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    Shanturin reacted to Forgottenlore in using range rulers to place asteroids in a specific spot   
    Not in any war game I've ever played or seen played. About 10 years of 40k.
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    Shanturin reacted to Aminar in Phantom   
    Echo-Easily the coolest thing in this game ever!
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    Shanturin reacted to Sithborg in Wil Wheaton   
    Sure, they screwed up a few rules. But they had fun. And even more importantly, they made the game look fun. They don't always get the rules 100% on the games they show, but Tabletop is an impressive way to reach new players.
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    Shanturin reacted to Dagonet in New spoilers from the Rebel Transport expansion (my copy arrived!)   
    Oh, and just because someone has to...
    The first transport is away!
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    Shanturin reacted to GlobeTrotting in New spoilers from the Rebel Transport expansion (my copy arrived!)   
    Hey everyone - my copy of the Rebel Transport expansion has arrived from Barnes and Noble! Am at work so don't have time to do a spoiler of absolutely everything (e.g., the new damage cards) but here are the new upgrade cards that have not yet been spoiled by FFG
    R4-D6 (Unique)
    Cost: 1
    Type: Astromech
    When you are hit by an attack and there are at least 3 uncanceled [Regular Hit] results, you may choose and cancel those results until there are 2 remaining. For each result canceled in this way, receive 1 stress token.
    R5-P9 (Unique)
    Cost: 3
    Type: Astromech
    At the end of the Combat phase, you may spend 1 of your focus tokens to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
    WED-15 Repair Droid
    Cost: 2
    Type: Crew
    Huge Ship only
    Action: Spend 1 energy to discard 1 of your facedown Damage cards, or spend 3 energy to discard 1 of your faceup Damage cards.
    Carlist Rieekan (Unique)
    Cost: 3
    Type: Crew
    Huge Ship only; Rebel only
    At the start of the Activation phase, you may discard this card to treat each friendly ship's pilot skill value as "12" until the end of the phase.
    Jan Dodonna
    Cost: 6
    Type: Crew
    Huge ship only; Rebel only
    When another friendly ship at Range 1 is attacking, it may change 1 of its [Regular Hit] results to a [Critical Hit].
    Expanded Cargo Hold
    Cost: 1
    Type: Cargo
    GR-75 only
    Once per round, when you would be dealt a faceup Damage card, you may draw that card from either the fore or aft Damage deck.
    Backup Shield Generator
    Cost: 3
    Type: Cargo
    At the end of each round, you may spend 1 energy to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
    Engine Booster
    Cost: 3
    Type: Cargo
    Immediately before you reveal your maneuver dial, you may spend 1 energy to execute a white [1 Forward] maneuver. You cannot use this ability if you would overlap another ship.
    EM Emitter
    Cost: 3
    Type: Cargo
    When you obstruct an attack, the defender rolls 3 additional defense dice (instead of 1).
    Shield Projector
    Cost: 4
    Type: Cargo
    When an enemy ship becomes the active ship during the Combat phase, you may spend 3 energy to force that ship to attack you, if possible, until the end of the phase.
    Quantum Storm (Unique)
    Cost: 4
    Type: Title
    Energy: +1
    GR-75 only
    At the start of the End phase, if you have 1 or fewer energy tokens, gain 1 energy token.
    Dutyfree (Unique)
    Cost: 2
    Type: Title
    Energy: +0 (not a typo)
    GR-75 only
    When performing a jam action, you may choose an enemy ship at range 1-3 (instead of at Range 1-2).
    Combat Retrofit
    Cost: 10
    Type: Modification
    GR75 only; Huge Ship only
    Increase your hull value by 2 and your shield value by 1.
    Tibanna Gas Supplies
    Cost: 4
    Type: Cargo
    Energy: You may discard this card to gain 3 energy.
    Frequency Jammer
    Cost: 4
    Type: Cargo
    When you perform a jam action, choose 1 enemy ship that does not have a stress token and is not at Range 1 of the jammed ship. The chosen ship receives 1 stress token.
    Damage Decks - revealed!
    Fore (10 cards; all are Ship type damage)
    Hull Breach x2
    Place 1 of your Upgrade cards under this card. You cannot use that Upgrade card while this card is faceup. Energy: Spend 2 energy to flip this card facedown.
    Broadcast Malfunction
    You cannot perform the jam action. Action: Roll 1 attack die. On a [Regular Hit] result, flip this card facedown.
    Secondary Drive Failure
    You must spend 1 energy to perform any action.
    Damaged Stabilizers x2
    When you execute a bank maneuver, suffer 1 damage. If you draw a Damage card, draw it from the Fore Damage deck. Action: Roll 1 attack die. On a [Regular Hit] result, flip this card facedown.
