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  1. This is all that the GM should need to say. The books make it clear the GM is final arbiter. The players need to back down. But what do I know, when I say a GM should have the option of saying 'no' to Hutt fighter pilot, the response was basically a lynch mob.
  2. Thank you. Did he elaborate any on it? The entirety of the email was: "The five rank limit does apply to minion groups." So not really. To be fair, it was a reply to my reply to his original response to my question about the Resilence 8 listing for the crime lord (It's not a typo), so there was no need for an extended response.
  3. Sam confirmed minion groups only get up to 5 ranks in a skill.
  4. Recently got a clarification on two semi-related things from Sam Stewart (Can we call him S-stew?): The Hutt Crime lord on page 405(?) of the EotE core book *is* supposed to have 8 ranks in Resilience, thats not a typo. Minion groups are subject to the five rank limit, e.g., if there are 10 minions in a group, they still only have 5 ranks in their listed skill, not 9. That is all.
  5. Check the unarmed combat section. I think any unarmed damage it's just Brawn + successes, but I don't have time to confirm it currently. If he's an NPC, just arbitrarily set his base damage to what suits the story. Your players don't see the NPCs stats so they don't have to be justified. Don't make it so high that he'll drop a healthy PC in one shot, but enough to make them scared of getting close again.
  6. It's also lazy story-telling and a valid critique when it actually happens.
  7. In the panel they were asked about Mara Jade and Filoni pretty much said no. He also went on to say that Ysalamiri aren't going to be canon as the entire concept of them negating the force doesn't make sense if the force is everywhere in the Star Wars galaxy. See, to me it just means Ysalamiri would have developed the Suppression power to prevent predators like the Vornskr from finding them. yeah, someone pointed this out in the other thread, as well. Again, I'll say it's disappointing that when I try to find a reason to get excited for this and even that's shot down.
  8. Filoni was asked about Mara Jade and outright dropped a No answer on it. Well that's disappointing; even when I try to find a reason to get excited for it, it's a let down. I guess I'm back to not giving a crap about this announcement then.
  9. Inappropriate usage of "Mary Sue" outside the actual meaning: I'm not going to get into a protracted debate about this, but no, the term is right on the money. The term "mary sue" can apply to any character that can arbitrarily do something that no other character can do without any training. I would put ANY gray Jedi in a Mary Sue camp, as they can call on the Dark Side without being corrupted by it, because they're a magical special snowflake. You wanna go down the list of why Ezra is lousy with Mary Sue traits? Young? Check Dramatic back story? Check Obscene talent with no training? Check And if we're adding "Canon-breaking powers" like a grey Jedi, I don't know how this little snot doesn't qualify. The term can be used to apply to viewer proxy just as well as author proxies as well. (source source) The same sources state there's not even consensus on the definition, so unless your shoving those cards in other peoples faces, take your condescension else where.
  10. I think the most interesting thing about the announcement is that it opens the door to see other characters from the Zahn stories. Specifically Mara Jade and Talon Karrde.
  11. IIRC, the Chiss have been canon since late 2014. Did they appear in Rebels season 1? The Movies + CW cartoon + Rebels cartoon are really the only bits considered cannon. Appearance in "Enter the Unknown" or other RPG material doesn't really count.
  12. That's an excellent point. I think we may have found a hole in the new canon. Ahsoka is MIA by the time Wedge joins, and does anybody even bother referring to her as Fulcrum any more? A7T beat me to it, but yeah, 'Fulcrum' could just be a code name used in serial by different agents at different times. Or maybe Ahsoka's really not dead, but that would be about as goofy as Maul not being dead.
  13. WAAAAAAAAIT wait wait WAIT WAIT!!! Hold everything... okay, this just got more interesting. Thawn wasn't the only fan-favorite character introduced by Zahn in those books. More changes would have to be made to this character's story arc, obviously, but it's a lot more likely we'll see them in light of this announcement. That I'm okay with.
  14. I'll concede that I don't mind the *concept* of the character, much like Atama said over here. Basically Sherlock Holmes (minus the pile of vices) meets [pick a historical military strategist]. The former representing his reasoning abilities (though IIRC he uses induction more than deduction) based on scant information, and the latter representing his military prowess. But the way Thrawn has been handled in the literature is just doesn't produce rewarding story-telling. But Sherlock Holmes (or most detective) stories are satisfying because the reader has at the very least the opportunity to follow the line reasoning that accompanies the evidence as it is discovered. In contrast, what's presented with Thrawn is just "I could predict [basically any event] because [made up science-fantasy facts]." The reader has no context to what is known and therefore no chance to follow the reasoning. Thrawn may as well have just been portrayed as being as omniscient as any Force user since his 'astounding abilities of reasoning' are presented in practically the same way. If they fix that problem, cool, the character may be interesting. But based on his portrayal to present, he's just a lazily written villain in my book. No need to get excited about his inclusion. Edit: Apparently Zahn actually confirmed that Thrawn was a "Shelock Holmes plus Hanibal et al" amalgam in a letter to a fan.
  15. Truth, though as I understand that happened in Clone Wars, not Rebels (though they do use him in rebels) And would <3 to see Kyle and Jan show up. That's some Legends worth revisiting.
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