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  1. That's how I also do it currently. But it feels like the two psykers in my warband get better way to fast. Maybe I should just hand out less XP. That's of course a nice in-game explanation for the hand-waving. So, thanks for your replies, guys. I am still wondering if there is something concrete about this in some of the official publications?
  2. My players did just that. Strenwell helped them throughout Dark Pursuits. Afterwards they gave him money to establish a new mercenary band at the Void Port. Since then, my warband went into the habit of recruiting the toughest survivors into this mercenary band and use them as redshirts. Some of them are now dear to my PCs and I sometimes use them for subplots and nice role-playing opportunities.
  3. I was wondering from a fluff-perspective how sanctioned psykers learn new powers. Do these powers just manifest suddenly and from that point on are part of their repertoire? Do the psykers learn them from ancient tomes like Wizards in fantasy settings? Or do they have to seek out a mentor at the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to train with them? How long does it take to learn a new power? Is there anything on that in any of the official books?
  4. I think the point of the whole replacement character system also is that the acolytes do not have to fight all the battles themselves. Maybe they could request some inquisitorial storm troopers or well equipped arbites and use them as replacement characters?
  5. True, my warband (and I) did not even see this possibility. Very nice!
  6. When I GMed this one I tried to make the whole fight into a running battle. Like the acolytes encounter the daemonhost while feasting on a transport caravan. The acolytes would get some attacks with the daemonhost basically ignoring them for the maggots they are . Then the monster would just break through a wall or vanish in some other way. Still following the daemonhost (using a psyker, an auspex or just the unnatural things like water dripping upwards the daemon leaves in its wake) they would then encounter the heretek with its entourage, who would make some of his servitors stall the acolytes. After the acolytes had overcome the servitors they would later encounter the heretek while trying to bind the daemonhost and enter the battle. Btw: Some kinds of grenades and sniping rifles proved to be very useful and of course tactics! Use cover, use distractions, use the environment against the daemonhost.
  7. As I have written above (some time ago) compare the vehicle repair rules in the DH2 core rule book. They also define what you call "complimentary skill" (although they use some other term, that I don't remember at the moment) that if you have it lowers the difficulty.
  8. Ah, I thought that there was something on that in the Core Rule Book but did not find it. Thanks!
  9. I would go with Primitive in almost all cases, yes. Maybe some exceptions for wielding an arc welder or something like that? edit: Although the correct Talent in DH2 is called Weapon Training (Low-Tech) not Weapon Training (Primitive).
  10. Seeker alone is just a role not a job description. I think the seeker role is equally well suited to represent someone hunting for artifacts not just a bounty hunter. The character system of DH2 is very flexible in this respect. In the end the only thing that a tech-priesty character definitely should have is the Adeptus Mechanicus background apart from that almost every combination of background and role is conceivable for some kind of tech-priest, I would say.
  11. I guess something like home world Forge World (DH2 p. 34) + background Adeptus Mechanicus (DH2 p. 52) + role Chirurgeon (DH2 p. 64, for a Magos Biologis), Hierophant (DH2 p. 68), Seeker (DH2 p. 74, for an Explorator), or Sage (DH2 p. 72) should work fine for a Tech-Priest.
  12. Well, there are definitely huge overlaps between these skills. I would rule it in a similar way like described for vehicle repairs in the DH2 Core Rule book. There you can use different skills for the same task but with different levels of Difficulty and in addition you have to have some "basic skill set" to be allowed to do a task but if you have additional skills again the level of Difficulty will be lower. I think you could also use this approach for your example of Logic vs. Scholastic Lore (Ciphers). Let's look at a concrete example: If a character only has the Logic skill it will be possible for him/her to decipher an encrypted message but maybe not so easy, say -20 on the Logic test. If the same character only has Scholastic Lore (Ciphers) it will be much easier, say +0 on the skill test. Then again if the same character has both skills he/she may choose which one to use and gets +10 or so. I hope this makes sense. In addition you could also modify the time needed for a task depending on which skills and how many appropriate a character has. This is of course not RaW (but the rules on such things are pretty vague). Still, I think when you use the repair rules from the vehicle section as a template you can easily adapt them to fit other use cases as well.
  13. Wow. This Thread is so cool. I cannot see how I could have missed it for so long. A pity, I didn't find it before GMing Desolation of the Dead ...
  14. There are still some "Omnisiah" where it should read "Omnissiah" ...
  15. Just noticed a typo (unless its a pun I don't get) on your Litany Generator: "Without the Pmnisiah, there is nothing,… And we would have no purpose."
  16. Sounds interesting. What exactly to you mean by "Adjustments equal to the initial invocation of Warp perception, updated as relevant"?
  17. I think that by RAW this action is just not possible because the shotgun is not a pistol type. That said, I would always reward badassery and also allow it.
  18. I don't know about rules or official fluff about that. In my campaign all acolytes wear featureless silver rings that have the inquisitorial =I= worked in the inside and additionally incorporate some kind of small machine spirit that can be checked with a special device that some of the more important servants of the Imperium posses (again only in my campaign). But I would also be interested in how other GMs handle this and if there are some official statements about that.
  19. Dear fellow GMs. Maybe a strange question, but do you think that it is possible for a psyker to establish a telepathic link (DH2, page 214) to a person that he/she is currently puppet mastering (DH2, page 214), or is there some reason why this should not be possible?
  20. On a side note: I'm not sure if the maximum Agility of an armor should also affect the roll for the psychic power Foreboding (DH2 203). Even with a sixth sense it is still harder to move in an encumbering armor ...
  21. I am not aware of an official ruling but since the caps are rather high in my opinion it should be the maximal value including bonuses. For example if your character has Ag 50 and Dodge +20 (rather extreme I know) and is wearing armor with maximum Agility 40, she/he should dodge against 40 rather than 60.
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