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  1. It is a fantastic looking book, a great deal of material but the one thing included in the beta has now doubled and become even worse in the core. This I have against it is what drives me to get rid of it and drop all of FFG Star Wars material.
  2. If you are interested, you can read my kids' Star Wars adventure logs HERE and HERE. The former is our Saga Edition campaign and the latter is for our D6 campaign. That reminds me...I need to start one for our Edge campaign...
  3. Please feel free to send me a PM, my friend, and we can discuss further or just post here in this thread. I've no issue going over old territory. With respect to working in academics, I home school my kids and you can believe that we integrate our gaming in with the education program and our discipline. For the latter, it has proven very effective to reward role-playing for those who live up to our expectations both academically and through their successful completion of chores. You know...kind of like 'no pass, no play' for the individual or individuals who do not live up to the expectations. Due to their love of playing the games and spending time with their dad in this way, the reward of RPGs has been a fantastic motivator even more so than rewarding them with video game time.
  4. I've been running Star Wars role-playing games for my kids since about 2008 or so. I have 8 kids, 6 of whom play on a regular basis. They now are 7, 9, 11, 14, 16 and 18 years of age. We've played everything from 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to Star Wars Edge of the Empire. I started them on the RCR version then migrated to Saga and now we play a mix of Saga, Edge and West End Games (D6) depending on our collective mood. It has been nothing but greatness and the times wherein we've invited their five best friends and their best friends' father to play, it has been astronomically great. We've played for a good number of years and yet they and their friends still clamor for more and more. For my particular thoughts on running games for your kids from a dad GM perspective, I invite you to listen to my guest appearance on Garrett Crowe's Threat Detected actual play podcast wherein we discuss this very topic. The episode was entitled 'Destiny Point - I Killed Your Brother!'
  5. Thank you for your suggestions! They all appear very reasonable. I like your unusual species/specialization combinations as well and I may use a few of them too. I would love to use OggDude's character generator, however, as it is based on .NET and therefore a Windows product and since I use Debian Linux, I am afraid that this window of opportunity is closed for me. Thanks, though!
  6. If it is content you are concerned about having then I would still consider Age of Rebellion. With a little conversion work, many of the West End Games adventure modules would suit Age of Rebellion perfectly.
  7. Life on the angelicdoctor ranch has its good days and its bad days. Today is a good day. The manager approved my four days off for the remainder of the week. This is good because we have my beloved spouse's family coming down for a visit this weekend and the ranch is anything but presentable. The trouble with owning some acreage is one has plenty of space to store that excess stuff you have no idea where else to put. This will be remedied this week. Well, the goats are milked and put up in the shelter. The pigs are resting in their hoop house as is the cow. The hens and roosters rest comfortably in their coop and the dogs are taking shelter in the barn from the thunderstorm. And I now get to turn my attention to things that don't require my getting my hands dirty: Star Wars Role-playing. Such an opportunity as this is a golden one especially if one realizes that holding a regular nine-to-five as well as running a self-sustaining ranch is no small feat and one that leaves little in the way of free time. As such, it is incumbent upon me, the family's resident game master, to make the most of what little time we have to devote to the hobby of role-playing. My latest endeavor is to find ways I can maximize the play and minimize the 'administrivia' related to the game or games, since we play in multiple types of role-playing, eg. Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Star Wars (D6) and even Star Wars Saga Edition from time to time (there is the matter of attempting to complete the Dawn of Defiance series while the children are yet still living in the home). To this end, I have now come upon the matter of creating pre-generated characters for an upcoming Edge of the Empire campaign and I hope to simply crack open the book and begin play when the time eventually comes. Recognizing that the Core book has been released for almost a year now and we've had at least that long to run our campaigns in the setting using this wonderful rule set (longer if one has been playing ever since the Beta release in August 2012), in your collective experience what would be the essential six species/specialization combinations that you would recommend that I focus on as I plan my next game and why? Thank you in advance for your consideration of this question.
