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  1. kainveus

    Too Much Cancellation?

    Usually I don't use Test of Will at all... yes it's very power,but just face those "when revealed" effects is also very good feeling. and Test of Will can't combe with any other cards, when I forfeit this card , I find more positions for those combo cards , and that makes me happy.
  2. Example 2): Crab bids 1, Dragon bids 3, Scorpion bids 3, Lion bids 1…. Dragon and Scorpion remove 2 Honor each, while Lion and Crab both gain 2 Honor each. Example 5): Crab bids 2, Dragon bids 5, Scorpion bids 5, Lion bids 2… Dragon and Scorpion each lose 3 Honor, while Crab and Lion gain 1 Honor each. Can't understand this…
  3. kainveus

    Translating to Japanese

    The publisher of Chinese L5R is not AsmodeeCN but emperorpenguingames, and they do a very good job.
  4. kainveus

    Translating to Japanese

    Now L5R LCG has a Chinese version, and you can see their Chinese names at http://l5rcard.emperorpenguingames.com/. Hope that will help.
  5. Thanks a lot for help me reduce my score~ So now it become 63~
  6. kainveus

    How to say Dúnhere?

    Thanks very much, because I'm a chinese player and I don't know if I say it correct. In China there are two translation editions of LOTR, one comes from Taiwan about 10 years ago and in that book Dúnhere pronounces like dun-here, and in the Shanghai edition which published 2 years ago Dúnhere pronounces like DOON-heh-reh.
  7. Here is my solution(still can't get less than 67 ) Heroes:Glorfindel Theodred Eowyn Start hands:Song of king, steward of Gondor , sneak ,sneak,sneak,Gandolf T1: get any card and use Eowyn's resource to get SoK to Glorfindel.Use Glorfindel and Theodred's 2 resources to get SoG to Glorfindel,now G2 T0 E0. Send all to quest and Theodred give resource to Eowyn,revealed Grimbeorn.use Eowyn's ability to discard the new card.9:2 and finished stage 1B,carrock became active location and put 4 trolls to the staging area. Threat:30 T2: Get For gondor! now G5 T1 E2,sneak Gandolf in quest phase to give Louis 4 damages, send all to the quest.Theodred give resource to Glorfinder .revealed Roasted Slowly. T8:W12,get 4 progress tokens on Carrock. Threat:31 T3: Get UC ,now G9 T1 E3,use Glorfindel's 8 resources to Grimbeorn,use Eowyn's 2 resources to get UC to Glorfindel, sneak Gandolf in quest phase to give Stuart 4 damages ,send all but Grimbeorn and Theodred to quest,revealed Sacked on Eowyn,T8:W11,finished Carrock and get 1 progress on 2B. Engage Louis(6/10) and Grimbeorn defends , Grimbeorn get 1 damage and Threat raise to 34,use UC to ready Glorfindel and G+T+G=8ATK to kill Louis, remove Sacked. Threat:35 T4: Get any card,now G4 T1 E2,Eowyn and Theodred quest and get 1 resource on Theodred, revealed Roasted Slowly,T6:W5, discard the new card, 3 trolls all engaged,defend with Grimbeorn,use Glorfinder and Theodred's resources to play sneak gandolf and For Gondor! Gandolf give Morris 4 damage, Glorfindel4ATK+Grimbeorn5ATK=8ATK to give Stuart(3DEF,6/10) 6 damages and kill it, UC to ready Glorfindel and attack Morris(2DEF,6/10) with Gandolf5ATK to make 7 damages and kill it . Threat:36 T5: Get The Galadrim's Greeting ,now G4 T1 E3, play The Galadrim's Greeting and Gandolf to reduce 6 Threats and draw 3 cards and one of them is Strider's Path ,send Glorfindel and Theodred to quest and giveGlorfindel 1 resource,revealed Gladden Fields and use Glorfindel's resource to play Strider's Path and make Gladden Fields become active location, T0:W4,and finished Gladden Fields(3VP),Grimboern defend Rupert and UC ready Glorfindel, Then Glorfindel+Gandolf+Eowyn+Grimboern=3+4+1+4=12ATK to kill Rupert(2DEF 10/10) Threat:30 So the final score=4*10+30-3=67
  8. Excelent solution! Have you consider to use cards like Gladden Fields to get some VPs to reduce score?
  9. In FFG's LOTRLCG tutorial video, I found that they say Dúnhere as "due-near". But I wonder it should be pronounce as /ˈduːnhere/. because it comes from dún "hill" and here "army“. Am I right?
  10. Congratulations! So let us make it harder~ Try to get 67 or less!
  11. After player's card pool become bigger and bigger, sometimes we can't imagine how hard it was to beat the first cycle with that limited card pool, so maybe a little puzzle can bring us back. In this puzzle you can use a "magic" deck whick means you can draw any card you want when you draw, and you can choose which card will be revealed each turn! You can only use player cards belongs to the CORE, The Hunt for Gollum and Conflict at Carrock. Try to beat Conflict at Carrock in solo mode and make your final score below 77!
  12. kainveus

    Anyone in Shanghai/Hangzhou?

    Join QQ group 218744304 and you will find more partners!
  13. Some characters are unique, that's ok. Some items are unique, that's ok. But why "Hardly leadership","Visionary Leadership" and "OLorien!" are unique?
  14. kainveus

    Best Heroes for Outlands Deck?

    Hurlin,Bilbo,Aragorn(Lore) for solo play, with doomed cards. Grima is also a good choose, but I prefer 1 doomed card per turn.
  15. return silvan ally from discard pile to hand