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  1. I've been running the Introductory Adventure Game for my kids. I must admit that this has been the easiest game to introduce role-playing to young players. We are having a great time battling snow tigers and Imperial Scout Troopers. If anyone is at all curious about the West End Games version of Star Wars Role-playing, this boxed set is well worth your time, money and consideration.
  2. Cameras installed everywhere. I can see how this presents a big problem for the players to solve. I'd have to include that item in the mission briefing and let the players devise a plan to overcome this logical obstacle. Also, I would imagine as well that when blaster fire starts being traded, that the base would go on lockdown at that moment. Yet another big problem for our would-be heroes.
  3. The Beginner Game was received last Friday. My supplier even threw in an extra set of dice at no charge. Overall, I like it a great deal. One of the potential problems I noted at the outset upon reading the first encounter is that if I know my players, they will definitely attempt to break into the AT-STs and take the base over by overt force. Any thoughts as to how to mitigate against this risk?
  4. I introduced the Edge of the Empire boxed set to a group of kids with ages ranging from 12 to 18 last year without problems. The method employed by the adventure proved to be very effective. For younger players, I would recommend introducing them to RPGs using the West End Games' D6 version, however. Using the templates included one can jump right in immediately and since most everything is resolved with a simple roll of multiple six-sided dice the concepts are clear and easily digestible to even the very young, even my 4 year old. The rules are the domain of the game master. The player just really needs to know how many six-sided dice he or she needs to roll to hit that storm trooper at medium range.
  5. Mine is in transit from Cincinnati, Ohio. It should be here in Texas hopefully by Saturday of this week.
  6. I pre-ordered mine using a vendor on eBay. I am eagerly awaiting its shipment.
  7. Hoping my eBay vendor has received copies and will be sending them out soon.
  8. 4 hours per session? Man, I am fortunate if I get 2 hours per session... Jealous.
  9. You beat me to it! Starfall is an excellent resource for Star Destroyer deckplans. I second it!
  10. I've been acquiring the old WEG material just for the purpose of using them in my EotE and AoR games. There is a treasure trove of ideas contained within the covers of those books. No need to re-invent the wheel.
  11. While at Titan Base, of which I am going to use the map for the Tierfon Rebel Outpost included in the WEG Sourcebook (1st edition), I have created two simple side encounters: An X-Wing specific power droid has gone missing and it is crucial that it be found else Nightmare Squadron's Terril will not be able to have his fighter given maintenance. Where O where did it go? SAR! One of the base's airspeeders has not returned to base after a routine patrol mission. The pilot lost control of the vehicle, smashed into the side of a mountain. He ejected and now hangs perilously caught on one of the mountain's trees. Can the PCs find him before the Gundark does?
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I am thinking that the first encounter is simply a ruse to facilitate the sabotage droid to enter into the cargo hold undetected. The BLL is itself sabotaged and I am considering allowing a device to be uncovered somewhere in the hangar that is sending out broadcast signals interrupting the Rebel operator from re-establishing its link to the malfunctioning loader droid. This will give the non-combatant type PCs something to potentially do while their more militaristic colleagues try to confront one-on-one. My way of allowing more than one way to diffuse the situation. It is also a nifty way to start the story in media res.
  13. Fantastic write-up. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post it here. I was considering adding some minor encounters here and there to liven things up, however. For instance, I am of the opinion that one should not let the transport of the rebel operatives go without some interesting minor events. While onboard the transport ship to Titan Base, I plan on using one or both of the following: Deranged Droid - While entering the transport ship through the cargo bay, the PCs will encounter a binary load lifter with faulty programming. Instead of loading the cargo boxes into the craft, it is crushing them. The PCs will have to find a way to shut down or destroy the droid without themselves being crushed by its massive lifting grapplers. Sabotage - While the above is being handled, an Imperial spy or sabotage astromech droid will enter the craft unbeknownst to the captain or crew. Once in flight, this droid will set to work on disabling the hyperdrive, then locking out the main computer to all but itself and finally, shutting down the organic's life support system. PCs will have to work with an irritable captain (per the description in the book) in order to isolate the problem and deal with the droid on what could become a seek and destroy mission aboard a crippled starship. Well, what do you think? I am working on such encounters next for while the PCs are at Titan Base, assuming they arrive safely and soundly, of course.