  8. Okay, I've worked on the following conversion notes for Rebel Breakout. Let me know what you think. Episode One: Deo's Route Encounter 1: Stormtroopers! notes: Need NPC stats for R2-D0. See AoR Beta entry on pg. 221 Astromech. Encounter 2: Into the Tunnels notes: N/A Episode Two: A Dangerous Tour Encounter 3: The Mynock Nest notes: Use Mynock stats from EotE, pg. 413. Encounter 4: Heavy Blaster Blues notes: Use 3 times the number of Stormtrooper to PCs in minion groups of 3 each. Use Heavy Repeating Blaster from AoR Beta book, pgs. 117-118. Use Stormtrooper Specialty Corps: Storm Commando stats on AoR Beta pg. 217 for the gunner. Encounter 5: Cave-in notes: Cave-in requires an Athletics check made at Average difficulty to avoid falling prone and becoming buried alive. Each additional Failure equals one extra damage. Each additional Threat results in one Strain suffered each. Despair results in a Critical Injury. Base damage is 6. Those who remain standing must roll an additional Coordination or Agility check to avoid falling debris using the same damage results as above. Successful Easy Brawn rolls will remove a buried PC. Encounter 6: Firefight notes: A squad of 3 Stormtrooper minions engages the PCs in a firefight in the corridor at medium range. Roll Vigilance for Initiative. A combat check on either side may result in a blasted steam pipe on a Threat or Advantage result depending on the actor. Until the characters and/or the stormtroopers move to another corridor, all shall suffer two setback when aiming for their opponents due to the steam. If the PCs achieve at least two additional advantage or a Triumph, the steam from the pipe comes into contact with one of the stormtroopers with a burn rating of 3. This effect may work in reverse to the advantage of the stormtroopers as well. A result of Despair on a missed shot from a PC may also activate this hazard to the PCs detriment instead of the stormtroopers. The steam will continue to be a hazard until the affected actors move to another area. Encounter 7: Subterranean Explosion notes: To access the PA system, the actor must roll a successful Hard Computers skill check. Encounter 8: Firestorm notes: To open the blast door, the actor must roll a successful Average Mechanics or Hard Skullduggery check. To avoid becoming overcome by the heat, the players must make an Easy Resiliance Check. Failure means that the character suffers strain equal to the number of Failures. Threat adds a number of setback dice to any checks made while still in the presence of the heat and despair may result in a critical injury. At the other end of the corridor, a PC must make an Average Mechanics or a Hard Skullduggery check to open the blast door. Episode Three: Across the Chasm Encounter 9: The Main Shaft notes: The Winch In order to climb down successfully to level 2 (D), the players must make successful Easy Athletics checks. To get the winch working requires an Easy Mechanics check. Getting to level 2 (E) requires an Average mechanics check to attach an additional rope or cable to the winch and an additional Average mechanics check to get the winch working. Any uncanceled threat may mean that the winch breaks free but catches in a tangle of cables and remains usable. Multiple threat means that the winch shorts out leaving whatever is hanging half way between level 1 and level 2. Despair means that the clutch slips without warning and stops three levels down and just before the flames. A successful Easy mechanics check gets the winch working again. Stormtroopers Arrive Add one setback to either the stormtroopers or players if cover is taken either at the top level or second level. Use the Imperial Army Officer stats for Barezz. Stormtroopers and PCs are at medium range from each other. If the PCs make their way across the chasm using Deo's net, each round spent on the net means that the PC shall need to make successful Easy Athletics checks to hang on. After the third round successfully climbing on the net the PCs make it to the other side. Any PC hit by a blaster bolt and the Stormtroopers achieve a Triumph on the roll means that that character is shot off of the net unless they make a successful Average Coordination check to hang on as a reaction. Characters who fail this check may try another Easy Coordination check to try and grab onto something before being engulfed in the flames below. If failed again, they may try another time but increases the difficulty by one step until they fall past the 4th level. Any character falling past the 4th level becomes engulfed in the flames and must make a new character. While characters are on the net, the troopers suffer not the setback die to hit. If Barezz has any uncanceled threat as he makes his throw, allow a PC a chance to kick the thermal detonator off the edge with a successful Hard Brawl check. Episode Four: Final Flight Encounter 10: The Cavern Tiree is suffering from a Critical Injury that will require an Average Medicine check to get him back on his feet. Escape Ship Use Y-Wing stats per AoR Beta on page 181. PCs need to make successful Easy Perception checks to locate the Y-Wing fighters 'hidden' in the cavern. PCs without the astromech must make successful Average Astrogation checks to punch in the correct hyperspace coordinates. Pilots must make successful Average Piloting (Space) checks to make it out of the cavern unscathed. Despair results in a minor collision with the cavern walls and/or ceiling on vehicle's way out. Uncanceled threats results in an equal number of system strain. Failure results in hull trauma in association with scratching the surfaces of the walls or ceiling without actually colliding with the surfaces. Rescuing Stranded or Captured Rebels As above, pilots must make successful Average Piloting (Space) checks to avoid damaging the craft while they attempt any rescues. Into the Wild Blue Yonder Attempting to fly through the tunnels will require pilot checks as above. Trading shots with the AT-ATs resolve as normal per combat rules between vehicles. AT-AT stats on page 179 of AoR Beta book.
