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  1. I think that right and left wing, conservative and liberal mean something different to most people in the Union than it does to say, Europeans.
  2. It is interesting when people don't play to our preconceived and prejudiced notions. It is refreshing to read about. For me, it depends on the issue. I've been accused of being both a right-wing nutjob and as a liberal, though not a progressive liberal...that's a different beast altogether...but I digress...and there is still yet plenty of time...ahem... For those interested, I found a rather insightful review of this game, The Price of Freedom, HERE. Enjoy!
  3. As is suggesting that every member of this forum who doesn't agree with the Empire being wholly evil are "Space Nazi fanboys." And yes, whilst he doesn't go out to enforce his opinions on others through physical means, he does see fit to constantly smash anyone else who disagrees with him. And you mention being allowed to express ourselves on this forum - I don't disagree, which is why it baffles me that some people see fit to jump into topics that have no focus on philosophical or moral pros/cons of the Empire/Rebellion and derail it in the manner that has been done before. And often. But you are entitled to your view, angelicdoctor. If you feel I was out of line, then you're in your right; however, I maintain that enforcing your views on others constantly and without letting up - even in topics which have no relevance to the points you're trying to make - is working against what Erik is trying to achieve. To each their own. 'Without letting up". Though I would argue against this being an enforcement tactic, I would more classify it as annoying, rude and perhaps even an immature tactic. I've seen it used before as well...even in recent days on this forum, unfortunately. I appreciate your candor, my friend. I must admit that I am not dogmatic in the view that the Star Wars or even Tolkien's epic story has a direct relationship to WWI, the 'Cold War' or otherwise. I am more in thinking on the lines of Maelora on this.
  4. Amen. Star Wars is FANTASY, it's a story that we read/watched because it entertained us; and it's a setting we come back to in RPGs because it, like most RPGs, is an escapism from the dramas of the real world that most of us wish to ignore, at least for a short while. Enjoy the game. Enjoy the films. Interpret them as you will, and turn your Star Wars campaign into the kind of environment that you enjoy re-enacting. If this means the black and white default of Empire = Evil, Rebels = Good, then brilliant; if it doesn't, then it doesn't. Short of going around every GM/player's house and beating them into accepting views that aren't their own, you're not going to be able to turn every Star Wars RPG experience into a singular, one-mold-only experience. Fact. But, of course, if you were to enforce your views on others instead of letting them just live as they wish... doesn't that smack of tyranny in and of itself, albeit on a smaller scale? In answer to the last question, that is a negative. It also is a bit radical and extreme to even suggest at least on this public forum where the regular member has no power to actually enforce his or her views, imho. I found this assertion rather absurd even amusing. This, by its very nature, is a collaborative online locale and all views appear to be welcome. The moderators are the ones with the enforcement ability and thus far have been very restrained in their use of it. So, on the whole, we are free to express our opinions without fear of reprisal from the forum administrators. But yes, Star Wars is a fantastic story though the underlying themes do have a basis in reality and in our human history. To deny this is to be ignorant in the means and methods of creating a story. ErikB, does this game, The Price of Freedom, actually provide stats for cold war era firearms? Here is my personal favorite which resides in my personal armory, the Yugoslavian SKS 59/66:
  5. FWIW, yesterday the players all chose non-humans to play. Overall, they were more interested in the specializations than in the actual race. The species intriguied them certainly but ultimately, it was all about the build and the back story.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what were those problems you refer to?
  7. This was the exact process that FFG followed for the EotE Beta, with an update almost every week, so big surprise that they'd stick to a similar schedule, especially with the much shorter feedback window that the AoR Beta has (6 weeks compared to EotE Beta's 12 weeks). Yes, I understand that. I was around for the EotE Beta as well. It is just that for me, time is flying by pretty fast or so it seems.
  8. Wow. It has already been a week since the last one. It seems like I just blinked and the last week disappeared. This is good, I suppose. It just means that Christmas comes that much sooner.
  9. Interesting observations. I shall have to present these species to my players and get their take. I've been hesitant to do so due to the beta status and due to the fact that our SWSE and Metamorphosis Alpha games are occupying our time lately. Still, it wouldn't hurt to use a little of that time to devote to character generation in order to playtest at least this aspect.
  10. Ah, I see. So it's a novelty, post original series. I'll probably just ignore it in my games and move on.
  11. Did this Ithorian 'power' exist in the official WEG material?
  12. I can easily see the issue and I believe that I brought this up before on the D20Radio forums when the EotE Core book was being discussed shortly after its release. My group meets once a week, for instance, and each session lasts approxiamately one hour. I can certainly see where my group may have an XP/Talent recharge advantage over others who meet less frequently though for longer individual session times. Again, the Vancian-style approach solves this for me at least where Talent re-use is concerned.
  13. Ignore last post. In the wrong section and already noted. It's late. Sorry.
  14. Page 128, Thermal Cloak entry. Unless I am mistaken, I believe that the cloak should allow the wearer to remove 2 Setback dice as opposed to 2 Boost dice when used.
  15. I would prefer that it be defined similar to how Vancian magic works in Classic D&D and AD&D, that is, once per day. So, regardless of how long your session lasts, simply a good night's rest in game time resets all. My two credits.
  16. If you insist on having all three core rulebooks and are planning on playing all three games then it may well be an investment that may or may not give you a great deal of return. However, if your desire is only to play in a Rebellion-based campaign then all that you would really need at a minimum is the one core rulebook as opposed to having to purchase the core plus a Rebellion-era supplement. Personally, I like this and so does my pocketbook. Furthermore, if one is an exceptionally creative game master, then truly all you would need is the cheaper beta book. All of your rules not further defined, modified and/or added by the Core rulebook would be yours to create and/or define. Your Rebellion-era supplements would come from your own creative thinking. That's what we call nowadays as 'old school role-playing'. Back in the day, it was just the way it was done.
  17. Yes, but heroes do save lives in surgery as well. Though not using a blaster, the medic in this game could certainly receive some well deserved spotlighting, so to speak.
  18. I am also not too thrilled about the change regarding the Ithorian Bellow. Ah, well. Concerning Knowledge (Warfare), I would have preferred that it remained specific to the particular era this book focuses upon. Still, to be honest, the updated entry is solid in its presentation. Kudos to the development team for the nice writing. I can't comment justifiably on the content in Chapter V and onward due to the fact that I have not yet read that far.
  19. Rancor Squadron K'lorr Squadron Sarlacc Squadron Krayt Squadron <insert-popular-SW-creature-here> Squadron
  20. Are you referring to those which currently exist in Star Wars lore or are you looking for new suggestions?
  21. My creds as well. We must unlearn what we have learned. It just makes good common sense to me that this ranged attack use the Ranged (Lt) skill.
  22. I can get behind that last paragraph's suggestion. It would answer many questions (and perhaps generate new though better informed questions as well!)
  23. This is very much akin to an OD&D or AD&D approach. Thanks. I feel the same way about this game and its rules.
  24. Ah, I see. I should have viewed first the relation these two had in the actual tree depicted on the appropriate page. SImply reading through the Talents chapter gives no hint of any of this relationship. Perhaps we could have verbiage added to the Talents chapter noting these relational aspects?
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