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  1. I want play The Witcher Adventure Game on PC
  2. I love Pc version Elder sign and want play this game on pc! I Am absolutely sure what i want buy it in Steam !
  3. Ok/ Next/ . Moving Damage- How it works? I move damage from damaged unit to another? Or i can move damage before they apply like redirect?
  4. Thx. My new Q,i cant find answer. Twin-Tailed Comet 1 ) can i use this card for copy tactics that have to targets? like Innovation 2 ) can i choose another targets?
  5. Sword masters of hoeth has " Cancel all combat damage" this mean many attakers does not deal damage my battlefield zone because they need firstly kill( but cant ) sword masters?
  6. Good =) And my next Q: Can i play " Take Captive" ( Action: Take control of target attacking unit until the end of the turn. Move it to the attacked zone, declared as a defender) if my opp declare only one attackers?
  7. About " word of pain" ( http://deckbox.org/whi/Word%20of%20Pain ) Can i block and deal combat damage if my unit have this attachment?
  8. Can i use boar attack (http://deckbox.org/whi/Boar%20Attack )on myself? I have temple of vault ( http://deckbox.org/whi/Temple%20of%20Vaul )in my quest zone,but this card deal 2 damage to my catipal. Can i use boar attack for sacrifice my temple of vault?
  9. Mallumo said: Yes. When a player is dealt indirect damage, he can distribute that damage however he likes among his units, capital zones, and his legend. He just can't assign any of the damage to an already burning zone, and he can't assign more damage to a zone than it takes to burn it, or more to a unit/legend than it takes to destroy it. Thanks.
  10. For example: lord of hoeth ( rules-forsed: after this unit entres play.each players takes 2 indirect damage Q: Can i divide this 2 damage between 2 units/zones?
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