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  1. Here in my NO spoiler review of The Last Jedi - Darkness Rises, and Light to Meet It. I love this movie. I LOVE this movie. This is the movie we were waiting to see. Where The Force Awakens had the monumental task of winning back many disheartened fans of the franchise, and in doing so there were clear signs that the film followed the winning template of A New Hope. While mindful of the films that came before it, The Last Jedi is not a remake of any of them. Rian Johnson, fully aware that is a Saga film, is no longer chained to the resentment of the ghosts of the Prequel Trilogy and builds upon the love we have of the Original Trilogy then goes into bold new path, one that blows the doors wide open on the Mythology of the Star Wars Saga. He does a sublime job as a film maker and I’m even more excited for his future Trilogy. I am a fan of this man. He will give fans and theory crafters much to debate about. And what’s a Star Wars film without all the fun lively conjecture, everyone who updates Wookipeedia will be working overtime. I can’t go over plot points so I’ll discuss what I can a little further. I like how this movie deals with the elements left over from the last movie with regards to the Resistance and the First Order. We learn enough of the main characters as we need to know for this movie, and a lot of the wild theories circulating can now be dismissed. I loved Mark Hamill in this film. Have you ever wondered ‘what if the actors who played in the Prequels somehow reprised their roles for the Original Trilogy?’ If Ewan McGregor played Obi-Wan 30 years later for Episode IV. Well we get our version of this, Hamill is brilliant as the elder Luke. I like Luke more in this film than the complaining farm boy, or unsure Jedi in training of the originals. Kudos to Mark Hamill for his performance. Carrie Fisher, seeing her on screen brought tears to my eyes, her performance was better than her work on The Force Awakens, General Leia’s role is expanded, and it was lovely to see her on the big screen where she belongs. We love you Carrie. The pairings of the other actors work well. Daisy Ridley crushes in this movie. Rey and Kylo Ren get a Hutt’s share of the movie as expected, this film is very much about their journey. Since I am a loyal to His Imperial Majesty The Emperor Palpatine, I have no great love for this pretender Snoke, but even he had great scenes and moved the plot forward. Finn and Rose are a great combo as well, Finn still serves as a comedic pause to give us a break from the more serious bits of the film, I am surprised how much I like the Rose character. I do like General Hux, and he too gets some key moments in the film. Of the heroes, I think Poe was under utilized, and I wish there was more of Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, Laura Dern does a terrific job. Reading her backstory from the novel helped flesh out the character. There are of course new ships and vehicles, I look forward to seeing many of them in our table top and video games someday. I really like seeing the interiors of the ships in certain scenes, when I rewatch the movie I plan to pay closer attention now that I don’t have to devote perception on the plot as much. There are some CRAZY combat sequences and fights scenes. The third act of the film is worth the price of admission. There are shout outs to the original films, even the Prequels. The music cues are all there, and are as impressive as I remember. Was this a film on the level of The Empire Strikes Back? No you Bantha Podo. Name me a film that is. Was it on the level of A New Hope? ****, it’s close. This was an intelligent film. In many was this was a Dark and an adult themed film. I’m surprised to say there were egalitarian themes in the movie. But above all, this was a Star Wars movie. And thankfully friends, we live in the days where that comment is becoming a compliment once again.
  2. Rogue Squadron’s elite status was made Canon once again in Daniel Wallace’s book, Star Wars - On the Front Lines. Something I had been pushing for in conversations with him.
  3. Two bits of current Canon I am happy to be part of, and one that maybe Canon soon. The empty seat on The Death Star conference room belongs to Director Krennic. Rogue Squadron is once again the Rebellion’s elite squadron, and was named after the heroes of Rogue One. They participated in the Battle of Endor but in honor of Red Squadron that fought at the Battle of Yavin, the Squadron used that designation. Interestingly enough up to very recently, there was no new Canon designating the Rogues as the elite squadron we know them to be. Lastly, and this is not yet confirmed, while The Emperor’s Royal Guard were never given a set number (the best estimates the Rebellion had places this number between 50 to 5,000+), Snoke has eight Praetorian Guards.
