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  1. What is more geeky than comic book heroes and Dr. Seuss?
  2. Your life was probably more enriched for their lack. I mean, who needs this stuff when you have the Queen?!
  3. That is very important because if you only move your clothing, it might be worth a Conflict point or two.
  4. Google was these places of higher learning called universities and these places called libraries. 'Text to voice' was reading out loud in class. Be not afraid! Fear leads to...oh, never mind... By all means, continue the discussion. My Jiffy popcorn is almost empty, I'm all out of Reese's Pieces and my Rubik's cube needs solving.
  5. Heh. Yeah, I probably have polyhedral dice older than most forum posters here.
  6. "How old are you?" "Twenty." "When I was your age, I was thirty!" When I first started role-playing, Star Wars wasn't even a gleam in West End Games' eyes.
  7. We didn't need the Internet back in the 80s to play our games the way we wanted as you have effectively communicated though perhaps not with the purpose you imagined. We certainly didn't bicker about rules with people we hardly knew or will ever know. If we did discuss rules, it was with our local friends around a gaming table. A friendly consensus was usually arrived at and the game happily continued. I miss those days almost enough to become a quasi-Luddite and reject Al Gore's invention.
  8. You can also choose by a course of repeated actions not to become a dark sider, but once you do you must start turning over destiny points.
  9. "This talent is taking away from player agency" I disagree. The player knows ahead of time the consequence of choosing this talent. He or she can easily enough avoid taking the talent.
  10. Conflict for Terrify gets my approval. It just makes sense.
  11. So stuff and more free stuff! What's the catch? That is a good question, I think. If a character would be inclined to ask it, I suppose that that character would have no issue with embracing the dark side of the Force to gain the benefits outlined. It exhibits an 'ends justifies the means' sort of mentality.
  12. I was actually considering a house rule that would tie the XP and credits chosen at the beginning with the increase or decrease of the base Morality score to emphasize the nature of the duality related to the Force. Taking more XP and/or credits would result in the reduction of the Force-sensitive character's Morality score to reflect the fact that the allure of the dark side is an immediate narrative consequence thereby echoing Yoda's words that it is "Quicker, easier, more seductive." For example, take more XP and credits, take -20 hit on Morality. Take a little XP and credits, -10 on Morality. Take no additional XP and credits, receive +10 Morality. I think this would serve to set the tone very early on about what this iteration of the game is all about.
  13. Thank you all for your questions and suggestions. They are valuable to me. I hope to answer some of these as follows. Thanks for your time and attention. Q. Why only the species from the Force and Destiny Beta book? A. First and foremost, I wanted to have a strict test of this system in order to give as fair as possible results related to the game as a 'standalone' effort as mouthymerc put it. To answer kaosoe, my daughter has a habit of playing felinoid-like (Trianii and Fuchsbau, ftw!) characters be it for Star Wars, Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, After the Bomb, etc. As such, even with all available official core books for this game, this was a non starter anyway. Finally, I no longer possess either the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion core rule books though I do still have access to the Edge of the Empire Beta book. Q. Have they played this system before? A. All but the 17 year-old have played Edge of the Empire previously. Even so, it was the 18 year old who was loudest in her criticism of the length of the character creation process and has been ever since the Edge of the Empire days. In fact, she still has yet to complete step 9 for Force and Destiny. Q. Consider using multiple core rule books to speed up character creation? A. That would be great if I could afford it. I would argue that I am not alone in this. In return, I would like to ask how others on this forum would 'square this circle' for those like myself who simply do not have the funds to purchase multiple copies of the same rule book for this process? As admitted here, "Having a lone book has ever been the bane of many a group." One other thing to consider is that the price tag only increases with the upcoming release of the core rule book. Q. Consider working with each individually? A. I would have loved to have done that, however, it seems to me that character creation in this game implies a certain level of necessary participation from all members of the group especially regarding step 10 but even also step one wherein the ties to each character are formed in order to create a more cohesive party. We could also opine that when choosing careers and specializations, input from all group members is vital in order to form a more well rounded set of adventuring heroes. Outside of game reasons, I wished that we had the time to devote to one on one sessions. The activity level in my family for every day life makes devoting an hour or two to one individual a near impossibility. Again, thank you everyone for your input!