    Direct Hit x4
    This card counts as 2 damage against your hull.
    Aft (10 cards; all are Ship type damage)
    Command Pod Casualties x2
    Assign 1 stress token to 1 friendly small  or large ship. Then your opponent may assign 1 stress token to 1 of your small or large ships. Then flip this card facedown.
    Reactor Leak x3
    When you execute a maneuver, reduce the amount of energy you gain by 1 (to a minimum of 0).
    Projector Power Failure
    You cannot perform the reinforce action unless you have at least 3 energy.
    Reactor Cowl Rupture
    When you perform a recover action, you cannot recover more than 2 shields. You must still spend all of your energy.
    Engine Damage x3
    When you execute a maneuver, if the speed of that maneuver plus the number of faceup “Engine Damage” cards you have equals or exceeds 5, you must skip your “Perform Action” step this round.
    EDIT: Here's a list of all the cards in the set (other than the new damage cards), which El_Tonio put together and deserves props for:
    (1) Wes Janson
    (2) Jek Porkins
    (3) “Hobbie” Klivian
    (4) Tarn Mison
    (5) Red Squadron Pilot
    (6) Rookie Pilot
    (1) Flechette Torpedoes
    (2) R3-A2
    (3) R2-D6
    (4) R4-D6
    (5) R5-P9
    (1) GR-75
    (1) Quantum Storm
    (2) Bright Hope
    (3) Dutyfree
    (1) Comms Booster
    (2) Slicer Tools
    (3) Shield Projector
    (4) Expanded Cargo Hold
    (5) Backup Shield Generator
    (6) Engine Booster
    (7) EM Emitter
    (8) Tibanna Gas Supplies
    (9) Frequency Jammer
    Crew cards:
    (1) General Jan Dodonna
    (2) General Carlist Rieekan
    (3) WED-15 Repair Droid
    (4) Torun Far
    (1) Combat Retrofit

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    Shanturin reacted to TUZ in Krassis Trelix - Re-paint   
    Krassis re-paint for thee 
    Hobby Before I Die!

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    Shanturin reacted to Khyros in Ten Numb query   
    In the case of <hit> <hit> <crit> <crit> vs. 3x <evade>...

    The first two evades cancel the first two hits in every case except the auto blaster, which we'll ignore for now.

    So now you have <crit> <crit> vs. <evade>.  The evade cancels the first one, and the second one goes through uncancelled.  This satisfies Ten's ability "When attacking, 1 of your  results cannot be cancelled by defense dice." 
    If the defender had an Evade token, he could spend it to evade the ONE crit that manages to get through.  At this point, he would take no damage even though it was from Ten.
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    Shanturin reacted to Tawnos in Ten Numb query   
    I agree with Khyros.  To satisfy the wording of Ten Nunb, there should be at least 1 uncancelled crit once all modifications and rolling have been completed.  There's no more complexity to it than that.  If the intent was that the first crit attempted to be cancelled cannot be cancelled, the card would have been worded that way.
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    Shanturin reacted to Silver Crane in What rank are pilots?   
    Actually neither of these are accurate.  The Alliance/New Republic does have a fairly systematic rank system.  Now my explanations are going to be based on the most typical squadron.  There are, of course squads that are comprise of maily higher ranking officer (Rogue Squadron comes to mind).
    It's also important to make sure we separate rank from role.  Certainly one would expect positions of leadership to go to someone who has rank appropriate to the position, but it's important to differentiate the two.
    Flight Leader:  A squadron is comprised of 12 fighters.  The squadron is then typically broke into 3 flights of 4 fighters each.
    Executive Officer: The XO typically is in charge management of day-to-day squadron activities. The XO typically is also the second in command for a squadron, though this is not always the case.
    Squadron Leader: Pretty self explanatory.  The squadron leader also will typically lead one of the flights for the squadron.
    Flight Group Leader: Commands 3 squadrons
    Wing Leader: Commands 6 squadrons.
    Flight Officer is the lowest ranking pilot.  A typical squadron would be comprise of mainly flight officers.  (Rookie Pilots and the like in terms of the game)
    Lieutenant is the next rank.  Typically a Lieutenants serve as flight leaders and one would serve as squadron executive officer.  So all in all about 3 to a squad.  Corran Horn and Wes Janson  are prime examples.(In game terms Red Squadron Pilots and Grey Squadron Pilots)
    Captains typically fill the billet of squadron leader or in the event the squad is commanded by a higher ranking office, the executive officer. Tycho Celchu and Garik Loran are good examples.
    Majors would then tend to be more senior squadron commanders.  Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivan hold the rank in the later X-Wing Novels.
