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  1. Japara81

    Pit Trap

    I personally think that having to search in Cardgamedb for rules is blatantly idiotic. EVEN IF that site is managed and owned by FFG, an "official errata" document should be available on the main site of FFG. Plus this game has an incredible amount of badly written cards and/or interpretation corners which I was not expecting, as if the rules team and the developers team didn't speak to one another.
  2. Japara81

    Akodo Toturi / Doji Hotaru on defence

    That's not a question to make them better, it's just that it is a pretty confused wording and unintuitive outcome. I know that this may change in the future and it is slightly different from the actual effect but the words "If this character wins a conflict while attacking blah blah blah" would have made this whole thing a lot simpler.
  3. Japara81

    Akodo Toturi / Doji Hotaru on defence

    Thanks for the feedback, although I think this sucks as it's really counterintuitive and I'm pretty sure that this is not how they were intended to work. I hope I'm right waiting for an official errata.
  4. Hello everybody, As this question is popping up a lot during gameplay and events can we please have an official reply from FFG on how these champions work on defence? On attack they're supposed to allow twice the ring effect, but when it comes to defence as per RAW the attacker has the choice on how to resolve the claim effect of the ring itself. Is this how these champion are supposed to work? (basically only as doublers in attack and useless on defence?) Is there going to be an official errata if their ability was supposed to be different? Thanks.