  4. The following is taken from, four Canon books, several comic books, two video games, (one cherished, one held in contempt,) a much beloved roleplaying game, and a little bit of speculation. The major factions in the Galaxy are the New Republic, the First Order, and the Resistance. The New Republic, which was the Galaxy’s governing body is reeling after the destruction of Hosnian Prime and the four other worlds of the Hosnian System from the assault of Starkiller Base. The Chancellor and the greater majority of the Senate died in the attack. Certain key Senators sympathetic to the First Order and pushing for the restoration of The Empire were off system at the time of the attack. The First Order has lost Starkiller Base, but this had not been their capital. In fact, the Supremacy, may very well be their mobile capital. Literally a Capital ship. The Resistance, seems to have lost the least as of the end of the last movie, but their hidden base on D’Qar was revealed. They may be fighting a withdrawal action in this movie and head to the former Rebellion era base on Crait to regroup and resupply. - Cantonica, the planet where the casino city of Canto Bight is located, boasts the largest artificially made ocean in the Galaxy. The chinar tree was a species of sun-sensitive tree from Alderaan that had a distinctive scent of spice and fire, Canto Bight paid a ransom for the last seeds of the trees and they flourish on Cantonica long after the demise of their home world. To further show off their extravagant opulence and luxury, Canto Bight uses sentient beings in roles normally carried out by droids, which include laborers and servants. Gamblers who can not pay off their losses become indentured servants, barley a step above slavery. The police force on Canto Bight is described as ‘better than most’ but still has corrupt members among their ranks. Pazaak, a game from the original Knights of the Old Republic game is played on Canto Bight. Zinbiddle, which was played on the Kuari Princess, as well as Zero G massages, are all from West End Games, and are Canon once again. - Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has been studying The Force, both Jedi and Sith teachings, as well as many different Force mysticism and beliefs. (Speculation) I really think he will be the last of the Jedi Order. He means to forge a new path with Rey, one where there is Balance in The Force. Luke has taken a compass and two saplings from a tree that was in the Jedi temple. The significance of both may be given during the movie. Captain Phasma is a hardened killer, blindly loyal to herself first and foremost. She will do anything to survive and even advance her station. This is why she readily provides the shield codes in The Force Awakens. Look to see her more threatening in this movie. Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo knew Princess Leia during her time in The Imperial Senate. Even then she seemed quite peculiar, she does not fear death, and is willing to sacrifice lives for what she feels is the greater good. - I wonder if we will see a Lightsaber crystal bled in this movie. - Patton Oswalt who I’m (un)lucky enough to be friendly with has been trolling me because he has seen the film, I get to see it Tuesday, and something he said may just have been the biggest spoiler for me. SPOILER
  5. International trailer has a new Canto Bight scene. Can’t wait to use the Casino world in a roleplaying game.
  6. Tonight on Masterpiece Theater ... A very special performance of Sorastro in ‘Alderaan Reasons’
  7. Sorry, his interview goes on much further in detail, I only posted a select line.
  8. In a press briefing, Andy Serkis is asked if Supreme Leader Snoke is more powerful than our beloved Imperial Majesty, The Emperor Palpatine. Without pause, Serkis says he is. ’Snoke is the Dark End of The Force.’ Which proves Serkis is traitorous leech, little better than a Rebel scum propagandist. - - - My take away from this is full confirmation that Snoke is not a Sith, but a Dark Side user of another sort.
  9. We all know Sorastro is a Maestro with the paintbrush, and is graced with an even, calming voice reminiscent of a Grand Moff about to doom a civilization. But I was floored to learn that the Renaissance man CREATES the music in the tutorials he produces for all of us as well. If I later find out that he is also a world class Soufflé chef and a former Soviet era ballerina, I would just take it in stride at this point.
  10. Holy Heroic Hijinks Robin!
  11. I have Boba Fett 😁
  12. Alfred superpower is to be so inherently British, that he remains so even when transplanted to Feudal Japan. ‘Everyone, to the Bat Rickshaw!’