  14. Ok, nevermind, though. I was reading the entry incorrectly. Still, I am wondering if there exists such an errata.
  15. Where can one find this resource? I ask because I note that for the entry for the Drendan Binary Load Lifter in the Equipment section, Brawl is listed without a value. Many thanks, all!
  16. I am afraid that I know of no one who is doing this, however, I just wanted to say thanks for the links!
  17. Right. That's what I was trying to relate though with less verbosity. Thanks!
  18. The adventure does not go into any great detail other than stating here and there that the characters will be taken into custody. This could use more expansion, methinks. Given the level of difficulty which seems inherent to the mission, I would have preferred more ink used explaining some details related to capture and options given for escape. To the forum members, how would you handle this negative outcome with your players? My first thought is that after having the characters thrown into the detention block, run a modified version of Starfall assuming that Nightmare Squadron appears and pounds the space station to near destruction. What do you think? I also would have appreciated maps of both Titan Base and the space station, The Hammer.
  19. As a Game Master, I would have appreciated some NPC stats for the imprisoned team members just for convenience sake to include current Wound and Strain thresholds as a result of their incarcerated and for some, their tortured status. To the forum, how would you 'stat out' these characters? Also, if the player characters decided to try and physically move those who could not move under their own power, assuming that the player characters resort to physically carrying those applicable Alliance prisoners, how might this affect their movement through the facility mechanically? Their ability to defend in the event that they are attacked by the Imperials during the resuce attempt? I do find interesting the dilemma this may place the players in. Attempt to rescue the team and perhaps suffer total failure or leave the team in their state of detention for the sake of delivering to the Alliance the primary objective? In essence sacrificing life in order to acheive the primary goal. I am not sure about your players but this predicament would prove a difficult one for mine.
  20. I was reading through this adventure last night and as I was going through the 'first episode', I was rather underwhelmed by its presentation. I found that the encounter hooks to be largely missing or where noted, rather uninteresting, for instance. I would like to ask the forum posters here, particularly those who have read the material, to advise on what types of encounters beyond those included within the text you would create in order to make this section of the adventure more engaging for the players. Thanks in advance. - AD
  21. Having read the review, it seems fairly clear (it's by the same guy who did 'Paranoia') that 'Price of Freedom' was intended to be a flat-out parody... Like South Park, only a decade earlier. That it came out in the glasnost post-coldwar era likely reinforces this. Which probably doesn't do wonders for Erik's glowing reference for it... unless he really is the clever satirist I'm beginning to think he is...! I found that to be consistent with my impression as well. As for ErikB, I have no comments at this time except for this, I find him to be an interesting forum poster. The reactions to his posts have varied wildly from dispassionate to the downright hostile. Some of his entries, I can appreciate and others not so much. But then again, much the same can be written concerning any of the other members and like Shakespearian_Soldier wrote, the purpose of this forum is not about any particular forum member, it is about helping FFG to create the best game possible. Thus do I think that the entry of this topic can be and has been made relevent. .
  22. I've been roleplaying since I was a girl, but I rarely agree with Grognardia. That said, even when I disagree, I find his stuff insightful. Thanks also for the civil debate, angelicdoctor. I get the feeling we wouldn't see eye to eye on much, but I appreciate your tone and willingness to debate. Much appreciated, Maelora. The gratitude goes both ways.
  23. Going by academics, the way the US identifies liberalism as left wing is incorrect, however. It is amusing seeing how the Democrats get called 'left-wing', when I've got a degree in the subject that shows they're anything but. Roger that. I would write that at least for the leadership of the DNC, they are anything but classic liberals. Heck, I might even vote for them if they were.
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