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  1. Tickets now available @ https://bilety.rebel.pl/event/show/2 If the page opens in Polish, click the UK flag in upper right corner for English
  2. One often overlooked design is Onderon wilderness - as designs from TCW go, it is quite detailed and diverse. Other than that Felucia, Umbara or Naboo swamp/plains seem fine.
  3. They answered the most important of all questions. They did not hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. However, they know they can't hear it from the Jedi, so there's still hope
  4. Notwithstanding the question on Tragedy of Darth Plagueis: 1. Are there any plans for releasing streamlined RRG? While I'm a big fan of FFG's learn to play/rrg model, I fell like Legion, with it's more and more spacious rules would benefit from replacing a part of glossary with "rules chapters" on main issues, like activation, movement, attack and damage (with cover), with glossary being limited to keywords. 2. Can we hope/reasonably expect (depending on how much you can say) a full-fledged Legion campaign product in the line of Armada's Rebellion in the Rim and Corellian Conflict? 3. Do plans exist, once factions get more releases, to implement rules for thematic armies, that, while limiting choices, offer other benefits? 4. In relation, how far do your release plans go? Do you have projects for 2021, 2022? 5. What unit, or a rule, are you particularly proud of? 6. Do you personally prefer melee units, short range units or long range units? 7. What is the dark/light side players ratio in the dev team?
  5. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?
  6. Hey guys! I'm happy to invite you to Polish Grand Championships that will take place on November 23-24 in Gdańsk You'll find all necessary information, including accomodation suggestions, in the link below. Tickets sales will start next week. The price is 90 PLN, which is approx. 21 EUR or 23 USD https://www.wydawnictworebel.pl/organized-play/legion-grand?fbclid=IwAR05hI9KLVs4tCnSS9Rks8XET15wwxk1d_hQg0jCDbBweYozIWig-EImgA8
  7. Seconded for all "mature" LotR characters in their youth - Theoden, Gamling, Imrahil, Forlong, Angbor, Halbarad. Some of the surviving Thorin's company would be cool, as well as Gildor - a lower tier elf, known to roam Middleearth. Or they could go IA way, introducing more original characters. That would be cool as well
  8. In a perfect world? And disregarding the "three units" limitation? Z6 trooper 1p up Luke 5p up Strike teams 5p up Sabine 5p up Vader 10p down ATST 5-10p down Weiss 5p down T-47 15 p down Ground Buzzer 5p down Harpoon 3p down Wedge 3p down ATRT Laser cannon 5p down Speederbikes 10p down HH-12 trooper about 7-9p down T-7 Ion snowtrooper 7-9p down MPL ion trooper 7-9p down MPL barrage trooper 5-7p down Pathfinders 4p down Bistan 7p down E-web 5p down Comms Jammer 3-5p down
  9. We also got the SKU's for them, as well as the info on unit ranks - ufortunately, commanders instead of operatives in both cases... The full info is: SWL59 Star Wars: Legion: Cassian Andor and K-2S0 Commander Expansion SWL60 Star Wars: Legion: Iden Versio and Dio Commander Expansion
  10. The main gun does have range 4, however. And no fixed: front keyword. With clever deployment and huge base I suspect no more than one move action would be required for the tank in the entire game However I fail to see how you can reasonably fit two into a single list, where the cheapest commander is Grevious... I mean, sure, it is doable, but at 7 activations, only 5 o which are troopers it just seem a bit forced... Not that you can make more than 10 activation droid list anyway
  11. Statement: I conclude you meant meatbags. Opinion: It might be a very interesting gun. Melting meatbags is fun. Gosh, I wish we get HK droids some day
  12. I'm not sure either. I know I make my turns pretty quick, but this applies not only to me. For just one example, on the last tournament we had 10 people, we played 3 rounds, and only 4 games (out of 15 total) went to time iirc (I should, I was the TO), one on turn 4, other 3 on turn 5. It was allowed for players to finish round if it already went to activation phase when time was called. We had 2h15mins per turn, and I announced pairings 10 minutes before start of each game to allow people to find their tables and begin setup. Worth mentioning, it was a casual event. On more competitive tournaments I plan on announcing pairings with 20 minutes head's up - 5 to find your table and opponent, 15 to setup, including OCD choice, then 2h15m of straight play.
  13. All tournaments in my area are 2:15 for a standard 800p. (plus give or take 5-10 extra minutes for setup, it varies). After a year of playin I had one, maybe two games that didn't reach turn 6. It was always surprising to me that so many people complain about time restrictions, as for me and others in my community reaching time limit is really rare.
  14. Had a similar issue on several different Samsung phones, you need to touch the screen outside other icon fields, it's tricky to find the right spot. Other issues - has the idea of a upgrade adding other upgrade slots (comms tech) not been implemented yet or is sth wrong with it?
  15. I'm a huge advocate of running minimum to no impact in the list. Every time I see an ATST or other such fanciness, I just ignore it I was wondering if I can replace one Tauntaun unit with 1.4 FD llaser turret. Doing that I can put uplinks on two remaining cavalry units and benefit from coordinate even if one MKII blaster gets dusted
  16. Those are fun: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Kybuck
  17. Shanturin

