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  1. i lke the last faqs, because they cut several problems as the abuse of command in KOTHH or burning an another recursive effects that use red keep, but i thing they forgot several things to restrict: -Cersei Scheme -Harry the rivelands i believe now the game of kneel characters it´s the most powerfull, What do you think?
  2. About prized, i read that prized keyword said that when a owner of a prized card go to discard or dead pile your oponent gets the prize power, if i use quiburn and take a oponent´s prized character from his dead pile and use that character to pay Militar claim, I get the power of that prized character? i understand he is the owner and i his oponent.
  3. Then, in the case of Valyrian Steel, if i kneel my maester to draw 2 cards but i can only draw one for my cap limit, then for the new faq i cant trigger the chain?
  4. With the errata of Long voyage, now said only neutral faction and i understand its considered a house, if you play spending the.... can you look for a neutral attachment?
  5. Then , -Game of cyvasse -Now you musT CHOOSE a STANDING character to knel? Kingdom Shadows -If your opponent win INt, he must choose a KNEELINg shadow to stand?
  6. i think rotation its a mess for the game, when the lcg format was realeased, ffg said that you can play with all your cards every time, if they do rotation this will be a lie. Im teaching many players and they buy his cards bit a bit because they believe in the politic of ffg "you can use every time" this people are from magic that they are tired of spend his money and months before released a card wizard said "now that card its forbidden", and were is my money?. Nathan said that there is a huge amount of cards...and its difficult to control, i believe this its a lie, because if you design a card as new preston and you don´t see that its a too powerfull cards, you are a bad designer, the same occur with long lances, (restricted two months after they see the light), all people saw that this cards are very strong and bad for the game, the same at the new kingsguard ( i saw in every deck the combo preston - jaime). Then we have another stupid stronger card "harry the riverlands" , there is anyone that dont think that this card would be restricted?, its boring play vs a lannister kneeling deck, they knell all characters every turn with this card and in combination with all. Cities are the plots that the community shout that they must do something, and you can see in every tournament. Why rotation? better idea it´s better designers and better playtesters or more playtesters to avoid stupid strongest cards. another point it´s that they forgot all old themes, (tully, bolton, clashman, nightwach......) and they could do every cicle one or two cards about this themes to do this themes more playable, i had a good bolton deck, but today it´s a rubbish because they dont have reinforcements, p.e. During all tournaments that i had played all players lend cards to all players, i believe this its the spirit of any game , the player who has more cards help the player that have less cards, but... what occur if you do a rotation? i believe many people quit this game, because i know several of them that have few money and they buy the last chapter every month with an enffort and with the ilusion of the words and politic off ffg "you can use your cards for ever"....but if ffg dont do these, im not strange with it, because in my country all people have learn to dont believe in politics promise. This it´s my thought , sorry for my poor english.
  7. 1.- Meera and He calls it thing When meera try to blank a "he call it.." that its attached to a character, can blanked it and its discarded? i believe not because the text of attachment of he calls its a gained text not a printed text. 2.- Reek. if i win a INT challenge with reek and for an effect die after claim, can i use its response to change reek for another opponents character? 3.-Coldhands. If my opponent don´t have any character to "freeze" with coldhands, Can i use him in my own characters only? im not sure because the text said choose one and.. 4.- Abandoned Fort Recently i saw a reprinted version in English of abandoned fort in english that said that affects "attacking and defending house bolton characters" , this it´s true? now affects both?
  8. Can i use kindly man when is an agenda to play a prayer?
  9. if i "save" Daaario, can he discard another kniight or traitor with call of the three crows? (stark alliance targa)
  10. If i play fortified position, the first player choose which passive it´s first and can discard my host of the bear? thanks.
  11. 2 questions: -If i have a stark character with N. steel and he is killed and in play Three eyer crow, it´s N. steel discarded? -If in the same character my opponent or me trigger the effects of coldhands, N steel its discarded? thanks.
  12. Can i save a unique character wiht a dupe? if i play another copy of a character that have Cold hands removed previously and my new copy dies and after that i kill cold hands, My died character comes to live again?
  13. I referred if i can do that in the same character, because i believe a penalty of str -1 when you count its str 0 and you can trigger crone.
  14. I If i have in dom 1 forever burning, can i use in her several times to draw several cards? i explain, one forever 1-1 = 0, i draw, second forever 0-1=-1=0, draw second, and continue...
  15. If i have a stark character attacch as a dupe of jory casel and my opponent throw a nightmare to him ,, He loose his dupe?
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