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  1. So once the area is secured I guess I need to reset the Phantom somehow. Nothing to blast anymore. ..
  2. Ral gets the Phantom into the air and brings it down towards the shore. Bringing it into position, he flips the speakers. "By order of the Empire, you are instructed to stand down! Drop your weapons and surrender! Anyone fleeing will be shot!" "Allright boys, let's wrap this up."
  3. Gunnery: 3eP+1eD+1eC 1 success, 2 advantage Can I use the advantages to activate the Fire Support talent (After a successful vehicle combat check, next ally adds Boost to check)? I know it's more of an intimidation thing, but with Gunnery...
  4. Allright, I'll signal my intent to the group and bring her down in an attempt to 'convince' the naughties to stand down.
  5. Do I need to bring the Phantom down, police chopper style, for support?
  6. Cool. Ill pocket that for analysis later. Then I'll see about resetting her for flight. Maybe just move the 2nd seat forward into pilot position. Could be a modular design built in. Unless you have more grandiose plans for why I can't get her flight-ready😄
  7. Somar flips his comm open to the rest of the team. "This is TI-4433. I have a package being delivered to your location. Someone be a dear and hold the contents for me." "Now, let's see what that sleemo did to you, my pretty. And I'd better not find any of those frakkin' ID9s..."
  8. Vigilance: 1eA+1eP+3eD 0 successes, 1 advantage I'm posting a reaction IC.
  9. I'll check on the Phantom if my cohort wants to help out elsewhere...
  10. Somar finally reaches the landing pad. Taking stock of the situation, he sees through the transparisteel cockpit an Omwati fiddling with the controls of the Phantom. "Oh, no you don't." he states. Somar pulls a security fob from the pouch on his belt and punches in a code. There is a slight delay, as if the computer is verifying what is being asked of it. Ral confirms the command and pushes the button. "Yep. Let's see how well this birdie flies without a ship..."
  11. Ejection it is! (hopefully) Get off my plane!: 2eA+1eP+1eD+2eC 0 successes Ok, using Second Chance on Yellow, this just HAS to be cool... Second Chance talent: 1eP 1 success, 1 advantage Ha ha! 1 net success. Off to IC.
  12. Perhaps a Desti y flip could give me some sort of "security protocol" I could activate (biofeedback shock, ejection seat😝)
  13. Great, I want to move in in a way so I can gain some sort of advantage on finding who/what ever is going on.
  14. "FRAK!! Someone's screwing with the Phantom! I'm gonna check it out. Can I get some backup?!" Somar doesn't wait for an answer, however, and dashes off towards the landing pad.
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