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  1. To be fair, the common theme in most competitive Jedi lists is an Anakin with regen. Yes, other pieces are good, but aren't as strong on their own. Regen has always been problematic on higher Init/PS maneuverable ships, and I still think that’s the central issue here.
  2. This simple answer is it probably is undercosted. Each charge acts as shield upgrade with an in-game cost and some restrictions on timing. Of course, that in-game cost is sometimes negligible and offset by the fact you get two charges in one upgrade. I’d guess Something like 1.25- 1.5x the cost of a single shield upgrade is the right spot for it. So, Agi 2 would pay around 9 and Agi 3 around 12.
  3. Which, imo, the game doesn’t need right now if you actually want things to be destroyed.
  4. He’s paying five points for -1 shield and converting a focus to hit. It’s a long way to go, when you can just take one hit to activate the same ability. I see what he is going for but I also think both fanatical and Optics is overkill on 2 die ship unless you have a lot of points to burn.
  5. Really? How were they running him? At 46 points with R2, I think he's a steal and should be in most republic lists (though not as the centerpiece).
  6. I'd make the distinction that if republic is actually the "winner" it will be less because of their price cuts and more because of their new release. I mean, in the end, the most competitive republic pieces all took point increases (Anakin, 7B, and Regen droid), and those weren't exactly dominating the meta -- they were just key components to the Republic's top lists. CLT dropped (but there's a lot of confusion out there about whether it's enough) and some Jedi dropped, but it's a bit deceiving because most are actually more expensive with 7B. Other than that, named arcs and torrents dropped a bit (though again, I don't know if they'll be worth it). So, unless CLT is really game changing at it's current cost, I really don't know that Republic got "better"unless it's the thanks to new stuff or that everything else got relatively worse.
  7. I don’t like playing three arcs as I find that they get in each other's way easily, so I stick to two. (Note that you can now run a 5 ship list with Delta B Obi - 2 arcs, 2 gSPs). I usually use them to block and get in close. After they are damaged I try to run and then get rear shots by being unpredictable.
  8. If you just log onto Vassal, there are often people who are LFg, just let them know you are new.
  9. I ran/run it as well. There are some that recognize its value but I think that contingent is small, and mostly to people that have run it, I think -- that's all I was saying.
  10. I think sense is generally an underrated card.
  11. It's not just about the spectators, though. It's about the fact that there's nothing in the game that creates or forces either player to engage in the game itself or to change the game state except at the time limit. And, unfortunately, it's not an isolated incident. It's also likely that in some cases where it would be the "correct" play, players choose to avoid delay because it isn't interesting to them personally. I'd also think that the highest levels of the game should be about fierce competition within the game itself and require the thoughtful play throughout the game for the players (regardless of whether or not there are spectators), otherwise, we may as well change the time limit for some finals to 15 minutes for some games.
  12. Similar list went to Top 4 in Seattle.
  13. Yep, R2s not only provide a lot for a little they also shift the meta game in a tournament. I've been running R2 and Anakin with a shield upgrade, changing the threshold for scoring points, requiring an opponent to get six damage before they even score half points - never mind trying to take him off the board. If your local meta doesn't have a lot of fives or sixes, Ani doesn't give you much over Obi-wan, as Kenobi's ability is just stronger. At to the second statement, I'd ignore that and play what you think. I love meta-wing/List Fortress, but it doesn't really do much to help isolated metas individually It is a resource, not an answer.
  14. So, are there 1400 players in 30 Hyperspace trials or 1400 lists entered (and then a lot more players)? I'm trying to nail down what 300 players in the cut means in terms of percent of players that make the cut period. That should give a kind of baseline for what a player's chance is of making the cut generally (assuming everything else is equal --which I know it isn't), and that then would give you a number that is a break point for expected number of times any list should make the cut to be "average."
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