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  1. I've played through hostage exchange a couple of times now, and this scenario is extremely dependent on the deployment. On some deployment you need to run for your zone asap or not get the point at all. On others, you may have a bit of a wiggle room to do some fun stuff first. The point I'm going to make is simple: a unit with the hostage can fire on its first round without fear of retaliation. This is huge. On any deployment closer to the middle, if a player chooses a close-quarters unit to escort the hostage, it basically forces an opponent to make a choice between two evils - move the hostage further from their deployment, and thus risk a potentially huge attack pool early on, or move them away from your forces, thus closer to their goal. This obviously requires further testing, but I believe Snows, Fleets, P1s withe DP-23sand B1s with radiation troopers could actually make for a very compelling hostage escort. Especially if one is able to make a 1-2 punch with them, activating early in round 2. From my experience, two well-placed shots from fleets w/ scattergun can drastically change the game, without the usual "oh i need to get them there first" problem.
  2. In this case, you have to suffer damage first in order to then become emboldened. If becoming emboldened was meant to replace taking damage (not sure if this ever happened to me), the game would typically use the term "instead", like "instead of suffering damage, become emboldened". All damage is dealt faceup unless specified otherwise by an effect (on a card or in the app). Facedown damage (or fear) is not that common. Note, that some cards, when dealt faceup, instruct you to to flip them back facedown. This is different than suffering facedown damage (that most cards refers to), as you flip the card after you already suffered it faceup 😉 For more on emboldened, check out "Boons" entry in Rules Reference. Form more on damage check out "damage and fear". Also, on the product page there is an Errata and FAQ document, it answers a lot of questions as well 🙂
  3. They are under no obligation to do anything, however printing an alternative signature card would be simple and elegant solution to what some may perceive as an issue.
  4. It's all over the place. What the game calls Rebel Commandos most likely resembles the rebel forces on Endor. The team on Endor consisted partially of troopers from SpecForce Pathfinders unit, as per Shattered Empire comic What the game calls Rebel Pathfinders, looks like a mix between a ensemble of various rebel troopers and agents (including some of the actual Pathfinders unit, like Melshi and Pao) that formed Rogue One unit and Rebel Marines, who reinforced the Rogue One deploying from Blue Squadron's U-wings (like Bistan). Rebel Veterans most closely resemble rebel forces on Hoth, that consisted of various units (both from Legends and cannon). Also, the bearded guy in Rebel Troopers kind of looks like Rex, who is still unconfirmed to serve in the Pathfinders during the mission on Endor. The point is, i guess, that due to the irregular nature of Rebel Alliance, we must use our headcannon to determine what is what In fact, I choose to use any corps units in my otherwise rogue-one themed armies
  5. Jyn's courage 3. I hardly ever lose an action on her. With 3-4 supression on her and in heavy cover, most enemies just don't bother to shoot at her any further 😛 And yes, I was mistaken, I meant Cad's 2pip obviously, Danger Sense seems worse on him than Pathfinders/Jyn due to factors like lower courage, lower range, no dauntless etc. But this card is close to making up for that
  6. I'm honestly baffled by how most players uderappreciate Danger Sense. Sure, it's not like surging red dice with imprevious, and it will fail from time to time, as those pesky whities do. However I cannot count how many times these extra dice had saved my day on both Jyn and Pathfinders. Is Cad a bit overcosted? Yeah, we'll see when we'll know all his command cards. For now, his 3pip is literally awesome and is one of the best scenario oriented cards. Also, all the news look great! I play neither CIS nor GAR, but I wish that i had.
