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  1. I have updated my kickstarter! I am now offering .flac files for anybody that is interested.
  2. Hello! I'm Timothy Adan. I absolutely love Anima, and have run a couple campaigns for it. I love the anime aesthetic and system for the game. I love the feel so much that I launched a kickstarter for background music! The music I'm writing is eastern themed with a focus on Japan and China. If you like having music in the background of your roleplaying games you should check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2095495906/eastern-fantasy-background-soundtrack?ref=nav_search I hope you have a great day. Keep fighting (or being) those bad guys!
  3. actually, to add to that, pg 19 of the rulebook says that when you flip a disc, you can only rotate the disc when you are holding it completely upright (at a 90 degree angle from the table) before you can change the direction that the disc is moving, so you aren't allowed to tilt the disc to see if it is going to land where you want it before finishing the flip, you have to make the decision while the disc is at a 90 degree angle from the table, if I wrote this in such a way that it is understandable lol. my point being that movement is supposed to be partly a guess.
  4. It says in the rulebook that you can always measure range using the range ruler. Movement is supposed to be one of those guessing elements in the game I think. However there is nothing to stop you from using the range ruler to try and estimate movement for discs.
  5. lmao! thanks much for the English lesson. :-)
  6. There is actually a lot of strategy to picking terrain in this game. And having 1st and 3rd pick can be pretty big when you think about it. All they way from, what do you NOT want your opponent to place to whether or not you want to play the defensive game or the offensive game. Whether you want to give yourself some cover to advance, or give yourself high ground so that your opponent can't have any cover at all. Terrain placement in this particular game is just as much a part of the game as the game itself. In the mini's game the terrain didn't matter as much. In fact, not having terrain at all in the mini's game wasn't much different from having the recommended amounts of terrain (unless there was a river. Rivers changed the game, but not really anything else) Every game of diskwars I've played so far, the terrain has had a significan't role in how the game was played for each player. But as I said before, you could be right. I am of the mindset however that the terrain is as important as any other choice or factor in this game :3
  7. yeah, shooting at seige range with bows needs crits to hit, and the opposite is also true. Using siege weapons anywhere within the range ruler hits with both the hit and crit symbols.
  8. I know they had preset boards for mini's games, but I don't think they would do that for this, mostly because of how the game mechanics work. If the board were preset, then the player who didn't have initiative would be at a severe disadvantage, being that the only benefit the second player gets is the "home field" advantage of choosing both scenario and initial terrain setup. Of course, it is certainly a possibility :3
  9. Does anybody know if there are going to be rules put out for tournament play? I haven't seen anything anywhere as of yet. Some people may not think it would be absolutely necessary, but I feel there are a few things that would at least need to be clarified when tournaments start. Like, how the terrain/deployment card/objective card pools are created between players (since most players will have their own set, and even expansions that other players don't have). As well as standard, "how long is a round?" type of deal and things like that.
  10. Thank you very much! we really enjoyed making the video. We are considering the possibility of a gameplay video as well. and yeah, I used to play Tomb Kings until the most recent army book. I really liked the flavor of Tomb Kings and how their magic worked, even though I mostly lost my games. Once the new army book came out I quit because the new Tomb Kings didn't feel right to me. :-)
  11. I feel that they will at least get all of the core races out of the way. I suspect dwarves, dark elves and perhaps undead will be towards the top of their list. Although I'm seriously hoping for lizardmen and tomb kings. As far as chaos, I think it makes more sense to have the warriors and demons together. That is how they originally were in the minis game. The reason they split it is because the rules didn't allow for an all demon army. I always thought it made more sense having them mixed because them ding dang dirty mortals would think they were in control :-P
  12. My dad and I made a review video! and it looks as if it is the first one. Take a look! by the way, I'm really excited about this game :3
  13. Now the difference here is during a scrum. The real issues begin to occur when you have so many engagements on top of eachother that figuring out who starts where, and when damage occurs could become an issue. every single game of this I have played has had a really climactic battle occuring with many massive scrums and I was going to try and write an example, but unless I had a picture of one of said battles in front of me, the example would be too confusing for both me and everyone reading. So I am just going to mention the confusing battles and hope someone more competent comes to the front with a good example and explanations :-P.
  14. That is what I thought, I just figured I'd get some confirmation :3
  15. In regards to Archaons ability. I know that whenever he pins another disc, he deals the area damage. and I know that when another disc pins him, he deals the arcane damage, and I am fairly certain that both at the same time are true (he pins, and someone else pins him, they both cause the trigger separately). The question is if Archaon becomes pinned by a unit, and the area effect goes off, does it go off again when a second, and potentially third disc then decides also flip on top of Archaon?
  16. is the reprint of the main rulebook going to be a completely revised edition with the new changes of the rules?
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