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  1. To the OP, I liked shadowrun in that respect (hacking, cyber-space reality, ICE and virtual attacks, program and hardware development, etc), but disliked just about everything else about it; especially the disparity between resolution systems when comparing physical combat vs. magic vs. decking. I'd be tempted by a well done Android RP, but truthfully I've drifted away from rules heavy systems. To add…Technoir might be a good place to start as well. Rules light with open options for customization and character outline. It's also very noir as the title suggests. Cyber attacks and hacking are encouraged, but the act is abstracted, so it's lacking immersion or "presence" in the process itself; however, Techoir is, by design, a very hackable system, and a little work might produce some satisfactory results. The default setting can certainly be modded to fit the Android universe; the stock runners and corporations most certainly provide a wealth of resource for contacts, organizations, and threats. Now you've got me thinking…
  2. Yeap. Ridiculously long load times is one of…well…several reasons why I don't frequent this forum more often.
  3. profligate said: Not that it matters quite yet, but I was wondering how these two will interact. Will a run that starts on HQ and gets Bullfrogged away still fulfil the requirement to run on a central server? Starting a run on a central server is sufficient to satisfy the Jinteki identity, regardless if the run finishes on a remote. The identity makes no condition on the result of that run.
  4. You must fully resolve the effect of one card before resolving another. In the case of a simultanious effect, the player whose turn it is gets to choose which one executes first. So in this case you fully resolve Trick of Light before Parasite's effect trashes the Ice Wall.
  5. I've posted a meetup for Jan 7th, 6:30 at Area 51, Grapevine. See you there!
  6. Wow. That's a ridiculously handy app. Thanks so much for your time and contribution to the game!
  7. Messenger said: Alternatively, as more data packs are released, Crypsis could also get cards that will make it more viable, useful and effective. This is not unlikely given an entire faction of Runners that use viruses as its signature. So, rather than being overtaken by newer cards, Crypsis could find new life and relevance in the future. Very true.
  8. Knapik said: Under the right circumstances, sure. Under other circumstances… I'm fairly certain that this statement can prefix discussion of just about any card in the stack. They all play a role, but aren't universally and efficiently applicable in any situation. IMO, Crypsis is a nice card to include in the core, as it fills in the holes where each runner faction is lacking; the duct tape of icebreakers. But as more cards are being released to take up some of that slack in a more cost efficient manner, it will become less desirable over time.
  9. skipper.pickle said: How did this go? When are you meeting again? Are you one of our regulars from the Old Days, by chance? Went okay, but I'd certainly like to see more runners show up! I don't have a fixed date for when I'll be able to attend next, but there are other voices interested. Drop me a message and I'll give you some info on how to connect with them! Otherwise I'll certainly post here again when I know more.
  10. bhosp said: There's no game term for it, but I think we should call this bankrupting the Corp. Liquidating. I came down to about 8-10 cards as corp, but I see that as a result of a poor build.
  11. Update: I have a small group meeting Monday, Dec 3rd at 6:30pm for some play. Anyone else in the area is encouraged to join us.
  12. Toqtamish said: …they almost feel obligated now to play those games exclusively or the majority of the time as otherwise they feel like they have wasted their investment. This type of behavior is typical of Sorensen and Cranes definition of irrational behavior. When this comes up, ask them if they are still actually having fun with those games, in spite of the investment.
  13. Play your opponent. If you think he/she will fall for the bluff, by all means…
  14. For commonly handled tokens (bits, virus, advancement, etc) I'm using a few color glass markers - red for runner, blue for corp, and white for bits. I've also ordered a set of the Litko Monolith markers to use as click trackers, moving them from my tracker card to the board relative to my action as noted previously.
  15. Looking for players in the Mid-cities area of DFW. Considering regular meetups at Area 51 in Grapevine on a weeknight, or Lone Star Comics down in Arlington. Give a shout if you're in the area. I'd like to meet up with some more players.
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