  9. With many of the talents already available, it is pretty easy to become fairly deadly with weapons. At best maybe a talent like: Weapon Specialization Activation: Passive Ranked: No Trees: Whichever When this talent is taken, choose a weapon type used to become specialized in. This weapon is considered to have the Superior quality hen you use it. Each time this talent is taken a new weapon type may be chosen. But I really don't see much of a need for weapon specialization. While nowhere near the level of utter brokeness that angelicdoctor's suggested talent tree was, I still think this borders on being too good. After all, it's not only a free boost to damage, but a free advantage, making it far more potent than a boost die, which has been noted is fairly random in the benefit provided. I think Deadly Accuracy covers the 'weapon specialization' angle quite sufficiently. And much like Weapon Specialization wasn't available to everyone in the d20 versions of Star Wars RPGs, so too is Deadly Accuracy not a commonly available talent, instead being limited to those specializations that one would expect to specialization in a particularly category of weapon. Hmmm...I shall have to give this Deadly Accuracy talent a closer look.
  10. I'm pretty sure you could watch the episodes online at the Disney XD site for a period after premiering. I just found the channel on Roku. It will be interesting to see if they actually will play it on that channel without my having to 'upgrade' my DishNetwork service. If they do, then my kids shall rejoice. 2P51: And yes, apparently I am that one...
  11. Sure. Just like everyone has to get HBO to watch game of thrones! :0) game of what? Seriously, I don't watch and don't care for it. Needless to write, I've not much use for HBO or any of the other movie channels so asking me to fork over more than what I am already contributing is asking a bit much. As it stands, I find the satellite TV so useless that when the subscription period ends, it is being dropped. Then, I'll have more money for things like Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny and Kickstarter projects!
  12. So...in order to get this kid's show...I must have the Disney XD channel...Hmmm...In order to have that I must upgrade my DishNetwork programming to the most expensive package at roughly $70/month plus fees. Ummm...how 'bout, no? But, if The Clone Wars series has shown anything it is this: wait long enough and it will become available for streaming on the far cheaper Netflix service.
  13. With many of the talents already available, it is pretty easy to become fairly deadly with weapons. At best maybe a talent like: Weapon Specialization Activation: Passive Ranked: No Trees: Whichever When this talent is taken, choose a weapon type used to become specialized in. This weapon is considered to have the Superior quality hen you use it. Each time this talent is taken a new weapon may be chosen. But I really don't see much of a need for weapon specialization. Fascinating. This looks appealing as well.
  14. I love your suggestions. Very simple and elegant. Thanks. I shall have to use your recommendations as models to follow for the remaining encounters contained in this introductory adventure.
  15. Hmm...so I broke it, eh? I was thinking that the costs associated with purchasing the ranks would be balance enough. The character would also have to consider whether or not to abstain from other valuable choices from a plethora of options offered by an increasing number of other specialization talent trees. Perhaps I can reel it back in a bit then. I am not too much a fan of weapon mods, though. That feels too much like AD&D for my tastes where the item is more important than innate character talent. Thanks all for your valuable input!
  16. I am considering now a separate weapon specialization tree open to all players. With chosen weapon, 1st rank: +1 adv 2nd rank: +2 adv 3rd rank: +1 Success +2 adv 4th rank: +2 Success +2 adv 5th rank: +1 Triumph, +2 Success, +2 adv What say you?
  17. Mine are on pre-order along with Onslaught. Am looking forward to them all. For the glory of Gamilas!
  18. I like this one. Perhaps add it to an existing tree starting at the top tier and allowing it to be chosen more than once, or ranked. Thanks.
  19. I am planning on running the old West End Games' Rebel Breakout adventure using Age of Rebellion rules and I have come upon a few things I am having a difficult time with in my conversion efforts. Your thoughts on how I, as the game master, can apply AoR rules to the following situations would be greatly appreciated. Encounter 5: The Cave-In. I am thinking that I should allow a Medium Athletics check to avoid falling down and being buried. How much damage should a buried character take? Those that avoid falling and being buried still risk being hit by falling debris. Should the debris get to roll a combat check say at Short range? What would be the positive dice I should add to its pool? What should be the damage? Should this be adjudicated differently? Encounter 6: Firefight During the attack, a missed shot from a stormtrooper hits a pipe which emits steam. I am thinking adding +1 for concealment. The steam also might injure a PC. Should the steam get a combat check or should I apply the Fire, Acid, Corrosive rules from EotE? Perhaps the PCs get to roll an Athletics check to avoid taking damage? What rating should I give the steam? That is all for the moment. I am quite tired and need to turn in shortly. Thanks, all.
  20. In the spirit of the old West End Games, 2nd edition revised and expanded, I have been considering about whether or not I should introduce some form of weapon specialization. Has this crossed anyone else's minds especially considering the more militaristic style of Age of Rebellion? If so, what have you considered? Many thanks in advance.
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