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  1. Hello Forum!! I am going to start a new campaign of Deathwatch this week and I left the players to choose a chapter if they want outside the corebooks.A player asked me if he can make a Death Spectre characters and I accepted giving this character (if we suppose that Spectres are a Raven Guard succesor Chapter) the Raven Guard demeanours and tactics from the First Founding book.Now my problem are the Excorcists which another player asked,I was thinking to give him some bonuses due to the Chapter nature but my big question about them is this: Does the Excorcists Chapter send to Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos in general or they stick to Daemon Hunting and Ordo Malleus? The Spectres are sending for sure to Deathwatch and they have a Battle Brother there but the others? Any ideas?
  2. Well choosing adversaries some times can be kinda hard :S.Well I am running a campaign with Tyranids and maybe Chaos I'll see.You can always make a conversation with the players or another idea which I use to help me choose adversaries is the use of the hunting grounds of Erioch I throw the players inside with a variety of adversaries and I choose the one nearly killed them for the next mission hehe or I let them choose an adversary in order to understand the feeling of the players and what they want to fight .
  3. Yes that is a very good idea in order to get things described,I was thinking a similar idea thanks again I'll post the results from the next session .
  4. Thank you I've read the article and it seems a very nice idea and yes next time I'll see truly if they are reading anything,maybe I'll temp them with some rewards in order to read I'll see thanks again . Any other ideas? . P.S I am far from France
  5. Hello Everybody I am running a Deathwatch campaign and I have a problem: The players cannot express the right role playing needed in order to make the game fun and nice to play.We are playing almost six months now and they still cannot play their characters in the right way,they are always like machines "Attack that,quote for the Emperor,attack the other,quote for the Emperor etc.". I am trying to make them express the nature of the Marine better through Chapter demeanour and Personal ones and through missions with variety of choices and general more role playing ones but they are like dice machines.I even made a PC in order to push them forward and gave them books to read etc.Any tips on this matter from the more experienced would be very nice because it's a pity to stop playing this wonderful RPG game. Thank you for your time .
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