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  1. Early on someone posted the exact decipher rules on FFG, I can't find the old post but it would be great if it popped up again if anyone can find it. After reading it and being an old player from the CCG days I think it is a much better system. One: All the above post and more.
  2. Zizzlebit said: I went undefeated at Calgary's Regionals with these two decks. Dark Side2x Imperial Command (26)2x Kuat Reinforcements (27)1x Death and Despayre (29) 2x Defense Protocol (30) 1x Reconnaissance Mission (36) 2x Deploy the Fleet (46) Light Side 2x A Hero's Journey (1) 2x In You Must Go (2) 2x The Secret of Yavin 4 (5) 2x Questionable Contacts (15) 2x A Message From Beyond (37) Hey mate, Congrats on the win. How many players rounds, top cut? What decks did you have to play against?
  3. Looking for Players in the Brisbane,Sunshine and Gold Coast Areas!!!
  4. Good Games Blackburn said: This Saturday we will be hosting our Star Wars LCG Regional Championships, full details can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/events/343704969084852/ Awesome, Hope to see a good tournament report come from this, will be interesting to see the metagame in another location of Australia.
  5. cephalgia said: My DS deck has never lost to Smuggler's Den. Unfortuately, if Rebels see all the right cards and play SUPER aggressive, the DS has a hard time. What objectives are you running in this DS deck?
  6. dmeboy, Hey mate didn't get a chance to jump on this tourny. I'm still watching it with great interest though. Are you able to post the round one results (as a whole) if its not too time consuming? Thanks Roman
  7. Really looking forward to seeing the feedback of the tourny, the top 4 places and there decks!
  8. For those interested here is the link to a Guild for SW being played in Brisbane, Australia Guild contains calendar of events and threads. http://boardgamegeek.com/guild/1538
  9. Have a look at the FFG tutorial and see what you think.
  10. Hey mate, I just sent Nex the details of our regular meet ups as he has been speaking to me in PMs. Do you 2 guys have accounts on Boardgamegeek? If not you should sign up and then I can send you the link to our guild which has a calendar of all the events. In general I have made contact with around 14 Star Wars players in Brisbane, we just all need to be consistant for a month or so, so everyone commits and hangs around so we can have a possible league and tournaments.
  11. Ny and Nex keep an eye on your inbox, I am talking with my mates to try to arrange a meet up with you for a few games and to meet each other.
  12. Nyvosus said: Looking for players in brisbane to meet up and have a game, i am northside of the river but am open to anyone playing in brisbane. Hey Mate, Where are you playing at the moment? How many players do you have? I have a group of 4 players that play together, 3 of us live on the Northside.
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