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  1. Just using the core game and wave 1 as precedent, I imagine we'll get some sort of extra campaign box with new FFG-created heroes, several Rebel ally/mook tokens and models, several Imperial and Scum tokens and models. The core game's heroes are FFG-created to explore stories related to but outside the realm of the actual Star Wars movies. I expect any additional heroes will be the same, and the use of any big names will only ever be allies. We'll definitely see more blister packs, so included units will likely be split between models included in the campaign box itself, and models that need to be bought to replace tokens that come with the box (as well as whatever other perks comes in the blister packs). As someone who will be inevitably playing The Bad Guys, I'd love to see more bounty hunters, a rancor, variant Imperial mooks, and any big names that may seem appropriate in a game system where combat is heavily used, such as Mara Jade. So an expansion wave may be something like... CAMPAIGN BOX -All the bits you need for new story missions -2 to 4 new heroes -Obi-Wan model -Leia token -R2-D2 token -Rebel mook X token set -Rebel mook Y token set -Boba Fett model -Imperial big name X token -Imperial/Scum mook X models -Imperial/Scum mook Y models -Imperial/Scum mook Z token set BLISTER EXPANSIONS Leia R2-D2 Rebel mook X Rebel mook Y Imperial big name X Imperial/Scum Y mook variant (similar to the AT-ST core vs. AT-ST blister) Imperial/Scum Z mook OR SOME VARIATION OF. I'm hardly a Star Wars lore expert so I wouldn't quite know what to fill all the generalities with, but the big picture remains. I find it entirely likely it'll be very similar to the first wave of releases: some campaign-in-a-box with some models and some tokens, then blisters to replace the tokens and beef up Skirmish armies.
  2. JBouthietteJr

    The Great White Silence - new preview

    The more I see of this expansion, the more I like it. I was hesitant at first due to not really liking the whole close-up-of-Antarctica board, but seeing that the expansion offers other great options like Ithaqua and the prelude cards, I definitely think I can justify getting this.
  3. JBouthietteJr

    Decimator Pilot Pronunciations

    Ken-kurk Sheer-uh-no I've initially gone with something like "Oo-ee-kuhn" for Oicunn, but I do like "Wee-koon" better. Thanks, OP.
  4. JBouthietteJr

    Build concept questions

    Alright, well, here's as exhaustive of a list as I could put together to cover your final 28 points. Note that most aren't "tanks", most won't detract enough attention from the Phantoms to really be worth it, and not every single option is listed upgrade-wise because that would be obnoxious. But if you see the options spread out, maybe something will inspire you. -most combinations of two TIE Fighters, excluding Howlrunner and Mauler Mithel ex. 2x Black Squadron, Dark Curse + Academy, Black Squadron w/ Wingman + Academy, etc. -one Interceptor Soontir Fel, Tetran w/ VI, Royal Guard w/ PTL and Stealth Device, etc. -one TIE Advanced excluding Vader (lower cost ones can get some sort of loadout, I'm not familiar enough with them to make suggestions beyond that) -one TIE Bomber with a loadout -one Scimitar Bomber and one Academy TIE -one Lambda OGP w/ Vader and Engine Upgrade, Yorr w/ Engine Upgrade, etc. -one generic Phantom Sigma w/ SPA, Shadow w/ Intelligence Agent, etc. Others are free to add anything I might have missed, but as far as I can figure, this is pretty much all you can add to both named Phantoms with VI and ACD. I hope this helps!
  5. JBouthietteJr

    Build concept questions

    Unfortunately at the 100 point level, it just seems you're asking for too much. With both named Phantoms, you're really not going to get a "tank" that isn't a Lambda. I like the idea of two maneuverable flankers with a heavy-hitter, so why not... Bounty Hunter w/ Recon Spec Echo w/ VI, ACD Tetran Cowell w/ PTL Now you have a Bounty Hunter adding considerable threat while Echo and Tetran fly around every which way. 2 point initiative bid, or if you like to live dangerously, through FCS on Echo. Just a suggestion. I flew both named Phantoms before, and they were a lot of fun, but I play 150 point games, so I had more wiggle room to back them up (I ended up going with two Lambdas. Not the best decision I've ever made).
  6. JBouthietteJr