    Commander:  Commanders tend to command larger organizations such a a flight group (3 squadrons) or wing (6 squadrons).  Examples would be Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles.
    Colonel: Colonels almost exclusively tend to command wings.  Horton Salm would be a good example during the Battle of Endor. 
    General:  Generals would also tend to command a wing or more.  Horton Salm, Atton Crespin would be great examples.
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    Shanturin reacted to Khyros in And the winner is Night Beast   
    Just so no one gets the wrong impression -
    Typically, the #2 and #3 folks in the squad are _5 and _9 so when they break into 3 flights, your 2nd flight leader is your #2 in command, and 3rd flight leader is #3 in command.  This however is not always true due to replacements being added and whatnot, but its rare to see the "top 3" all as 1,2,3.  
    It just so happens in this specific instance, what you said works, but not for the immediate reasoning
    Howlrunner is indeed Obsidian 1
    Night Beast is Obsidian 2
    And Winged Gundark is Obsidian 7
    So your 4 generic Obsidians are 3-6
    Just thought I'd add that little tidbit.  
    And yes, I know that there are always exceptions.  For example, Rogue squadron, when reformed, had Wedge as R1, Gavin was R5, and Corran was R9.  I can't remember who was in charge of flight 2, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Gavin.  And Corran was considered to be second in charge.  
    And then if you look at Wraith Squadron, Wes was Wraith 11, but was in charge of flight 3.  Though I'm not 100% sure that wasn't intentional, since Wedge always planned on leaving Wraith to return to Rogue, putting Wes in charge (thus your flight leaders would then be 1 5 and 9).  But still, an example of when that's not true.
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    Shanturin reacted to Khyros in Gather around men and women   
    So, I have a nervous twitch when someone calls Jan a guy, or Krassis a girl, or whatever.  So, the following is a list of men and women in the game so you'll never confuse their genders again!
    Biggs Darklighter - Male Human from Tatooine
      -Red 3 during Yavin
    Garven Dreis - Male Human from Virujansi
      -Red Leader during Yavin
    Luke Skywalker - Male Human from Tatooine
      -Red 5 during Yavin, Rogue Leader
    Wedge Antilles - Male Human from Corellia
      -Red 2 during Yavin, Rogue 3, Rogue Leader, Red Leader during Endor
    Jon "Dutch" Vander - Male Human
      -Gold Leader during Yavin (Not the lead Y during the first trench run)
    Horton Salm - Male Human from Norval II
      -Gray Leader during Endor, General commanding Defender + Aggressor wings
    Arvel Crynyd - Male Human
      -Green Leader during Endor
    Tycho Celchu - Male Human from Alderaan
      -Green 3 during Endor (His X wing was out of commission and preferred to be in an A wing than on the sidelines), (Rogue 9, Rogue 7, Rogue Leader - all in X wings)
    Chewbacca - Male Wookie from Kashyyyk
    Lando Calirissian - Male Human from Corellia
      -Gold Leader during Endor
    Han Solo - Male Human from Corellia
      -Renegade Leader
    Ibitsam - Female Mon Cal from Mon Calamari 
      -Blue ?? during Endor, Rogue 2 (X wing)
    Ten Numb - Male Sullustan from Sullust
      -Blue 5 during Endor, Blue Leader
    Roark Garnet - Human Male from Socorro
    Kyle Katarn - Human Male from Sulon
    Jan Ors - Human Female from Alderaan
    Tarn Mison - Human Male from Las Lagon
      -Gunner for Tycho in the T-47, escorted Bright Hope, does not appear to have his own call sign
    Derek "Hobbie" Klivian - Human Male from Ralltiir
      -Red 5 prior to Yavin (was sick and could not fly, Luke took his place), Rogue 4, Red 4 during Endor, Rogue Leader
    Wes Janson - Human Male from Taanab
      -Yellow Aces _ (Y Wing), Red 6 prior to Yavin (was sick during Yavin and Porkins flew in his place), Rogue _, Wraith 11
    Jek "Piggy" Porkins - Human Male
      -Yellow Aces _ (Y Wing), Red 6 during Yavin
    Keyan Farlander - Human Male from Agamar
      -Gold 7 during Yavin, Blue 9 during Endor
    Jake Farrell - Human Male 
      -R-22 spearhead during Yavin, Green 4 during Endor
    For the Imps, assume human male except the following:
    Howlrunner Human Female
    Kath Scarlet Human Female
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    Shanturin reacted to zingerwhip in Transport   
    I agree with Englishpete, we will get it when we get it and in the meantime we will just have to enjoy what we have. The alternative would be what Attack Wing is doing and releasing new ships every month not even giving the game time to settle and just taking the players for every dollar they can until the run it into the ground. Thank you FFG for give us quality and time to enjoy new content instead of just sending out sub par items with $$ in your eyes.
