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  1. Can the master broodwalker move 6 spaces each turn, since it has 2 natural move (*2 actions) and gets 2 move points at the start of each of its activations? When it dies, I assume the overlord can reinforce it as normal as one "broodwalker"? Does this mean it can effectively go to the Hive on 2 turns as long as it is alive an unhindered in any way? Does that in turn mean that the heroes wants to, for sure, kill it asap all the time so they won't die to the Hive ability each round once it's on the Hive?
  2. Edit: You probably know this and just didn't list that limitation, but just in case, I wanted to mention it. I most definitely did not! I dont know how I missed that from the rules...
  3. Thank you! Do you have any more hands on examples? Or a straight up and down sentence I can use to describe the limitations of familiars to the hero players in our group?
  4. Things I know: The reanimate can attack once per turn. The reanimate cannot open doors. The reanimate cannot perform special actions. The reanimate cannot stand up heroes. etc Basically, the reanimate can only attack once per turn and/or move once or twice (if it didn't perform an attack). What other cases apply to the reanimate, as it counts as a figure (and a hero, or not?) Like in Sindaeas Secret, the master crow hag can only be damaged by hero attacks - does the reanimate count? Any other cases we can/should be aware of in our campaign?
  5. For fun Here is some info from the YouTube description: 00:00 - 02:45 I talk about what's in the boxes and some stuff I won't be placing. 02:45 - Time-lapse and showing how I storage everything I am a Descent nerd and was re-organizing my storage solution, so I took the oppotuniry to put everything up on the table - just to see how much stuff there is in the boxes. English captions available! Here is the BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1192... Sorry about the poor audio when I'm talking, I thought the camera would pick up the sound better. Will make an effort next time! hehe
  6. We are starting a new campaign tomorrow, with me as Overlord, and I am going to run as Saboteur. I am sick of everyone focusing on the Warlord tree so much, when the monsters dont scale with the game in the same way as attribute tests or traps do. Remember what your goal is, and that is RARELY to kill all heroes. With that said, I see no reason why you should not buy "No Rest for the Wicked", undependent on what tree you are maining through. Its a good card, and you dont have to commit to the Punisher tree if you dont want to. If you only want that particular card, just get it, and keep spending experience in another tree instead. If I recall correctly, I think I read in the unofficial FAQ or elsewhere on Boardgamegeek, that as OL, you can revert the cards you have spent experience on to get a lvl 3 card, to get new cards that fit your needs better. I am not sure if this is true, and would love someone confirming this.
  7. I am looking for the best rules/reference summaries for a session we are going to have tomorrow. Would anyone care to help me with finding those?
  8. A devestating combo is for the OL picking the Giants, use Sweep the attack action on any round and spending overlord cards to buff that attack. That means that the attack hits all heroes within "Reach" spaces and in line of sight, as well as getting the surges and extra damage etc from any card spent. Is this intentional? Can you spend OL cards on monster abilites (Read: Not attacks) to gain more power? In that case, does the Giants "Sweep" count as an action or attack, and in which case can it be buffed by cards??
  9. Thanks for the answers, it clears up a lot of things. Concerning what quest it was: Yes, it was when the heroes need to kill and take the relic blade and get out. However, in ACT2 the lieutenant is VERY strong and our heroes in centered around crowd control, with 1 healer 1 damage dealer and 2 crowd controllers / hybrid damage dealers. Either way, that lieutenant has regeneration and it is VERY hard to kill him every round, especially since he had giants and dragons, meaning that he could kill our squishy heroes almost every other round. (we are playing WITH the conversion kit, thus, only 1 of the heroes in our party is from the original box) Add in that not all heroes have strong attacks, misses occur and it is VERY rare that all heroes can use ALL attacks on ALL rounds. Especially when you have a giant with Sweap that crushes all your heroes in one blow.
  10. I had this game quite recently in the "Desecrated Tomb" where we (4 heroes) would spam immobolize the lieutenant in the first room and maintain the fight in such a way that it never reached the dragon chamber. However, the overlord had in the first encounter managed to draw almost all cards in his stack of 16 cards, which rendered him able to play a certain card with some other cards, reshuffle the deck, and almost instantly pick the same card again almost every other round. The card in question that felt overpowered this time was the one that grants a specific monster 2 red dies in health back. He used like every 3rd turn, and we could almost never get the boss monster down. Is this intetional? I mean, what the hell happens with reinforce ????
  11. REALLY nice! Cant wait to see it finished! Remember to post it on Reddit/r/boardgames, BGG and FFGames forums when you are done, so I wont miss it!
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