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  1. Hello all, Myself and some other local Conquest players will be at Level Up Games tomorrow starting at 5pm and willing to demo to game to new people. Come on out if you can make it! If you are interested in learning the game but can't make it tomorrow feel free to email me at cbates05@gmail.com to set up a session. Thanks!
  2. Hello all! The Mead Hall in downtown Minneapolis has a weekly Conquest night every Thursday. I will be there tomorrow 1/22 at around 5:00pm. We are more than willing to teach the game as well! So if you don't have the game yet but want to try it out we can provide decks! The event officially starts at 7:00pm and I normally stay until 8 or 9pm! Message me if you have questions! http://www.meadhallgames.com/
  3. Any interest at meeting at the mead hall? I am planning on being at mead hall round 4:30.
  4. Hello all, I will be playing Conquest this Thursday at the Mead Hall in MPLS. See event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/391760447646030/ Hope people can make it!
  5. Hello all, We have a Facebook group for Twin Cities Warhammer 40K: Conquest. Please be sure to join! We are trying to start a weekly open play night with the first one being this Thursday at Fantasy Flight Games Event Center! Be sure to join to group and event if you can! Let me know if you have questions! https://www.facebook.com/groups/880226605321658/
  6. Hello all, We have a facebook group now. Be sure to join! I hope we can get a weekly open play night going...trying for Thursdays right now but if anyone has a better day let me know! https://www.facebook.com/groups/880226605321658/
  7. Hello everyone, I don't have the game yet but I am really excited to play! Anyone in the twincities with the game want to meet up to play? I can make it to any of the locate FLGS or FFGEC. I live in Rosemount so anything south of the river is cool as well. Hit me up if you are intrested! Thanks!
  8. Hello Everyone, I live in the metro (Rosemount) and want to get some more x-wing games in. I am willing to travel and free most weekends. Hit me up if you are interested in playing. cbates05@gmail.com
  9. Sorry I didn't see the responses to my post. I have been going Tuesday nights and there is a good turn out to play. Feel free to email me if you want to set a time to meet cbates05@gmail.com.
  10. Hello all, I am always looking for more people to play X-Wing with. I will travel anywhere in the Twin Cities. I have been going to FFG Event Center lately but there are a lot of places to play. Let me know if anyone has an interest!
  11. Hello all, I see FFG Event Center has a x-wing play night on 1/1, I will be stopping by either way but want to know if anyone else is going and wants to play! Thanks!
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