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    Shanturin reacted to Rhinoviru3 in "Airen Cracken"- Any and all jokes here.   
    I'm surprised they didn't go with their fellow wingmen; Methh and Speid
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    Shanturin reacted to Danthrax in "Airen Cracken"- Any and all jokes here.   
    I love how the two named Z-95 pilots are named Blount and Cracken.
    Gonna make a squad with both of them and name it Drug Dealers.
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    Shanturin reacted to DraconPyrothayan in Munitions Failsafe + Cluster Missiles   
    I'd love to do this on Airen Cracken, as it means you'd dole out 2 actions every turn, instead of your attack...
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    Shanturin reacted to Rayzor in Hobbie treated unfair?   
    Biggs had the best moustache of anyone to fly an X Wing.
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    Shanturin got a reaction from catachan23 in Age of X wing players   
    Wow, I'm actually surprised by the average age of players here. I'm from Poland and in my gaming group most people are in their middle-twenties (say, 22-27), me myself being 24. This seem to be the case in other groups around the country, with only a few players exceeding 30th year of life. We actually have more teenage players. Out of 40+ people attending our National Championship I belive no more than 10 were older than 30 and obut the same amount of teenagers were present. 
    I personally don't mind playing with younger players (nor older ones). The thing about X-wing is (compared to other wargaming communities) it that it's very sportsmanship and player-friendly environment - I have yet to meet an X-wing opponent who's rude, cheats or generally mean.
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    Shanturin reacted to Drakhan Valane in how worthless most of the ships are for tournaments.   
    I'll go ahead and rate this post as pretty worthless too.
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    Shanturin reacted to TheRealStarkiller in New details about the xwing in the transport   
    Tarn Mison + R2-D6 + Opportunist = just perfect
    ... especially together with Wes Janson
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    Shanturin reacted to AngryAngel in New details about the xwing in the transport   
    I think its mandatory, if you remove the stress from Porkins you have to say " I've got a problem here " Roll the attack the die, and if you take the damage, simply comment. " I can hold it ". As we know he is the best of them.
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    Shanturin reacted to Sithborg in New details about the xwing in the transport   
    [looks again at the Team Covenant store championship results]
    Here's the thing, the more ships that are not the Falcon get better, the better Interceptors get. Yes, these releases are a pretty big nail in the Push the Limit coffin. But, Interceptors and A-wings have the best maneuvers to clear this stress. And in this environment, shedding stress is going to be key. Red Manuevers and stress giving Elite Talents are going to be very risky. Especially if you are facing some Ions. But again, the more people aren't using the Falcon, the better the Interceptor gets. You just have to focus on getting out of lines of fire more than attempting to evade attacks.
    And with all this stress being handed out, Fel still enjoys his ability. And really, we just enter a new stage of the metagame. The Age of Tycho.
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    Shanturin reacted to R22 in E-Wing Pilot: Corran Horn   
    [Plays Mirax Terrik card into forum]
    Mirax Terrik:
    Slaps everybody upside the head, absolves all stress, and channels her inner Booster Terrik while saying, "Can we get back on subject here?"
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    Shanturin reacted to AtomicFryingPan in 4 wave 4 pilots I hadn't seen yet!   
    Did Corran ever fly an E-wing? I knew he had his green Corsec X-wing and I was hoping to see him as an X pilot.
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    Shanturin reacted to GroggyGolem in Tantive IV info   
    So I'm staring at C-3PO reading the text...
    "Once per round, before you roll 1 or more defense dice, you may guess aloud a number of (evade) results."
    wait a second...
    I see what you did there, FFG. 
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    Shanturin reacted to yoink101 in PSA: ordnance v ordinance   
    I've seen this come up a few times and it bothers me. I'm a little bit of a grammar nazi, and I apologize. So, here it goes:
    mounted guns; artillery.
    synonyms: guns, cannon, artillery, weapons, arms, ammunition; More
    military weapons, ammunition, and equipment used in connection with them.
    a branch of the armed forces dealing with the supply and storage of weapons, ammunition, and related equipment.
    a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority.
    "a city ordinance banned smoking in nearly all types of restaurants"
    an authoritative order; a decree.
    synonyms: edict, decree, law, injunction, fiat, command, order, rule, ruling, dictum, dictate, directive, mandate More
    a prescribed religious rite.
    "Talmudic ordinances"
    synonyms: rite, ritual, ceremony, sacrament, observance, service More
    Just remember, that TIE bomber has a lot of ordnance that might explode. The politician passes the ordinance that allows the TIE bomber to carry the ordnance.
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