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  1. Thanks for this! I recently found the D20 version and am looking forward to getting it on the table. The PDFs at the links make it much easier to do so!
  2. Am loving this series. Keep them coming!
  3. And what a wonderful 'cast that was! I can hardly wait for the next. Based on the fun you guys and gal had I purchased and downloaded the core book! Now I am looking forward to playing this game with my actual school aged children.
  4. I agree with your sentiments but I would prefer far less rules. Yes, successful strikes with lightsabers are indeed deadly, however, so are those which are done with blasters as we've seen in the films.
  5. Poor girl can't afford a nice blouse? Seriously, I do like the changes made to the Force powers. I can't wait to have my players try them on for size.
  6. I actually prefer a minimalist approach respecting lightsabers and their possible modifications. Just as I don't care too much for what particular 'kung-fu' one knows respecting a particular form, what particular crystal one possesses in one's hilt is merely fluff for me. I could do without the mechanical differences and the crunch associated with it.
  7. I pray one comes much sooner than that.
  8. Nothing inherently wrong with that . Cheers!
  9. In all fairness, the star destroyer was already crashing. He just guided it. With great effort. It was "falling with style".
  10. That is too kind of you to write. I am much closer to Tyler than Oswald, however.
  11. 9 pages plus same topic covered in another thread.
  12. I actually thought it was quite affectionate to us We're an odd lot, us Cardiffians, somewhere culturally between the Welsh and English. It was nice just to see all my familiar haunts on TV. And Dr Who is one of the few sci-fi franchises to be sucessfully rebootted while being as good as the originals. No mean feat, that. "Affectionate"? I must have lost that in the translation. But then again, I am just a chav.
  13. Concerning the 'nonsense at the start', that is part of the reason why I changed how the PCs will become involved in the adventure through a mistaken identity hook. I pray it works out well.
  14. I probably have polyhedral dice older than most forum posters here. Are you stealing my chat-up lines now? I mean, who needs this stuff when you have the Queen?! Ah, I said I was a Brit, not English. I'm actually Welsh, Cardiff born and bred. We hate the Queen! (the royal family version, that is. We like Messrs Mercury, Taylor and May just fine...) Why did the Doctor Who show always seem to make fun of Cardiff especially in the first season of the re-boot?
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