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  1. Warboss Krag said: Agreed on all counts, particularly the codex prices and the 'Annual Price Hike of Doom' (I like that phrase!). However, GW is at least better than Battlefront (Flames of War): They want $50 USD @ for their army books, and the majority of 'em only cover one army during one campaign…and then the binding is such poor quality that the books actually fall apart with minimal use! At least GW books seem to last (lot of friends who play Fantasy, and their books have taken years of pounding). Actually battle front is tons better than gw, i am referencing my Eastern Front book for this and i can go over my North Africa book if need be but gw is currently charging 50USD for the Chaos Marine book, which only contains 1 army list, and is cool that it's in full color now but that's about all the appeal of it. I was lucky that my FLGS charges 35 for the chaos book and i picked it up. Dust stuff is awesome there seeing as how i got the core book for 30USD and the two campaign books for 15 USD each, that's besides the point. My Eastern front book has been with me for a little over a year now and is still in good condition, none of the spine issues people talk of, everything is nice and organized in it. and for 50USD you get 17 diffferent german army lists [ and 12 of which have variants for Heer or SS] 2 FInnish army lists 3 Hungarian 2 italian 3 Romanian and 9 Russian army lists for a total of 34 different army lists that focus on the mid war east euro theatre. the smaller books that have 'only one army' in them cost about 32 USD normaly and actually have [referencing my blood guts and glory book from memory] about five german lists and four american lists in it, and have no binding issues what so ever. not trying to fanboy battle front, just making corrections. now as to how i feel about Dust Warfare as compared to Warhammer 40,000 is that the game is a much simpler one to pick up and start playing, it is generally cheaper [my store having the recon gren box for 12 USD compared to the Cadian Shock troop box for 21,.25 USD and the new SSU Superheavy for 30USD compared to the 37 USD leman russ]. I find Dust figures much easier to paint and a lot more fun to paint than games workshop figures. The only downside is that there are less players then warhammer 40,000 at the store and it's a little hard to fully understand the game when people also try to teach house rules to you at the same time, which helps nothing. [i.E. if bringing a HEavy Panzer Walker one must inform the opponent before hand so they can bring their's or gear the list to take it down, or that Vehicles can't see or be seen through buildings regardless of height or intactness of said building] but even with that i find Dust Warfare to be a much better system than games workshops flagship. the only major problem with the game being that the company is obviously marketing Tactics with their release schedule rather than Warfare but I will see if i can get people to do the board game so they don't get all pissy when icarus comes out after all the shiny new flyers have been out for a month
  2. ok so i picked up a panzer III box and a panzer VI box yesterday and when i was pulling the panzer III from the plastic 'casing' I noticed the left leg seemed a bit wobbly and poked at it a bit before noticing the leg had 'unpegged' itself from the foot and I am going to glue it in place today so i can play with it in the future with out trying to man handle it by it's base every time i wanna move it but I was wondering if you guys had any comparable experience with the Panzer III models.
  3. I kinda bought the book since my last post and read the stats before i checked the forum… the Flamm-Luther seems totally worth it but I think for this platoon the support will be a Ludwig. The list I have so far with my theme is Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (141) Command Section: Kommandotrupp 1st Section: Recon Grenadiers 2nd Section: Laser Grenadiers 3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers 4th Section: Laser Grenadiers Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" PS i know the lasgrens suck, but I like the short range power fire theme, I believe that it fits in the Idea of close in Jungle warfare and I am trying to keep the amount of human skin i need to paint down as I try to notice differences for colours in painting Imperial troops and Reich troops as far as skin goes. The second expansion for 300 AP is Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (152) Command Section: Manfred 1st Section: Battle Grenadiers [upgrade] 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers [upgrade] 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers Support: MPW II-B Ludwig" Support: MPW III-D "Flamm-Luther" How does that Look?
  4. PDF's are cool and all but I prefer to have the actual book on me when I do stuff. I've decided to go ahead and get the book, will probably get it by the end of today and may have a list up by tonight. TBH the stats of the Flamm-Luther are the only unknown to me to see if i want to get it or a Ludwig for this platoon
  5. I don't really intend to run only 150 AP all the time, just as a start really, I only really need the support to finish out this platoon and then I am thinking about either another SturmGren platoon but based around Battle Grens and more Walker support, an Anti Tank focus if you will. I figure I can fit the Ryu in [Wotan-AR clone if i recall the web page correctly] the platoon and be a bit more fluffy. The term fluff still means lore in this game right? Had a run in with a GW district manager once who chewed me out about the term. The next group probably being Mannfred [on that note which expansion can I find him from tactics in?] with three Battle Gren Squads with the extra Schreck and the Extra Panzer support option to maximize, this is where I can fit in the Ryu, normal Wotan and Ludwigs I am thinking. The idea may change after the first few games, but its a thought anyway. It's not that bad to get the Op Zverograd book but unless I run SSU [which I might anyway for the idea of a Chinese volunteer heavy force for a more historical opponent lend list or just to have fun] i am not sure if i really want to, but is it worth it for the three Panzer Walker rules and stats on it's own?
  6. So my order for Dust came in today and I am most pleased with the quality and detail of the units, and that you can use the boxes as carrying cases is a huge plus. Having planned this out as a starter force of about 150 AP for the army I find all of my sections full with only support options to be picked. I am going for an IJA themed force using the Axis Sturmgrenadier platoon list in the core book with a focus on Jungle fighting, basing my knowledge off of books and movies on the Pacific theatre. This comes in where I want to add a Panzer Walker in the force to have a good rounding to deal with ally or other axis walkers. I have 101 AP so far in my starter list and that leaves me about 40 AP to work with for supports, which is perfect because I want to add either a Ludwig, a Luther, or a Flamm-Luther to the list. The Ludwig is just plain sexy as far as walkers go and I could get away with including it by referencing the little Lend-Lease bit they have in the beginning of the Core book but my issue is that it seems to be a poor fit in the island jungle fighting that was prevalent in the Pacific theatre, so there is one issue. The Luther would work just cause the plain fact that it could indeed work in the close up jungle fighting of the pacific islands and i could squeeze in a sniper team with it, adding more fluffiness to the list. And finally the Flamm-Luther because it would work perfectly in the theme i want to run just because it has two flame throwers [the lack of flame throwers is something i can understand but don't really like due to my theme]. I am leaning heavily towards the option but my issue is that I have to shell out the 15 USD for the Op Zverograd book and then another 20 for the Flamm-Luther! This is compared to the 15 i would have to give for the Ludwig or Luther, a little disheartening when I picked axis because, even though i really wanted to do SSU, it was overall cheaper. [the store i use doing 10 USD for Recon squads, a focus in my force, which is compared to the 12.50 USD for the SSU Rifle Squads which was the focus of my wanting to do SSU. Let alone the book in addition] So I came to the forum for your two cents to see if you can help me decide.
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