    Stepping up to 150

    Casual fly with breaks for drinks and pizza, a match of ours usually run between an 1.5 and 2 hours.
  7. JBouthietteJr

    Stepping up to 150

    At 150 points, on average I spend between 20 and 35 points on upgrades. I don't ever really try ordinance alpha strikes, so I can't speak to those ends. As for shifts in pilot skill, my experience has been a few named uniques, and higher-PS generics. Come the full Wave 5 release, I'm hoping to drop two named Decimators and Soontir. And Wave 6, all four IG's is gonna be great. Obviously the potential to spam a bunch of generics exists. Howlrunner with 11 Academies is 150 on the dot. That might be attractive to some people, but that's honestly too much for me, haha. I'd rather run Echo and Whisper with two OGP's (which I totally have. Note to self: never do that again.)
  8. JBouthietteJr

    Stepping up to 150

    Forgot to mention we still play on a 3x3 foot area with a full set of asteroids. Maneuvering is key! Although, we typically fly fewer, more expensive ships, so it doesn't really get crowded.
  9. JBouthietteJr

    Stepping up to 150

    My play group plays exclusively 150 point matches. We felt too constricted by 100 point limits, and it really let's us just have a blast with pricier ships in various combinations. My current favorite squad is three Onyx Defenders with Shields and Echo with VI, ACD, FCS and Rebel Captive. It wrecked my opponent's poorly flown HWK/Y/XX something or other. I'm looking forward to trying it out more against rebels that are actually flying well!
  10. JBouthietteJr

    3 Defender Build

    My favorite list recently has been the 150 point squad of three Onyx with Shields and Echo with VI, ACD, FCS and Rebel Captive. I'm in the camp that Defender don't really need anything to make them better; higher PS and EPTs are always a plus, but I don't feel like they *require* a cannon or missile. So I just give them a bit more durability and call it a day. I think the three Defender 100 point can work, but that's why I like the freedom of 150 points: you can get the three Defenders, AND a nice buddy or two to help out.
  11. JBouthietteJr

    Wave V and VI Numbers

    Won't be able to afford all initially, but endgoal is... 3 Decimator 2 Outrider 2 Rebel Aces 2 Most Wanted 4 Scyk 5 StarViper 4 Agressor
  12. JBouthietteJr

    FFG Article - Scum and Villainy

    Some random thoughts as I continue delving into this: The rebel/imperial/scum tokens that come with IG are likely related to a mission that'll likely be coming with the ship. Also, IG and Leebo seem to establish a precedent that droid pilots will indeed still be able to focus. Something to think about for those vying for TIE Droids.
  13. JBouthietteJr

    FFG Article - Scum and Villainy

    I was one of those who were quietly skeptical that a third faction would even happen, and once it was confirmed, I wasn't entirely interested. But then I started thinking, man, a squad with a Firespray AND Headhunters would be pretty freaking awesome. And with that preview, I am giggling like a school girl, albeit with difficulty, with my foot in mouth n' all. This faction is looking really awesome, and I'm just hoping my gamer buddies stay as Rebel-4-lifers so we're not all clamoring to field the new toys in our casual games (no mirror matches here, folks!)
  14. This. Descent 2E was my favorite game until my girlfriend had a falling out with it. A single campaign is all you need to play (and in the case of Imperial Assault, they also have the 1v1 skirmish mode for even more replayability) but if your gamer group ends up loving it, expect to want expansions in the future.
  15. JBouthietteJr

    Advanced and Imperial Huge Ships Anonymous

    Hi, I'm Joe, and would gladly take any improvements to the Advanced, as well as further upgrades for the Lambda.