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  1. Next year I hope we can go back to drawing names for special activities like "Play With A Designer". This year there were people who signed up for overlapping events, so they blocked the rest of us from a particular event and then didn't even stay for the whole game. Let us sign up for the drawing for a particular game/event and draw the winners like we did a few years ago please!
  2. My group tried to get a chance to play, but the slots were always full. It was very disappointing. Thanks for sharing your impressions!
  3. My group just uses bases, but I make them get out the big figures like the Dunwich Horror when they're called for.
  4. In case anyone else stumbles across this thread looking for answers, the mat is approximately 26" x 36" (I bought one at the Fantasy Flight Game Center over the weekend).
  5. I'm not looking to buy the set, but I AM considering getting my own System Breach Two-Player Playmat. Would you consider helping me out by measuring it's length and width? I can't find its size listed anywhere!
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