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  1. Shanturin

    Character rules that seem out of place.

    And you can put this card on Vader and Palp! None of them were even on Dagobah, ever, as far as we now! This thread is silly and pointless, but I like it.
  2. Shanturin

    Imperial Assault Heroes for Legion

    But... Legion already does have condition tokens
  3. Shanturin

    Imperial Assault Heroes for Legion

    These are cool! Where did you make them (some app or by hand)? I fell like if Disney allows for it, this can be something FFG could release, along with new sculpts for each hero. If not as a set of single operatives, then as a set of personel upgrades (as they did with "specialists"). As for specifics - i like how each feels both reasonably powered and close enough to their IA counterpart. I won't comment on point cost though, as I feel like the versions presented here are more campaign-oriented, and those do not care that much about points If i were to change anything, I'd add a rule (or an upgrade?) to Mak allowing him to perform a free objective-specific action (iirc he had a card allowing for a free interact) and changed Saska' Modified Equipment's wording to: "[action] Modified Equipment: Choose 1 friendly unit at range 1 and assign 1 condition token to it. When attacking or defending, a unit with a condition token may spend it to gain either [surge]:[hit] or [surge]:[block] until the end of attack."
  4. Shanturin

    Son of Skywalker and Saber Throw

    Yeah, that I get that I can use Saber Throw w/ Relentless. My question is different, as I want to use Saber Throw twice in an activation, and the rules are a bit wonky on that...
  5. Shanturin

    Son of Skywalker and Saber Throw

    Let' say, for some reason, that I have Luke Skywalker equipped with Saber Throw. I played Son of Skywalker this turn, yet I do not have any melee tagerts. I know I can shoot my pistol twice, I know I can throw my saber and shoot a pistol. But can I throw the saber twice? It is a card action and as such cannot be performed twice, yet SoS grants an attack, not an attack action (as specified by Saber Throw). Which takes precedence? EDIT: Also, can I even choose to use saber throw as an additional attack from SoS? It doea mess with normal attack steps, so I wonder if Luke even has this attack option avaiable to him without using card action.
  6. I'd say HQ uplinks would be much better on Strike teams - still pretty much single use, as recover is a precious action, but they at least can benefit from Leia's No Time For Sorrow or Luke's My Ally Is The Force. My personal preference would be to drop grappling hooks entirely, but in my area we usually don't have that much useful elevated terrain. I'd consider Esteemed Leader for Leia or keepeing the gear.
  7. Shanturin

    Pass on Wookies?

    What grenades do you have in mind? Wookies got b/w by default, r/w with crossbow, and they have offensive surge. So using frags lowers the expected damage (with the same expected no. of crits!); Impact gets you some, well, Impact, but that's not what wookies are for; Concussion are the most valuable 'cos you only need to use one and you get otherwise unavailable Blast. However, if you're at range 1 and have an action to spare, having Unhindered you may as well charge whatever you wish to attack.
  8. As far as cannon info goes, they did not. A tweet from official Star Wars account stated that the rebels deployed shields and tractor beams in he aftermath of battle to prevent the planet's bombardment by debris. Some of the debris finally formed into an orbital ring around the moon (as stated in Aftermath books). In Legends there were some discrepancies. A term "Endor Holocaust" was by fandom and was later used as in-universe imperial propaganda, stating that Endor was rendered uninhabitable in lieu of rebel actions. There was a theory also that the explosion created a wormhole that sucked up most of the debris , some mention of shields being deployed and I believe some comic books depictions of B-wings being used fighting fire on the surface. So yeah, even after the battle Ewoks were few and rarely seen in the galaxy. With a notable exception of Wraith Squadron's own. Lt. Kettch
  9. I like to include Battlefront II's "Ewok Hunt" into my headcannon. They're vicious combatant in that mode!
  10. Ah, one of the best parts of otherwise dull story that is known as Aftermath trilogy. It does hamper the viability of Wookie forces in the Rebellion (as it is described, situation of wookies under the imperial rule is much more dire in cannon than in legends), though it would be in line with the species usual description to join with the alliance if any would be freed/escaped the slavery. So yeah, I guess I'm ok with wookie squads as a special forces. Ewoks, I'd say, are reaaally far down the line.
  11. Shanturin

    Random questions about the game

    1. So that the player using this card gets the intiative if an opponent plays an actual 1 pip card. 2. Two. One, as usual, for rolling at least 1 hit or crit, second from Suppressive granted by the generator. 3. Correct.
  12. Shanturin

    New Article - Get More From Your Troops

    Yeah, they hadn't posted the article on the front page for some reason. Only X-wing got to shine, even though other games got their previews too (Legion, Armada and IA)
  13. Looks like everyone missed the preview of Season Three spoils! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/20/get-more-from-your-troops/ I like that Fleets/Snowies card is double sided, also it's a really neat design for those full-art cards. The tokes are ok. What really got me interested is Operation: Deep Jungle. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and will take less time then either Silent Hail (that I just finished last Saturday!) or Blue Metal (that I'll be getting into next month - unless of course Deep Jungle would be more interesting).
  14. Shanturin

    Fleet Troopers - how have they fared for you?

    That was true in my games as well. That's one reason why I wait impatiently for specialist expansion - the leader upgrade fits the Fleets aesthetically and raises their Courage by one :D
  15. Shanturin

    Would you like to see specialist lists?

    I do wish to see in the future some nice themed armies, regiments or otherwise implemented themes. There are several ways to go about it. As per 40k - by changing the unit allowances and limiting the options. Palpatine's Entourage does somewhat that. This seem kind of unexciting to me, at least plain as it is. Obviously would need some balancing issues and or additional rules. As per WM/H - by creating themed army composition lists around a specific commander, with multiple levels of limiting the army composition to gain further, army-wide or unit-specific bonuses. Think "Hoth Assault Force", limited to Vader, Veers, Snowtroopers, E-web teams and ATSTs. Even now it seems limited (ditching bikes and DLTs), but with right bonus it might be worth it. Say, tier 1: use only the units listed above: bonus - after setup, you may choose up to two trooper units and redeploy them within your deployment zone. Tier 2: field at least 2 ewebs: your units gain scout 2. Tier 3: field General Weiss: you may add up to 2 heavy weapon upgrades to eligible Snowtrooper units free of cost. Yeh, feels powerful, but I just made it up, don't judge me! As per WotR - by using themed regiments. Not the whole army and still limited to army composition rule. Costs points and gives bonus for fielding specific units. Say: Overwhelming Firepower - use Veers and at least 2 ATST and at least 2 HH-12 troopers. HH-12's gain pierce 1 and High Velocity. ATST's gain sharpshooter 1. Or Sabotage Team: use Han and/or Chewbacca, at least 2 Mpl-ion toopers and at least 2 proton charge saboteurs. Your Proton Charge Saboteurs gain Arm2 and detonate 2. Your Mpl troopers gain Ion 2 instead of Ion 1. There are other ways to do it, and I hope FFG will, in time, go down that path