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  1. bsmith23

    Dice app

    Where should we report it?
  2. bsmith23

    Dice app

    Is it just me or are the Force pips reversed when showing results?
  3. Last week's episode of Resistance had a Bothan merchant. Or did it? With all of the speculation about their future in the game... The Wookieepedia entry says "unidentified alien stall vendor", and that he "resembles the Legends description of a Bothan ".
  4. bsmith23

    Kessel Run time!

    Picking back up on this, I found this on the interwebz... (copied from my Facebook post from earlier.) I found d6 stats. How would they translate to you? Size Capital Dex 3D Perception 1D Strength 5D Tentacles STR+2D Electric discharge 4D ion Move 5
  5. Every time I read too fast I see Unicron warhorse...
  6. OK I think we get it now. Thanks
  7. So would ToA be the only invocation they can get?
  8. Were thinking shuji should be invocations
  9. has Invocation tempest of air at character creation, but invocations are not listed as techniques available. What's up?
  10. bsmith23

    XP idea.

    Thank you, that was the kind of number crunching I need. I will adjust.
  11. NEVER ENOUGH DICE!!! Seriously, thought, I have 5: 1BB set, 2 boosters, 2 betas, and might get a 3rd booster with a gift certificate. We have run with 3-8 players.
  12. For xp, i am toying with giving out 3xp per session (we tend to play 4-6 hours). I will supplement that with 1 xp if your ninjo and/or giri comes up. We also give out 'style points', where party members can award another player for something outstanding they were involved in for the session (1xp per player). Thoughts?
  13. bsmith23

    Errata is up!

    Is the Chapter 6 entry for pages 241, 257, 263, 273, intrigue/scheme correct?
  14. bsmith23

    It's here! The PDF!

    Would love to have errata before we Session 0 character gen this weekend.
  15. My plan this week is to redo the pregens with the core rules. Has anyone else looked into this yet?