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  1. So switching some points around to add some things to Luke (dropping a heavy weapon) leaves me about 10 points. What would you do with those? Any upgrades anywhere else?
  2. I've been collecting and painting for some time with just a game under my belt, but I just picked up Op Luke, looked at all my painted models and decided I'm going to dive in and play more. Besides the list below, I've got a T-47, another squad of Rebel Troopers, Fleet Troopers, Chewie, Han, Sabine, Jyn, and a squad of Pathfinders. I know this isn't probably a high level tourney list, but I'm looking for thoughts overall, what objectives and command cards that might be good for me to bring with the list to get me started. Thanks in advance. Jedi Luke and Leia 796/800 (9 activations) Commanders: - Leia Organa = 90 Operatives: - Luke Skywalker (200): Saber Throw (5) = 205 Corps: - Rebel Troopers (40): DLT-20A Trooper (26), Rebel Trooper (10) = 76 - 2× Rebel Troopers (40): Z-6 Trooper (22), Rebel Trooper (10) = 144 Special Forces: - Wookiee Warriors (75): Bowcaster Wookiee (35) = 110 - 2× Strike Team (20): DH-447 Sniper (28) = 96 Supports: - AT-RT (55): Rotary Blaster (20) = 75
  3. AlexW


    Is there something to the points balance as well that it becomes either an advantage to invest more heavily in the silencers (who are tougher) or balance it out to keep the points of each ship more even?
  4. Sure, but I'm just saying that Destiny had a relatively short run even though it may have been more popular than other games (like LOTR card game) because of that cost. I'm not sure which card games you are referring to, but the ones that I can think of were due to loss of license, new editions, or replaced (like Star Wars for Destiny). EDIT: And in general, it's probably good that they cancel games that aren't doing well so that other games can survive.
  5. Marvel Champions doesn't require dice to be manufactured, so it's a lot cheaper to produce.
  6. I'd put the optics on Kylo, personally, as I think it is such a good card on him.
  7. I guess I think of it as the nail in the coffin for hyperspace as there were still some people that preferred it. There was a lot of variety in the Top 8 at Worlds (and top 64), which is different than prior to the last points change, after which I don't think there were a lot of big extended tourneys.
  8. I think it was his playstyle? Like refusing to engage? Not sure, though.
  9. So, with the variety at Worlds, it seems like Hyperspace is in a bit of a bad place now, like extended-lite and too big to meet the goal of helping new players into the game.
  10. To be fair, the common theme in most competitive Jedi lists is an Anakin with regen. Yes, other pieces are good, but aren't as strong on their own. Regen has always been problematic on higher Init/PS maneuverable ships, and I still think that’s the central issue here.
  11. This simple answer is it probably is undercosted. Each charge acts as shield upgrade with an in-game cost and some restrictions on timing. Of course, that in-game cost is sometimes negligible and offset by the fact you get two charges in one upgrade. I’d guess Something like 1.25- 1.5x the cost of a single shield upgrade is the right spot for it. So, Agi 2 would pay around 9 and Agi 3 around 12.
  12. Which, imo, the game doesn’t need right now if you actually want things to be destroyed.
  13. He’s paying five points for -1 shield and converting a focus to hit. It’s a long way to go, when you can just take one hit to activate the same ability. I see what he is going for but I also think both fanatical and Optics is overkill on 2 die ship unless you have a lot of points to burn.
  14. Really? How were they running him? At 46 points with R2, I think he's a steal and should be in most republic lists (though not as the centerpiece).
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