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  1. I did not know this either. Thanks for the clarification. I definitely would have been rolling around with more than one trinket per character, lol!
  2. Looked hard enough. Page 3 of reference guide says after adventure remove all damage and fear cards as well as other things.
  3. So I've completed the first adventure and have suffered fear and damage. Do fear and damage carry over to the next adventure? Also, what page can I find this in the rulebook/reference guide? I've looked and can't find an answer to my question (I'm assuming I'm just not looking hard enough). Thanks.
  4. DarkHorse, did anyone ever respond to your question? I'm interested in the same thing for my group.
  5. LibrariaNPC you are the bomb digidy! Thank you good sir. This is a great starting point for me to get my players a U-Wing until the official one comes out, if ever. Again, thank you!
  6. Does anyone know if there are any stats for the U-Wing for EotE? My group wants that to be their starting ship, but I have yet to find stats for it for EotE or any SWRPG for that matter.
  7. Oh, OK. It all makes sense now. I guess I got an older version of the Core game because I got The Shadow Rune as my campaign. The campaign book I was referring to was Heirs of Blood. Glad to know its another campaign for the Core game. I will definitely pick it up. Well, awesome. I think I've got a good plan now for purchases. I think I'll pick up a small box expansion and play through the Shadow Rune first. If I like the game, which I think I will, I'll pick up the Heirs of Blood book, since everyone who gets a newer Core gets to play it as starter campaign and another small expansion box. After that I'll get the Shadow of Nerekhall and a small box expansion. Of course there will be some H&M boxes scattered throughout. I think that will keep my group submersed in the Descent world for a while. Thank you everyone for your advice. It was greatly appreciated. I'm totally pumped to run this game now!
  8. Sorry for the confusion. I'm brand spanking new to the game, and this (Descent 2) forum, and don't really know the lingo yet. The core set I got came with a nine quest campaign that I plan on playing through with my group, but I like to plan ahead and I was wondering if there was a general consensus on any particular expansion. From what I've heard so far, I really can't go wrong with any of the expansions, but should start off with a small box expansion first, avoid the lieutenant packs and pick up H&M packs as wanted. Has anyone tried the campaign book yet? If so, what tiles/expansions do I need to run it? And thank you again, this was exactly the advice I was looking for, some honest opinions about the Descent 2 products.
  9. Cool. Thanks for the advice. Should I get the expansions in order or is there one that you would recommend getting first?
  10. Hello, Literally just bought the game and had a few questions. I am not interested in head to head play or one off adventures. I am interested only in campaign play. With this in mind, what products should I pick up for campaign play? Is the campaign app any good? What about the books? Just wanted some seasoned opinions before I spent any more money on this game. Thank you for your time.
  11. This made me lol. Thanks. I needed a laugh. Its been a tough week.
  12. Do you know about how many players participated? Thanks.
  13. I've found that the following Chewie build is incredibly frustrating to destroy. Chewbacca - 55 - Predator - Millennium Falcon - C-3PO - Lando Calrissian - Experimental Interface Use evade for your action and Experimental Interface sets off Lando. If you roll hot on the defense dice with Lando, you can get up to three evade tokens, plus 3PO and Chewie's ability to ignore critical hits make this build very frustrating to try to take out end game. This build is susceptible to swarms and getting bumped to deny it actions. In the current two ship Meta, it is almost impossible to take out. Fun to play, not fun to play against.
  14. I played a similar list (Etahn, Biggs, Tala x3) last year in a Regional Tournament and lost 5 out of 7 games. Phantoms will be a problem if you don't stay back to maximize your firing arcs against them. Also, most Imperial ships gave me fits with their three or more agility dice. Two attack dice vs. three evade dice does not work out too well, let me assure you. I do like Etahn's ability and my list tried to maximize crits. If you really want to stick with the crit machine, I suggest the following: Etahn Rookie X-Wing Pilot x3 I call this list "Too Legit to Crit." It leaves you with five points for upgrades as you see fit. Phantoms can be a problem, but this list just wrecks stuff once you get through shields (i. e. decimators). As for your alternate lists, I like Alternate 1. This list seems a little more durable to me. Chewie does wonders for Hawks and the double ion cannon means you can ion "Fat" ships right off the board, which is great against the current meta.
  15. I think you are absolutely right. Gunner on Fett is much better that Ion Cannon and Seismic Charges, but I really think Navigator will help me more in lining up a shot, front or rear arc, in conjunction with Engine Upgrade. I also really like having PS 10 and 9 on Fett and Scarlet, respectively, so that I can move after most ships I will encounter. I agree with you that any cannon (as well as missile/torpedo) will be wasted points, since I should be firing from my rear arc as much as my front arc. Having said that, there really isn't any other option to fill out the last five points other than bombs. What do you think about the following: Boba Fett - 50 - Proximity Mines - Navigator - Veteran Instincts - Engine Upgrade Kath Scarlet - 50 - Gunner - Veteran Instincts - Engine Upgrade - Seismic Charges
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