  14. I finally had a moment to sit down with my players this evening to create characters for our first Force and Destiny game in the coming days. I have three players aged 14, 17 and 18. The latter is my eldest daughter, the younger players are two of my sons. Here are the criticisms. Character Concept and Background: No issues here. In fact, the players had a great time with this step. Morality: My sons did not like the errata change to be given the option of -21/+21 to starting morality. The seventeen year-old mentioned that he would prefer that the rise or fall of a character would be best left to tell narratively in the game and not simply just given to a character from the start. The younger son agreed and for much the same reason. The 18 year-old was indifferent. Some of you may know my position on the matter so I feel it important to let you know that I influenced not their opinions on the matter prior to this step. I simply informed them of what the original rule was and its later update. I asked what they thought of the update and the above was the response. In the end, we had two take +10 XP and one take +5 XP and +1,000 credits options. Species: My sons had no issues here. I got the feeling, however, that my daughter was not too pleased with the limited set of options. She defaulted reluctantly to playing a Human. The other chosen species were Nautolan and Togruta. Careers: No issues here. In fact, there was quite a bit of enthusiasm from the group about the options available as there was an archetype which fit their preconceived ideas related to their character concepts. My daughter choose the failed Jedi student exile and tied it to the Mystic: Seer. My 17 year old son wanted to play as one of the younglings who was able to successfully escape the Jedi Temple on Coruscant following Anakin's deadly invasion. Consequently, he was forced to live on the streets as a scoundrel and chose the Sentinel: Shadow type. My 14 year old son chose the more combat-oriented type and thus chose the Sentinel: Shien Expert. Specializations: See above. Invest Experience Points: My biggest complaint was in only possessing one Beta book for this step especially. Without recourse to more books my players had to share the one and this really slowed down the process immensely. I had players get up from the table to go and do other things while they waited on the player actively examining the literature in order to choose just the right investment. There was also some confusion about the differences related to the expenditure of XP for career and non-career skills. This was not really a big problem until later in the process which I will go into more detail at step 10. Determine Derived Attributes: No issues here. Motivations: No big issues here save the fact that despite choosing a random route, two of the three players ending up hand-picking motivations more in line with their character concepts. Gear and Appearance: See 5. above regarding number of copies of books to have on hand. Determine Group Resource: The players got together and chose the Jedi Holocron option. I rolled on the errata chart and came up with "4" Mechanics and Ranged (Lt). While the other two players had no issue with this and were joy-filled to receive these are career skills, the third player, my 17 year old son who chose the Sentinal: Shadow and who had also invested the XP to choose the Well Rounded talent was none too pleased. Can you guess which skills he chose as career skills AND expended XP to put ranks in them? One of them was Piloting - Planetary and the other? Mechanics. In addition, for Ranged (Lt), he had spent the 10 XP needed to put a rank in this non-career skill. He had a hard time accepting that he did not necessarily have to spend that XP if only he had waited until this final step and then he would have spent far less and would not have wasted half a talent to gain these new career skills bestowed upon him by the holocron. I resolved the matter by giving him a bonus 5 XP and the option to choose another skill to benefit by his having chosen Well Rounded. It only seemed fair. A final, general critique: Character creation, while fun, took too darn long to complete. My daughter opined that more should be done to streamline the process while excluding pre-generated characters from it. At the beginning all were pretty enthusiastic to jump right in. By the end of the first of two hours, this enthusiasm was waning considerably. Hopefully, next weekend we shall have run our first adventure, Lost Knowledge. More to come...
  15. Naturally, it is all relative to the rule set you are comparing. Compared to Swords & Wizardry White Box for example, D&D 5E may as well be Rolemaster or HârnMaster
  16. I respectfully disagree. I would argue that a more rules light game tends to attract a wider group of people and players with diverse backgrounds and perspectives allowing them to put into the game more of what they desire rather than be hog-tied to any particular rule which may be contrary to what they might desire thus restricting player agency. This isn't about rules heavy or rules light, if comparing to earlier incarnations of DnD or Rolemaster or whatever, claiming that one more option during a character creation step, a step that has very few options to start with and the consequences of adding another option or changing one of the existing ones to another one, is rules heavy is a rather wild, long shot in the dark... this doesn't bog down play, it doesn't add a significant amount of time to character creation, but it does add a significant impact on the character and the game, without breaking it. Although I do see your point. Too many options does making a decision harder, we call it "Valgets kval" in Norwegian, which ... uh, roughly translates into "strangulated by choice" or somesuch thing, I have no idea if you have a similar one (it's kind of like being torn between two things, but it sounds more violent ). I get it though, but I do not think that this specific subject: Morality 29/71 instead of (or in addition to) 30/70 will cause that problem. Perhaps for some, but I'd speculate that it would be a rather small minority and they'd soon learn I believe that I have heard it referenced as 'analysis paralysis'. I would agree with you, however, in that this condition would hardly exist in this case. I'd be more inclined to call it 'scope creep', 'incrementalism' or somesuch.
  17. You're correct. As of the BU#3, you've got to first work your way up to Force Rating before you can access the rest of Column 1. Wow. Talk about taking the slow boat to China!
  18. With Edge of the Empire Beta, I would treat it like my old C-130 flight manuals, that is I would cross out words, sentences and paragraphs and replace as necessary the applicable text. I would cut out the charts and tape them where I could into the book. I ended up with a rather messy book by the end of all of that. When AoR came out, I did none of those things. It was simply too much work. It was a good thing too since I was able to later sell the book on eBay in a pretty nice condition. With FaD, I have not yet done any of the cutting, pasting, writing though I am tempted to do so. Much of the revision work that went into the game was taken care of by the EotE beta resulting in far less dramatic and copious updates to the latter book. Plus, I have no plans on re-selling my copy of FaD.
  19. So now the only access to items in column 1 to talents in rows 3 thru 5 is first through the talent on row 5, column 2 of the Protector talent tree? You have to work your way backwards to Reflect? Did I misunderstand the link updates made?
  20. No worries, amigo. I just assumed that was what you were referring to though even as an OSR advocate I must admit that both editions of the advanced could be classified as rules heavy. Lately, I have been preferring OD&D and its various 'retroclones'.
  21. I respectfully disagree. I would argue that a more rules light game tends to attract a wider group of people and players with diverse backgrounds and perspectives allowing them to put into the game more of what they desire rather than be hog-tied to any particular rule which may be contrary to what they might desire thus restricting player agency. Just going by the popularity of D & D, and the rapid rise of Pathfinder, I would have to disagree. Me thinks the majority likes their rules heavy, and crunchy. The minority of us (probably the majority in this electronic cloud of social activity) do prefer lighter, more palatable rule sets. Actually, the rise and popularity of 5th edition D&D speaks otherwise, amigo. It serves as sort of a backlash against the rules heaviness of 3rd, 4th and Pathfinder.
  22. I respectfully disagree. I would argue that a more rules light game tends to attract a wider group of people and players with diverse backgrounds and perspectives allowing them to put into the game more of what they desire rather than be hog-tied to any particular rule which may be contrary to what they might desire thus restricting player agency.
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