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  1. Agreed on the Hobbit Sagas... it'd be nice to have them as consistent with the other Sagas, too.
  2. If I throw Valiant Determination on an Ally, then throw a Sword-thain on them... will the Valiant Determination still work? (I'm guessing not)
  3. I think I'm going to use mine for all of the paperwork... rules, FAQ... I may put all of the folded rules sheets into a thin binder, which could then go in this box. Its thin size makes it hard to use for much, honestly. I may kit mine out to put tokens, etc. in, but I'm not sure it'd be worth the time and effort.
  4. Sorry for the thread necro... I'm looking for some of the files referenced in here, but their links are long gone. Does anyone have good high-res versions of the tokens?
  5. I'll have to disagree on that. The Palantir absolutely gives random cards, and most definitely affected by rarity. It's early access. If we don't say something now, they'll likely continue down this path (or in spite of us saying anything) This is only the tip of the iceberg. I did the full pre-order collector's set, and I still have to "buy" cards using the in-game currency, and use the random palantir grabs, hoping to get lucky. That's no different than opening randomized booster packs.
  6. I must say, it's a big disingenuous to continue labeling it as a "Living Card Game" when it's most definitely collectible. There are packs and card rarities. It's a CCG. Also, it's a completely different game. Completely. Not saying that I'm not enjoying it, but the thought of trading in my physical cards for this is a complete joke.
  7. [ EMPIRE FLEET (397 points) 1 • Gozanti-class Assault Carriers - Comms Net (30) 2 • Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit - Admiral Motti - Minister Tua - Gunnery Team - Reinforced Blast Doors - XX-9 Turbolasers (155) 3 • Victory II-class Star Destroyer - Darth Vader - Leading Shots - XX-9 Turbolasers - Corrupter (102) 4 • Boba Fett Slave 1 (26) 5 • Firespray-31 (18) 6 • Firespray-31 (18) 7 • Firespray-31 (18) 8 • Black Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron (9) 9 • Maarek Stele TIE Defender Squadron (21) (110/134) squads Better? Worse?
  8. Can I use the Corruptor to move my Firesprays faster?
  9. Back in the day, I did enjoy a triple VSD list... I guess I'm not sure that I understand what you mean when you say "The Aggressors are outsped and outgunned (their counter is 0-4 due to Howlrunner+Dengar.) " (I get the outsped... but what do you mean by 0-4?) I do understand about not having enough punch. I figured they'd be able to clear the skies and wouldn't be immediate targets with a large counter value. (boosted by Dengar and Goran) but I suppose I could get that with Interceptors. I just liked not having to rely on activations to get them moving. Are Firesprays terrible? Does it really matter which Gozantis I take?
  10. I thought as much on the blast doors, thank you for the confirmation. For the Aggressors, I was looking to stack the Counter bonus... no good?
  11. Is this terrible? 1 • Gozanti-class Assault Carriers - Instructor Goran - Jamming Field (37) 2 • Gozanti-class Assault Carriers - Comms Net (30) 3 • Dengar Punishing One (20) 4 • Black Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron (9) 5 • IG-88 IG-2000 (21) 6 • Aggressor Assault Fighter (16) 7 • Aggressor Assault Fighter (16) 8 • Aggressor Assault Fighter (16) 9 • Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Squadron (18) 10 • Raider II-class corvette - Darth Vader - Impetuous (55) 11 • Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit - Admiral Motti - Minister Tua - Gunnery Team - Redundant Shields - H9 Turbolasers (161)
  12. Are they (Gozantis) still considered small for things like Motti?
  13. That's a shame about the rogues... I wonder if they'll ever do anything about it.
  14. I played for a while after the game launched, and the last game I played was for the Wave 2 pre-release. (I won Home One!) I've been picking up stuff ever since, but haven't had time to play. I have a wide variety of stuff, but I'm not sure what to build, because I have questions. I think I get it, but can someone explain the benefit/appeal of the flotillas to me? I just want to be sure that I get it... after seeing so many builds that run 3+ of them, I feel like I might be missing something. I'm going to be playing Imperials for a while, here's what I have: ISD ISD Chimaera VSD VSD VSD Gladiator Gladiator Raider Raider Raider Rogues & Villains Rogues & Villains Rogues & Villains Rogues & Villains Gozanti Gozanti Light Cruiser Fighters Fighters II Light Carrier Corellian Conflict Any suggestions? I was leaning towards maxing out the fighter build with mercs... and then not really having to worry about squadron commands. Thanks so much for any answers and insights you might offer. J
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