  7. As it is a part of campaign, it is plausible that the game is not really meant to be balanced. In such settings, balance gives way to the story. Also, the campaign was released waaay before Clone Wars Core Set was even announced and possibly does not take into account the new faction mechanics like Fire Support, Coordinate etc. Also, this scenario really benefits if the defender is a gunline style army, as republic and imperial armies nowadays usually are. These lists are typically less mobile and weaker in the objective game, thus balancing their supreme firepower - but in this scenario it is reversed, and staying in one place and shooting actually can win the game for the defender. That said, your best choice is to: a) win game 1 b) exploit the defender's incentive to get clustered and wreak havoc with Grievous' 1 pip c) kill Rex and rush into enemy zone on turn 6
  8. Hah, fair point Though I guess no heavy weapon was and still is a viable option for Rebel Troopers, so that's a choice you'd have to make vs. Z6's. I wouldn't know, I always take all of Z6s. My white dice love rolling 2-3 natural crits
  9. It's fun to see Imperials now being in the same conundrum Rebels always were with Z6's The question boils down to: are you willing to pay for higher dmg ceiling by increasing variance? RT-97C get's twice the chance for natural crits over DLT's, and has a potential for 3 or 4 hits spike - thus making it so much better in going through cover or dodges. It lacks Impact, but from my point of view that's hardly a problem. Being mainly a rebel player I learned to play around Armor instead of trying to defeat it. Should you choose to include more RT's in your list, you'll have to learn that too.
  10. I hope Legion won't copy X-wing's faction structure 1:1. While X-wing is walking a fine line between basically a board game and a miniature war game, Legion is firmly in the second camp and thus allows to get more into nitty-gritty niuances of factions. While I fully expect there to be 5 factions soon, and possibly 2 sequel ones in the future, I hope Legion will eventually venture into sub-factions or theme lists for each of main factions - think Gungan Great Army, Saw's Partisans, Defenders of Khashyyyk, Mandalorians, Witches of Dathomir, etc. There's a plenty of untapped potential there. Same goes for CIS commanders - there are many more to choose from, each member of Separatist Council could make it into the game (Poogle the Lesser, Wat Tambor), and TCW had a few commanders as well - Super Tactical Droids, Trench (yeah, I know, he's an admiral), Whorm Loathsom, Lok Durd, Kalani... Also, I doubt there's anyone who doesn't want to see Pong Krell
  11. That's great point, I didn't yet have a chance to test them. It's a lot of points though...
  12. In most cases, I'd prefer Vader's Might to implacable. This card is extremely flexible and useful. All of the above examples are valid, be it displacing crucial unit, or even "turning it off" if it cannot climb or move (yeah, Vader's Might vs 1.4 FD turret can be disgusting). Implacable, of course is not bad, especially now with MotF triggering on the end of the activation, but it's just killing stuff, and though it can win you games it's prone to dice rolls, cover, etc. Vader's Might is condition-less, dmg dealing and game winning. My go-to with Vader will probably be Master of Evil, Darkness Descends, Fear and Dead Man and Vader's Might. This leaves 2 slots open, in casual, fun lists for Palpa's 1 and 2pip and in some more competitive ones, for Bossk's. Or, if solo Vader is your thing, go for Implacable. Just leave NWTMT, out it's bad (unless you took 2x IRG, but why?). Take Push instead
  13. You can drop the bomb before you move out, it's a free action so it does not have to be dropped at the end of the activation. Most vehicles will be able to zoom out of range. Also, the bomb does not hit you if it does not have line of sight to you, so you can just hide You can only detonate a token that one of your units dropped as per the second part of that sentence. However, it seems you can claim a bomb dropped by your opponent, provided it didn't detonate yet, and then carry it and drop as your own This looks like a really fun scenario. Right now I'm thinking of Airspeeder activating last and doing compulsory, move, attack, drop, detonate sequence. It gives you an early advantage in scenario, thus allowing you to focus on preventing enemy drops and thus securing a win.
  14. Vote for Sabine form me. Chewie is cool in skirmish, but from all 3 main trilogy commanders he synergises with Luke the least. Luke/Sabine is an expensive combo at 500 points though! With my local meta being Imperial and Republic heavy, I really like Sabine in pairing with Han - for the sheer amount of pierce, pierce, pierce
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