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  1. I actually prefer a minimalist approach respecting lightsabers and their possible modifications.  Just as I don't care too much for what particular 'kung-fu' one knows respecting a particular form, what particular crystal one possesses in one's hilt is merely fluff for me.  I could do without the mechanical differences and the crunch associated with it.

  2. Ah, we Cardiffians can laugh at ourselves. :)


    And you are way too well-educated to be a chav, AD.  Quoting Chesterton and Maurois and everything...


    That is too kind of you to write.  I am much closer to Tyler than Oswald, however.


    Why did the Doctor Who show always seem to make fun of Cardiff especially in the first season of the re-boot?



    I actually thought it was quite affectionate to us :)


    We're an odd lot, us Cardiffians, somewhere culturally between the Welsh and English.


    It was nice just to see all my familiar haunts on TV.


    And Dr Who is one of the few sci-fi franchises  to be sucessfully rebootted while being as good as the originals. No mean feat, that.



    "Affectionate"?  I must have lost that in the translation.  ;)   But then again, I am just a chav.

  4. I'm going to be running this for a series of one off store demos. If I remove Episode 2 and speed through some of the nonsense at the start (it's a very slow start and rather tedious), can I reasonably get through this in a few hours? Or will I have to hack and slash to fit a demo format? I was thinking of only running the last part, but I don't want it to just be a big half combat (since you don't actually fight the spirit directly) and leave the non-combatants with nothing to do.


    Concerning the 'nonsense at the start', that is part of the reason why I changed how the PCs will become involved in the adventure through a mistaken identity hook.  I pray it works out well.


    I probably have polyhedral dice older than most forum posters here.


    Are you stealing my chat-up lines now? 



    I mean, who needs this stuff when you have the Queen?!


    Ah, I said I was a Brit, not English. 


    I'm actually Welsh, Cardiff  born and bred.  We hate the Queen!


    (the royal family version, that is. We like Messrs Mercury, Taylor and May just fine...)



    Why did the Doctor Who show always seem to make fun of Cardiff especially in the first season of the re-boot?

  6. Angelicdoctor says we're done and no amount of anyone still having something to say is going to change his mind. Any attempts at talking will only result in his reminding us that he's done... And apathetic. If only this wasn't his Internet...


    By all means, continue!  It is pretty much vaudeville for me at this point.  Abbot and Costello even.


    Back to the topic?  I thought that we were pretty much done.


    Conversations have more than 2 sides (as Enoch illustrates by providing an alternate suggestion) and even if they rehash the same arguments, new people posting provides additional datapoints; which reduces the error range in the statistical set.



    Or adds more confusion...and in my case...I have become rather apathetic.

  8. Back to the topic?  I thought that we were pretty much done.  The arguments have been made and re-made with little to nothing new added.


    But hey, this is just one man's opinion.  Now...where did I place that copy of Dragon magazine #25 and that Jolt cola?


    This actually seems fitting to me... but you guys talking about 1980 scare me so be nice!


    "Something something something before the dark times, before the Google!"



    Right.  Because then we merely bombed Libya...


    No one has spoken to the concept I brought up about other abilities being inherently wrong. Influence allows you to essentially subvert the free will of a sentient. If you're talking about knowing something that is "corrupting", that fits the bill quite perfectly doesn't it? It's ripe for abuse, the ability to make people believe whatever you want, to influence their thoughts and emotions. It's a dangerous path, right? How about we start giving conflict just for simply knowing it?


    Because it's not about "simply knowing it".  For other powers and Talents, you have a choice as to how you use it.  If you understand how the Force works in living creatures, then by understanding that you can "do" or "undo"...the Heal/Harm knowledge can't be separated.


    But with Terrify, there is only one purpose and function.  It's a very specific piece of knowledge which you *choose* to learn, with the full intent of inflicting Fear via the Force.  It's a big difference.  It's not about the knowledge at all, it's about your characters choices and intent.




    Right.  Because 'Knowing' is half the battle within.  Sorry.  I just.can't.help.myself to 1980-isms...




    I'm not going to argue against the whole morality mechanics and nitpick every single thing. Like you said that's part of the play group discussion. Which is exactly why forcing morality beyond what has already been established is unacceptable.



    "You shall NOT PASS!!!"



    *Gives conflict to angelicdoctor for aggressively standing in the way and scaring away DeepEyes*



    Was I Terrify-ing?  That conflict should have been given to me a long time ago, amigo.


    Be not afraid!   Fear leads to...wait.  Deja vu.

  12. Right.  Because flipping light side chips to dark ones is a great thing for the party.  It is as if the chocolate ice cream was made with high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals which over time breaks down your immune system or causes other life shortening effects and further distributes these traits in a cosmic way to your friends and families.  Nope.  No penalty for going Dark do I see...

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