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    Shanturin reacted to GroggyGolem in Tantive IV info   
    So I'm staring at C-3PO reading the text...
    "Once per round, before you roll 1 or more defense dice, you may guess aloud a number of (evade) results."
    wait a second...
    I see what you did there, FFG. 
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    Shanturin reacted to yoink101 in PSA: ordnance v ordinance   
    I've seen this come up a few times and it bothers me. I'm a little bit of a grammar nazi, and I apologize. So, here it goes:
    mounted guns; artillery.
    synonyms: guns, cannon, artillery, weapons, arms, ammunition; More
    military weapons, ammunition, and equipment used in connection with them.
    a branch of the armed forces dealing with the supply and storage of weapons, ammunition, and related equipment.
    a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority.
    "a city ordinance banned smoking in nearly all types of restaurants"
    an authoritative order; a decree.
    synonyms: edict, decree, law, injunction, fiat, command, order, rule, ruling, dictum, dictate, directive, mandate More
    a prescribed religious rite.
    "Talmudic ordinances"
    synonyms: rite, ritual, ceremony, sacrament, observance, service More
    Just remember, that TIE bomber has a lot of ordnance that might explode. The politician passes the ordinance that allows the TIE bomber to carry the ordnance.
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    Shanturin reacted to KCDodger in Naked Jan   
    Well I've never tried that, but I have thought about it a lot.

    Naked Jan, that is.
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Joker Two in I am an EU slacker   
    There's more to that!
    Anyway, when you dive into the EU, you learn so many fun facts that various authors added to the universe...
    Yub, yub, Commander
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Revanchist in z-95s vs tie fighters   
    I doubt that Rebels will get howl/jonus-like pilot. All of Alliance's support abilities (Garven, Dutch, Lando, Roak, Kyle & Jan) were focused on a single ship, and with Jonus and Howl already in the game I don't see any offensive mass ability to be shown by either of Z's. Mass Target Locks? Quite overpowered. Mass Focus? Nah, there are already guys that play with focus, and both on a smaller scale. Mass.. idk, free launch for missiles/torpeadoes? Possible, but still rather too powerful than powerless.
    That said, I belive there will be a viable way to play 4 Bandits with Missiles. It's 68 points with Assaults/Homings, so there's enough left to field:
    Kyle Katarn (Detemination, Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist, Moldy Crow)
    Garven Dreis (R2-D2, Flechette Torpedoes)
    Dutch Vander (Ion Cannon, 4 points of upgrades of choice - torpedoes, astromech, mod; maybe R5 and Hull upgrade)
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Khyros in Z-95 Headhunter Configuration   
    Actually, I belive this list to be terrible The Hull Upgrade on Bandits is just a waste. I belive it comes from the fear of proton bombs, but seriously, Direct Hits are only 7 in 33 cards It's better to use Prototype Pilots for their annoyance in the late game, creating something like that:
      Garven Dreis (26)   "Dutch" Vander (30) Y-Wing (23), R5-K6 (2), Ion Cannon Turret (5)   Prototype Pilot (22) A-Wing (17), Homing Missiles (5)   Prototype Pilot (22) A-Wing (17), Homing Missiles (5)     EDIT: Second time today, ninja'd by Khyros
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    Shanturin got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in Can you spend a target lock if you don't roll any attck dice?   
    I guess I'm getting a bit confused, since english is not my native language I somehow understood thay you belive that Blinded Dutch cannot spend his TL - which of course he can.

    Obviously, if you have no available targets to shoot at, you're not able to spend anything
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    Shanturin got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in Can you spend a target lock if you don't roll any attck dice?   
    But how does it cripple your ability to spend Target Lock? You can spend it to reroll no dice. When Blinded, you don't roll any dice. However, you can still spend TL not to reroll those non-existing dice, thus activating R5-K6 and possibly Dutch.
    Edit: Ninja'd. I mean just what Khyros says
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    Shanturin reacted to Forensicus in We all know THAT feeling, right?   
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Engine25 in Can you spend a target lock if you don't roll any attck dice?   
    I guess I'm getting a bit confused, since english is not my native language I somehow understood thay you belive that Blinded Dutch cannot spend his TL - which of course he can.

