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  1. Miniature market list Estimated Release Date: October - December 2017...
  2. So that would cover physical flaws also?
  3. What step would creating a character with a flaw/disadvantage such as blind go under? Step 1 background? Joe was hit by a car and lost his sight? Will backgrounds have any mechanical effects or will it just be flavor. Blind fury (Nick Parker) could fight close range using his other senses, but would have a much harder time at range combat. So what step would having a blind character fall under?
  4. Yes got things from them twice, might be later than getting them from fantasy, but you save a few bucks...
  5. Can pre-order both at minaturemarket for a few bucks more of the price of pre-ordering the book from fantasy. Would share link but not sure if against the rules?
  6. That sounds cool The more I learn about Genesys the more I love it
  7. That would be a direction to go, I do hope they cover it, in the main corebook or at least a later source book?
  8. yeah that is what I figure, but no harm in asking. Still may get the corebook if a chance of future source book covering it, that would be cool.
  9. Well I am hoping for something more along the lines of something mechanical in nature...Less Wound and Strain threshold less starting experience points, maybe a kid talent tree. Sure I could do it myself but why buy another book if they do not do it for me, I could just use one the star wars I invested in and make it up myself...
  10. Will Genesys allow for kid characters/archetypes so can use it to run Grimm, Stranger Things, Goonies or having a plucky kid in other campaigns?
  11. Zorm


    Hoping to have options to run Grim with the new Genesys roleplaying game system, as long as they add options for kid archetypes/characters.
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