play tester as far back as Stay On Target. Got brought into one group, then was able to start my own playtest team. I got invited to participate in the Genesys playtest because I sorta gave Sam Stewart the idea after he played my Fallout hack for EotE.
  4. Yeah...you nailed it.
  5. I playtested the Weird War theme. It was FUN.
  6. I tried Fate. I've been in a Dresden Files game for a few years. I hate Fate...well, hate is too strong a word. I dislike it and the only reason I play is the story is good and my friends are awesome. It's too... nebulous. I have issues with the mechanics that are there and the dice perpetually hate me. Playing all the Stat Wars I have, and playtesting Genesys, I feel the Narrative Dice System has just enough crunch I need to enjoy a narrative RPG. Let that assuage what fears it can.
  7. Yup, EotE GM kit. Look there too.
  8. That's what I understand, yes.
  9. I don't feel that at all. I think Genesys is going to do JUST FINE.
  10. I hate wandering dice...
  11. Thankfully we get 2 challenge dice in this pack. I didn't feel like I had enough EotE dice until I had 4 sets.
  12. In my experience, 2 sets were great for the gencon module, and those were 200xp characters. So minimum 2; 3 should cover everything.
  13. It doesn't have to, tho. One of the general principles of a true rpg is that "you are not your character, and your character is not you". It is well within the purview of the player to exclaim "look, i'm not very eloquent, but Mezzanir the Mystifying has a Presence of 4 and two ranks in Charm. He's much better at this than I." And the player simply explains the points of the conversation but perhaps not the actual words. This system will help facilitate even the most blunderous statement form a Player, that a Character may not necessarily state.
  14. Based on previous experience, it's about 10 weeks from when a book is "At the Printers" before we get it in hand. Typically a month at the printers, then 6ish weeks at sea.
  15. Yeah, this isn't sounding like a Genesys nor another Narrative Dice system game. It's sounding like it's something different. We'll know for certain next week when the open beta starts.