    Obviously, if you have no available targets to shoot at, you're not able to spend anything
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    Shanturin reacted to Rakky Wistol in Wingman   
    I'm going to guess it's not this awesome or stackable.  This would be obvious power creep and FFG has been really good about that not happening.  I'm also guessing that if it did do this it would cost a lot.
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Rakky Wistol in Wingman   
    Wait, what? HWK-290 is an awesome ship, Jan especially - combine her with Garven and PTL/HLC Ibtisam and you'll see what I'm talking about
    However, back to the Wingman - I also think that +1 Defense for Stress would be grat trade Guess that would be extremely popular on Black Squadron Pilots and a possible new role to the Green Squadron Pilots, and I'd like to see more of my beloved A-wings
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    Shanturin reacted to Audio Weasel in Wave 4, anyone?   
    Bringing up Irisi in the company of proper Rogues is  BLASPHEMY!
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    Shanturin reacted to Audio Weasel in My thoughts on the Wave 4 ships.   
    That's totally for Dutch
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    Shanturin reacted to SableGryphon in Flight School - Lambda 101   
    Welcome to Flight School. I know you are furious that you were promoted from prestigious fighter pilot to shuttle pilot. The shuttle is an extremely difficult craft to fly well and it is easy to make a game ending mistake. Here, I want to talk about Engine Upgrade, what it means for your Lambda and how to avoid common initial mistakes.
    First, though, I need to speak on firepower. The Lambda's main weapon is on par with the strongest primary weapons in the game. 3 dice attack is quite potent, the same as the much lauded X-Wing, Named Falcon, and the Firespray. It's a potent main weapon. The shuttle enhances this by being the only craft that can currently possess both a crew slot and a systems slot. My recommendation here is always Fire Control System and Gunner. But why?
    Fire Control System gives a ship a wonderful ability. After any attack, you may gain a target lock on your target. Sadly, this is after an attack. Still, free target locks are great and makes the use of your action to boost less painful. Still, this upgrade doesn't help you unless you can target the same victim twice, right?
    Gunner is another great upgrade. If you miss an attack (All rolled Hits and Crits are avoided by Evade dice or tokens), you may immediately make a PRIMARY weapon attack. It doesn't have to be on the same target.
    Together, these two upgrades create an incredibly powerful combination. This is because, when you have multiple effects that activate following an attack, you get to choose which order they are resolved. This results in the following order of operations.
    1) Declare Target
    2) Initiate Attack 1
    3) Resolve Attack 1
    4) Gain Target Lock from FCS
    5) If Attack 1 missed, Initiate Attack 2
    6) Use Target Lock gained in Attack 1
    7) Resolve Attack 2
    8) Gain Target Lock again
    Against high evade targets, you become far more likely to hit and it insulates you from a single bad roll or excellent defense roll. But the shuttle has a notoriously bad dial. Now we have to orient these heavy guns. Well first you need to understand your craft, it's propulsion capabilities, and most importantly you must stop trying to fly this like a fighter craft.
    A note on naming convention. From here on, this craft will affectionately be known by <synonym for white> <space term> <large herbivore>.
    Most people think the albino stellar cow is a slow craft. However, with enhanced propulsion, what they mean is that it doesn't turn well. Take, for example, the A-Wing. Often lauded as one of the fastest craft in production, we shall assume both are burning full out, moving their maximum distance followed by a boost. How much further ahead does the A-Wing get?

    As you can see, they are dead even at the end. This is because of the large base of the alabaster void bison. The boost means that you add the distance of your base twice to the total distance moved. Here, our lovely ship moved 3 forward plus 1 forward plus 2 for the base plus another 2 for the base for a total of 8. The A-Wing moves 5 forward, plus 1 for boost, plus 1 for it's base twice for 2. A total of 8. That's right, our snowy stellar reindeer can keep pace with some of the fastest craft yet devised. Indeed, this is fast enough to move outside the firing range of a craft behind you.
    Unfortunately, this ghostly star oryx simply does not have the turning radius to out turn such a craft. As we can see here, the diameter of a turn of 1 bank plus 1 bank boost is significant:

    You will not be able to out-turn most craft. But not that, while you can't perform a Koiogran turn in this craft, the degrees of turn are on par with most craft using this method. You cover an incredible amount of distance with this ship moves.
    Unfortunately, this leads to one of the single biggest piloting mistakes. During the initial approach to engagement, one should never, ever be in the center of the formation. Why you ask? The center seems perfect. It gives you options whether to go left or right. It puts you in the center of the region and able to control it. Or does it?
    Here's the problem. The turning radius is so sharp and the engagement area is so small, once you commit to a turn either direction, you must complete that turn. This makes you extremely predictable.
    If you refer back to our A-Wing race, you can see that the shuttle's speed is such that it spans half of the distance between forces in a single turn. This shall be used as the reference point for the rest of this lesson.
    Let us assume you raced forward only to find that your opponents have veered off to one side. Your fighter instincts kick in and you decide to use this to your advantage. After all, it seems you are in a perfect position to flank them. So you continue full out for another round. Now you just need to turn to face the delicious hindquarters of your prey. Taking the lessons you learned about the turning you learned early, you bank one and boost and...