    CIS list

    That's really good point! I guess you'd want what? Key Positions is super good, Intercept is good, Breakthrough can be good to neutral, Vaps are neutral. You'd want Limited Vis (until we get snipers) or Hostile Env. (no suppression, yay!), avoid minefields and rapid reinf., with clear being neutral as usual. I'm torn on deployments, as Long March may be a double-edged sword - it requires clustering, which is what you want to do anyway, but it is sooooooooo far from the enemy... Anyway, do you consider E-60R to be vital? I mean, almost half of what you roll with droids will be crits anyway, why exhaust?
  18. Shanturin

    CIS list

    Right now I'd go with 798/800 General Grievous (191) - Aggressive Tactics - Endurance 4x B1 Battle Droids (240) - E-5C B1 Trooper - B1 Battle Droid 1x B1 Battle Droids (52) - B1 Battle Droid - HQ Uplink 3x Droidekas (315) - Linked Targeting Array
  19. Great to hear it, I'm anxious to make some CIS lists Do you plan to allow for import of lists saved in previous version?
  20. This forum has a limit on attached file size (.4 mb). Try compressing the file or hosting image. I'll be doing this measurments in real life and different deployments, but not sooner than on saturday 😛
  21. Hi guys! I'd like to invite you (if you happen to be on the eastern side of the Atlantic) to a charity tournament we are organize on July 14th in Poznań, Poland, as a part of country-wide Use The Force United series of events! I. What is UTF United?It's a series of charity tournaments held throughout Poland in various systems (Legion, X-wing, Keyforge) initiated by our friends from Farmerzy Z Rubieży. If you played some X-wing, you might recall that Polish 2018 National Championships were also a UTF event In this edition, we collect money to support Tosia (Antoninne) Sztuka, a premature baby born with a number of diseases and in desperate need for rehabilitation.II. How do I join?Well, you'll have to come to Poland to participate Than you'll need to make a donation of at least 30 PLN (about 7.5 euro or 8 usd) to the following foundation:FUNDACJA WCZEŚNIAKul. Prymasa Augusta Hlonda 2a lok. 7102-972 Warszawa 81 1240 6351 1111 0010 7491 6600 With transfer title: "donation for Antonina Sztuka"III. PrizesExcept a huge amount of positive karmic energy each participant will get a set of exclusive promos made for this event (photos soon!).IV. Time and dateAs per the event.V. FormatStandard 800 p.; all realeased models are legal. For further detail on Legion event check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/320504362158380/For other events within UTF United II ed. check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/493207668086962/
  22. Yep, say your prayers. With Ram 2, surge to hit and, say, tenacity, they hit like trucks, and the have a pretty nice delivery system. I have a rule of buing only 1 of ech new expansion until it proves useful, I'll be hard pressed not to get two sets of these right away (not 3, as 1.4FD fills the last support slot in Hoth list :P)
  23. Shanturin

    CIS list

    I'd still use HQ Uplinks for that - if you dispatch a B1 unit away from main forces it won't be able to benefit from coordinate, and if you issue an order directly to them over the main bunch of your forces, you might jeopardize your overall effectiveness. Still, to each their own - I do think Commanding Presence to be a weak card regardless of any other circumstances
  24. Sure is, yet Comms Dude is essential for the list working mechanic-wise And it's not like they didn't have comms for brave men and women in trenches on Hoth Some conversions would do fine
  25. Shanturin

    CIS list

    Yeah, not much to change there, is it? 😛 after tuesday hopefully we shall see the points for B1's heavy weapons. That said, I'd made some changes: Commander: (191) General Grievous (175) + Esteemed Leader (5) + Strict Orders (5) + Endurance (6) = 191  Support: (315) 3x Droidekas (100) + Linked Targeting Array (5) = 315 Corps: (252) 3x B1 Battle Droids (36) + B1 Battle Droid (6) = 126 2x B1 Battle Droids (36) + B1 Battle Droid (6) + HQ Uplink (10) = 104 B1 Battle Droids (36) + B1 Battle Droid (6) + Comms Relay (5) = 47 With coordinate on droids you need to only have to get one unit of the chain in range to hand out tokens like crazy, so Commanding Presence on Grevious is a waste. And Esteemed Leader is 5 points, not 10. I added comms on some B1's to get better control ober 1-pip turns and Droidekas. There is still 17 points left of wiggle room, and another 36 points in extra droids - those will possibly be swapped for heavy weapons and/or armament for Grevious 😛
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