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  1. AlexW

    Lt. Tavson breaks the game

    It’s already limited by charges and there are two, so that makes it tough to presume exact intent here.
  2. AlexW

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    I mean it is a game with little plastic ships, but beyond that, I think that in situations like this, a case could be made that the big boy pants is not getting hung up on a technicality that has no effect on games that haven't been played yet.
  3. AlexW

    Lt. Tavson breaks the game

    I mean, it was actually worth noting a difference here, since extended is so much tougher to balance, and this illustrates a reason why. It's possible that a re-release later of baffle will have some clarification on it.
  4. AlexW

    Poe > Kylo

    Both are I1.
  5. AlexW

    Hyperspace Trials

    Hyperspace appears to be a store champ/regional hybrid
  6. AlexW

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Ummm... a lot of people have been saying that tighter bidding has significantly increased the need for a bid and the advantage of moving last. Now, I think there are additional reasons, but most critical analysis I’ve seen has said the opposite of “compressed PS/Initiative” has helped.
  7. AlexW

    Can Rey Spend 2 Force with her ability? - X-wing Quick Tips Ep. 14

    No, but the explanation is good if you want more detail.
  8. AlexW

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I personally think this is one of the big misses of the edition (at least so far) as they erred on conservative side for the iconically themed Star Wars mechanic in the game. Right now, force users are a significant investment on their own. On top of that their force talents are also (mostly) very expensive and require conditions and force points to be spent. So, most force pilots are too resource starved to make effective and consistent use of all they can do for the heavy investment in that one mechanic. What that means with respect to the talent slot on Vader is that I think it would be fine in most cases if they had access to both and/or had to pick one or the other.
  9. AlexW

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    If I were able to play in a system open, I'd be in #3. One thing that I like about Hyperspace is that it is just easier to wrap my head around, or at least provides a more focus for ship choices and upgrade cards.
  10. Sort of, you can select from those ships, sure but that's another thing I like about Hyperspace, it focuses my choices as it is.
  11. The first reason you got out of 40k is and will continue to be in X-wing. On the other hand, edition change has not made any ships unplayable and there's even a tournament format that allows them. In addition, your ships that aren't available in hyperspace currently will be again at some point and probably for a minimal cost investment (if that's not the case then FFG will definitely have gone back on their word to 1st edition players). It's totally split, just right down a sliver on the extreme edge.... Personally, I haven't touched an extended list in months now (since my first outing with 2nd ed). I still play in extended tourneys but I'm fine running hyperspace lists.
  12. AlexW

    Poe > Kylo

    With respect to the Silencer vs T70, I think that should clearly illustrate the difference in cost. The silencer is paying 10 points for a better dial, autothrusters and exchanging health for an agility (and a worse ratio of hulls to shields). Even if we agree that the health is a wash (I think we could argue it is a downgrade in an action starved game where crits are worse), I don’t think autothrusters and a better dial make up those 10 points, especially when the title makes up some ground on the basic action economy and a couple of points can get a mech that narrows the dial disparity significantly. In addition, the T70 pays just four points to get to I4 generic while the silencer pays 6! Then the Silencer pays 14 points to get its first named I5 while the t70 pays 9/10.
  13. AlexW

    Poe > Kylo

    Extra action abilities are strong and that helps for sure, but I would still argue that the chassis of the T70 and Awing are too cheap for what you get when compared to similar ships. FO doesn’t have as easy access to extta actions in abities (except Tavson) they get a lot of abilities that allow them to punch above their cost (Scorch, Midnight, QD, Longshot) which are also very strong abilities, and they have easy access to coordinate to give these ships double actions. The difference is that these ships aren’t on as maneuverable or resilient chassis.
  14. AlexW

    Error in Quick Builds?

    I can kind of see that confusion, but I think it’s to indicate that those still count as arcs for any rules that might apply (for example outmaneuver). The sentence before also says all ships have four standard arcs, but again that’s actually for rules clarity to indicate that even ships without V attacks still have arcs for rules that might discuss “arcs” in the more general sense and not specifically firing arcs. Honestly, I wonder if some of this is due to experience with the previous game rules. I’ve run into that occasionally myself in other instances.
  15. AlexW

    Poe > Kylo

    I'm playing both but admit the Resistance is just better. The T-70s are considerably underpriced relative to the field and have some of the best potential for action economy. I think that A-wings are also probably underpriced, too, for their time on target and both have very little cost for increase in PS on very good chassis (except Poe, but his ability is one of the best in the game). I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's why they wanted to wait on the price adjustment.