    Oh, Vader is not going to be pleased about that. The only way to avoid it is to turn as hard as possible with a 2 bank, but that puts you still close to the edge and now stressed and facing ships that may well have lured you into a trap. You don't want this to happen to you.
    But that's not the only danger. You began this fight by boosting into the center from the middle. This means that you quickly must choose to turn. But as we saw, the standard turn, while fast, is huge. And our prey may double back on it. If so, it leaves you with a single way to handle this turn. Sheep help you if there are asteroids, debris or mines waiting for you.

    Once you commit to this path, you have zero capability of doing anything else. You are committed. And your opponent will know this. You will get maybe one shot before you have to maneuver and you are out of the fight for far too long trying to recover even if you don't find rebels clawing at your tail fins. Not only that, but the necessity for tight, stressful turns means that you cannot use the incredible speed of the craft to escape
    I'm here to tell you, from the very first turn, you made a serious mistake which will hamper your maneuverability for the entire engagement. But there is a better way.

    Start by hugging the very edge of the engagement zone. This gives you the maximum amount of room to maneuver. Ah, but you dispute this. After all, you can only turn a single direction instead of two. True, but you can make that turn at any time. Ideally, if the opposing force is across from you, you can move very slowly while the rest of your force arcs in to meet them. However, they may believe that you are incapable of rapid engagement and setup in the middle or far from you. In which case, we begin by moving 3 forward followed by an inward boost.

    After a single turn, you are almost able to shoot at their starting area. Your deadly arc searches. But, if they were cowardly, you do not yet have a shot. Continue full throttle and move 3 followed by a boost if appropriate. You have now moved from your corner to the middle of the field deep in their territory facing to the side. They will almost certainly be in firing arc and range.

    Further, you should likely find yourself behind them now. As your other forces engage the enemy, your extremely powerful white space cow is in a perfect position to begin civilizing the savages. You have taken a much derided craft and outmaneuvered them. From this position you can turn in any way necessary to continue fire. There are other considerations, such as obstacles and maneuvering, but those will come in future lessons. Here is the basis, the foundation, of many of the more advanced tactics. Study this. Fly it a couple times. Understand this and you will be one step closer to being a truly potent pilot for one of the finest ships in the Imperial fleet.
    What do you think? Was this helpful? Was there something I could have clarified better? Do you want to see more of this?
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    Shanturin reacted to Millennium Falsehood in How to have fun at a tournament when you are losing every game?   
    To expand on that, take your Oreos and make TIE Fighters out of them, then use them as proxies in informal games. Insist on eating them whenever they are destroyed.
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    Shanturin reacted to jedi moose in My Moby **** story   
    I find it hilarious that the Thread topic got auto edited to Moby ****
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    Shanturin got a reaction from phild0 in Music While Playing X-Wing   
    10 hours of Cantina Band Theme
    No, seriously, we did that once. Kind of funny, when there were eight of us, playing for like six hours.
    Yeah, but usually is some kind of SW sountrack or simply any other music I'd like to hear at the moment
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    Shanturin got a reaction from UnfairBanana in Music While Playing X-Wing   
    10 hours of Cantina Band Theme
    No, seriously, we did that once. Kind of funny, when there were eight of us, playing for like six hours.
    Yeah, but usually is some kind of SW sountrack or simply any other music I'd like to hear at the moment
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    Shanturin got a reaction from Viceroy Bolda in New Custom Pilot & Crew Cards   
    Well, I recently made my own version of Corran's card, though it looks like I took a slightly diffrent approach:

    I decided to not give him a simple offensive ability, but rather to encourage and reward an offensive playstyle. I was partially inspired by a custom Whistler card taht someone recently showed on these forums. 
    Also, I made up a title to further individualize Horn on the board: 

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