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  1. Am very happy for you, my friend. Miniature Market is a class act.
  2. I've no issue with using Ranged (Lt) for the Bellow. Makes sense to me.
  3. Tolerance...ah, yes. Modern man's favorite 'virtue'. And yet, as Inigo Montoya has often been quoted, 'You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.'
  4. Personally, I'm offended by it. Further, it doesn't add anything to the game, in my humble opinion. As a parent, I cannot in good conscience introduce this aspect of the game to my children. Please re-consider making this 'bit of fluff' added to the final core rules. I am not really looking to debate any one's opinion on this matter. Just making my thoughts known to the designers. Thanks, all.
  5. Hell, just become inspired by current events in the U.S.S...er, I mean U.S.A.
  6. Sweet! Am looking to build up the Texas navy in the event we secede from the Union.
  7. Page 41, Sullustan entry. Second paragraph, last sentence. "notable flaps of skin to extending down..." The word 'to' is superfluous.
  8. Can I purchase the Red October with its infamous Caterpillar drive?
  9. Oh, I believe these pre-gens were definitely FFG products. It was a nice surprise as Stacie_GmrGrl wrote.
  10. Not without a whole lot of home brewing. In short, you are the GM. Make.it.up.
  11. It fits the focus for this one game, but there's also the matter of the various games being inter-connected, especially if FFG decides to branch out into settings outside of the Rebellion Era. GMs have already started running campaigns outside of that era before the AoR Beta book was announced. And I strongly suspect that FFG will start looking outside the Rebellion Era once Force & Destiny has been published. Perhaps, but for the moment, that is speculative at this point. Asking anything more of these efforts in this regard is wishful thinking, imho. At the least, you are not serving the spirit of the game well by desiring to generalize this particular skill. Recall that AoR and EotE are purposed to fit a particular type of character base and for a particular timeframe especially in the case of AoR. It may help to think WEG before the advent of the pre-quel movies or the video games such as KotoR, et al.
  12. In a word, no. If FFG wants to start making minis for this game, its none of my business, however, I would probably not buy them. Playing this game reminds me of all the AD&D games I used to play back in the 80s and 90s. Neither myself nor the other players used minis. We didn't need to. Instead, we used our imagination and proved our mastery of the English language to explain the details of combat.
  13. I suppose that I am in the minority with respect to maintaining the skill as Knowledge (Galactic Civil War). It simply fits the focus of this particular game (and the era it is promoting).
  14. Dulahan, are you thinking something along the lines of the M4 or the AR-7?
  15. I second the Maps of Mastery suggestion.
  16. I love those 'new' headhunters. They are very reminiscent of an old Navy jet fighter, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat.
  17. I think the general consensus is that Luke is using a bit of hyperbole due to Han's inflated transport price. However, I do agree with the general sentiment. Starfighters are equivalently cheaper than modern-day fighter jets simply because of efficiency in construction, availability of material, and an undefinable number of variables in the hypothetical exchange rates between real-world and Star-Wars-galactic economies. #handwave And due to the quantitative easing that the Empire's Central Galactic Bank has imposed... Oh, wait...
  18. Did they, that is Miniature Market, throw in the 6 pre-gens and blank character sheet for you guys as well? They did for me. Excellent businesss, they are.
  19. This is why i am holding off to get more dice, because i am waiting to see if an AOR beginner box is released... You can always use more dice. I have my fifth set on the way and I doubt I am done. fjw70, you are such the consumer! Seriously, I would be for a Beginner Game as well based on AoR. Wouldn't it be great if it were to become available just in time for Christmas? That way I can say that I am buying it for one my sons. Sure, that's the ticket! Another product recommendation: Re-issue some of the old WEG modules in the AoR format, so to speak. Hey, if Star Trek can get a re-boot...
  20. Hey! Did everyone get the six pre-generated characters and single blank character sheet with their copy of the Beta? Just curious.
  21. Page 30, Under Step 4 and 5: Select Career and Specializations, under the heading Career, second paragraph, first sentence. "are consider" should be "are considered"
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