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  1. Some new info on the Supremacy. On the Command Bridge, the new information reads “The main command bridge sits atop a massive structure located at the centre of the Supremacy, the sole Mega Star Destroyer, which is fully 60 kilometers in length." “The command bridge allows for 360 degree views, allowing for lookouts to see everything over the city-like structures that line the wing of Sumpere Leader Snoke's colossal ship.”
  2. The Han Solo Movie has an official title
  3. Finn and Rose on a Fathier.
  4. For those worried The Last Jedi will too closely mirror The Empire Stikes Back, does this help?
  5. I'm using 'precendent' here in the legal and publishing sense, hence my specific wording. If it occurs as an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. (sorry lawyer here)
  6. The first source that states this is the Death Star Technical Companion and it was Canon for twenty four years. (edited by yours truly.)
  7. There is a clear precedent for that. In the Battle of Sluis Van, without the aid of any sensor readings, the Grand Admiral noticed and pinpointed the Falcon pulling away right in the thick of combat, to the disbelief of Captain Pallaeon.
  8. Rebels Season 4 clip Bo-Katan returns For those of you who need a Rebels Recap, Season 1 - 3 in five minutes.
  9. @ BVRCH They would have to at least give the space combat from RotJ, RotS, and Rogue One a Force Run for the Credits right ?
  10. HD shot for shot of the trailer reveals some new Resistance craft, and we are most likely seeing Kylo Ren looking upon the interior of The Supremacy in the opening shot. But is this The Supremacy in combat? Also, The Official Poster
  11. The Official Poster
  12. Supreme Leader Snoke's specific Force powers, include Force Chokes, Force Throws, and telepathy ... which pretty much means that it was indeed his voice that Rey heard on Starkiller Bass, when he was telling her to kill Kylo. This is in both the novelization and the original script. Luke has been on Ahch-To for several years, debunking any theory that he's only been there for a for a shorter period of time. There are eight Praetorian Guards who dutifully watch Supreme Leader Snoke. They are armed with whip-staffs and double bladed pole arms (yet to be named). All human, therefore debunking theories they are advanced combat droids. Or Noghri. Also making it highly unlikely they are the six Knights of Ren. This number is far smaller than The Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard, which in some estimates were placed at over 50,000. We get to see a new speeder on Canto Bight, the Cantonica Zephyr GB - 134, used by security officers. Porgs are avians. Who knew? This Canon Update is from Star Wars Everything You Need to Know Updated and Expanded
  13. Synopsis of 1st six Season 4 Episodes New Season 4 poster
  14. Final Trailer with narration from a certain traitor.
  15. Somewhere buried early on the Imperial Assault forums I posted a Battle System link with Stormtroopers under command of Imperial Officers pouring out of an Endor's Moon type bunker. That 100% had a Star Wars feel to it. I think the Bunker was even offered as a free printable PDF. Since my search fu on this forums is limited, I'll just share these pics of Star Wars minis on their Kickstarter set.