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  1. Thinking about adding some more encounters to the scenario... ● An aiwah chase to a waiting Separatist sub (one of those octopus thingys?) ● Disarm a bomb in the Clone vat lab ● The Clone youths' training computers are sending signals to brainwash the trainees ● Asajj Ventriss? Any other ideas?
  2. Ok, I have a thread on Facebook ay Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games RPG. Gallin Karkakadon Diplomat Senator/Agitator Kudri Dathomirian Technician Outlaw Tech/Scavenger Krintu Twilek Knight Lam Human Padawan Photos of Gallan and Kudri so far.
  3. The scans have the names at least. Hopefully we can at least find out who is who. CC2357 RED, Clone Commander obviously. CT4547 HAWK, Clone Trooper Tas Gallin Zinn Kudri Hallan Krintu Yigan Lam Someone on Reddit said 2 clones, a Jedi Knight, Jedi Padawan, a Senator, and an Aid (tech based, maybe Diplomat Analyst?).
  4. Cool. I'll have to follow this and try running it at my local con in October.
  5. Went to make a character, but did not see Force Adherent. Are the Universal books not in there?
  6. Ah, missed that. Sorry, and thanks.
  7. One shot scenario. Wookiee pc heading home to participate in a hunt ceremony to track down a terentatek. I know the buggers are super tough, so even 'counting coup' can rack up some honor. Im also including an old CW droid transport that accidentally gets reactivated to threaten a village. What I need is to fill out the jungle. I know theres a few stats out there, but ot many. So what published critters would you reskin for kashyyyk ones?
  8. Loving this conversion. Is there a character sheet out there anyone has created?
  9. So I finally get to play with the generator, will definitely use it more often now. I don't see stuff for the new Jedi, clone, universal specs, or do I need an update?
  10. It was also mostly seen with the most powerful characters (Luke, Leia, Vader...)
  11. I was thinking perhaps a loose interpretation of the Battle Meditation power.
  12. Was going to today, game got cancelled😭
  13. ...and I just realized it's in Collapse of the Republic
  14. Resurrecting a topic. This week i might only have 2 players, a wookiee and a human hired gun, neither Force Sensitive. My idea is to have wookiee go on a hunt in the forest for one as a traditional ceremony. The more success againt one, the more honor. Also might have an old clone wars MTT with battle droids accidentally come back online and attack a village.
  15. Thinking of adding this in a scenario, has anyone done anything similar? Just narratively, or maybe use Mass Combat rules...
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