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  1. Thanks for the response, Rikoshi. BTW, am loving the module you worked on related to the Order 66 Kickstarter. I am still scratching my head on this one, however, even with aramis' explanation (which, I am sorry aramis, only served to further muddle things for me, at least). I am simply not understanding too well the positive attributes of this talent. I am going to have to further review both talents. I was not aware that they, that is the Durable and Unstoppable talents, were kind of meant to be used together or expected to be used together in this fashion.
  2. I am not sure that I understand the value of this talent. So I roll a one on the critcal injury list or have it reduced to one, with this talent I simply negate that injury (the Minor Nick)? I don't see that as a nice return on investment.
  3. Might I suggest that we beef up this particular talent? It seems a rather weak talent to me in its present form. Perhaps we could make this one ranked or perhaps have an Improved and/or Supreme version in order to affect more humanoids and/or be more effective? Say a character is leading a rally or some other large grouping of individuals, it would be pure awesome if he could influence masses to oppose another faction akin to the ill fated young boys of Les Miserables.
  4. Page 97, Fire Control 'When in a starship of vehicle,...' should read 'When in a starship or vehicle,...'
  5. Unless MouthyMerc happens to be FFG, this is completely unrelated to the situation at hand. But I'm bowing out. People are outright hostile on this board when people don't like specific parts of the rules. Which is incredibly silly considering that is the point of having a Beta. The whole "Its narrative, numbers don't matter" song and dance is kind of pointless. You can apply that to every possible part of the game. Why even have rules? Amen to that! If it's all narrative then ditch the dice, don some Jedi robes and go find some buddies to play pretend with.
  6. Remember, you're only unconscious when you go over your wound threshold, not dead. Death is only from a coup de grace, or something incredibly nasty on the critical chart. You recover one wound a day, so assuming you get decent hydration and maybe a nutritional IV, you'll eventually "wake up" even if you're way over your threshold. Riiiiight. Thanks.
  7. I see Fantastic Four every time I see it but it won't stop me from shortening the name to FF. I think French Fries, myself. It must be lunchtime...
  8. That hits the mark for me, my friend. In fact, it is the very model of this former Confederate soldier which has given inspiration for my current dual-wielding EotE character.
  9. Good ideas, folks. I suppose technically speaking, depending on how many Wound points remain, such a skill might cause death anyway. As a GM, if the target is an NPC, I might be more inclined to allow this very tragic event to occur. For PCs, however, one or more critical injuries is probably the more reasonable route to take.
  10. The text makes a suggestion that rolling a Despair during a Medicine check may result in inflicting wounds unintentionally through 'a truly terrible accident'. What do you think of adding the line "or even causing the death of the patient"? We see this happen in RL especially during an already risky surgery and it certainly would add an increased amount of tension and drama to the task providing for perhaps some good role-playing opportunities related to the check itself and/or its results, positive or negative.
  11. Oh, I love the Jedi, which is one of the reasons why I like this system. FFG appears to be going to great lengths to give them the proper treatment within the timeline that this system specifically focuses upon. Very WEG-like.
  12. Except the Gand get the benefit of 10 extra XP if they choose to have lungs, or conversely get to be immune to a type of environmental hazard. And the fact of them having lungs isn't usually a major issue, since they get a free respirator to overcome the issue. What you're suggesting is to add a further penalty with no additional benefit, particularly as this system doesn't really deal in "species penalties" outside of a reduced Characteristic, and even that is off-set with an increased Characteristic (roughly a net gain of 10 XP if compared to a Human) That is not what I am suggesting. In fact, I would be open to such a recommendation respecting the XP adjustment though I would be in favor of a lesser amount given.
  13. Of course it is my opinion. But isn't this forum dedicated to opinions related to a discussion of such things in an effort to collaborate for a better rules system for what is already an excellent game? Even so, whether or not my opinion is in the majority or the minority it is of little relevance to the discussion. Easy, Mr. Stevens. You may be giving me the impression that you have something personal against me. This sort of penaly is not without precedent in this iteration of the Star Wars role-playing game in particular, cf. the Gand. I could easily live with a write-up similar to what has been given for that already included species and I doubt many will not jump at the opportunity to play a Mon Cal simply due to this minor modification. My two credits.
  14. ... I'm amazed. I'm apparently so doped up on drugs (injured back) that I missed there WAS a page 2... Heh, No worries. Take care of that back. I've had my share of back injury. It truly does affect everything negatively.
  15. Mr. Stevens, I appreciate your point of view and I can understand to a degree your misgivings, however, the suggested rule is neither contrary to good common sense nor is it cumbersome in my opinion.
  16. In a narrative system wherein physical and psychological stress is interpreted as suffering strain mechanically, I don't believe that the OP's suggestion is beyond reasonable.
  17. That is a most simple yet effective explanation. Broad vs. fine motor skills. Much appreciated!
  18. This is 'settled law', I realize at this stage of the game, however, can someone explain to me why these skills were not combined early on? They seem very closely related. Thanks in advance.
  19. And how is 'better' decided upon? I imagine it is up to the individual player.
  20. This power may be getting a boost in Force and Destiny, but it may be that the designers only intended it in AoR to be as limited as what Luke had. That's a fair guess. I'll buy that for the moment.
  21. Nothing more than an agreement from me. As an old AD&D player, we called this applying balance to the benefits of playing a non-human.
  22. Nice photographs! I recall owning the one manufactured by Kenner back in the early days of the Star Wars craze. Through my enthusiastic play, it did not remain intact for too long.
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