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  1. FrizzleFratz

    Rules Reference - Control

    Thanks, that differentiation helps understand how to treat them, and it could be applied even if they end up changing the wording a bit.
  2. FrizzleFratz

    Rules Reference - Control

    Thanks @Zesu Shadaban and @LuceLineGames for piecing together this puzzle. Though I'm still a bit confused.... There's no mention of "attachment restrictions" in the rules reference, so I think this would fall under a type of play restriction. It looks like there are some play restrictions that apply to when you initially play them, and some play restrictions that continue to take effect. And it seems to be determined based on the interpretation of the individual card wording: "Play only if" is a one-time, and "Attach to" is a constant restriction? It seems like each time they make a variation on play restriction wording, they will have to make a ruling on how to treat it?
  3. I have a Polish/German friend who attended the tournament in Poland and sent me two sets for my wife and I. It's cool what you guys are doing in Poland. Glad to get more info how how they came about!
  4. I'll share pics and the story of how I got them (try to tomorrow). Can someone please help me find a Gimli?
  5. I have pics for anyone seriously considering a trade. Other items are on the table to, I'm even willing to pay cash for the Gimli.
  6. I plan on creating a thread about all the promotional and other items for LOTR LCG in detail, so I'd like to wait till then to show it all in one place, as not many gamers in the U.S. are aware of these. If you are interested in trading your alt art Gimli, please PM me! I'd like to have all the cards at some point. I have all the game mats, and all but 1 promotional poster (missing the Gandalf poster). Even some other treasures I'm eager to share.
  7. If anyone has a copy of the Gimli alt art promo, I'd appreciate it if you would consider a trade. I have game mats that I would be willing to trade, and also an extra copy of Legolas, Aragorn, and Faramir alternate art cards. I even have a set of the extremely rare European promo alt art heroes that weren't released in U.S. I'm a collector and would really like to catch 'em all! Everything is negotiable. I have more items you may be interested in, if you are serious about trading your Gimli, then please PM me!
  8. FrizzleFratz

    X-Files LCG

    Can someone please make this a reality!? X-files as an LCG would be awesome. There are over 20 episodes in each season with 9 seasons (and the new mini season 10), and most are unique side stories, so I think there would be plenty of content. The characters are really interesting, and there isn't a legend/myth that X-files hasn't touched.
  9. Hello, if anyone is willing to sell their alternate art Gimli promotional card from Gen Con 2015, I would appreciate if they would send me a message as I am willing to purchase it. Thanks! (Also, if anyone has any of the playmats and is willing to sell, PM me as well )
  10. Hello, For a multiplayer focused game, I'm surprised at how the FFG Quest Log isn't very multiplayer friendly. My group of players have been using the linked spreadsheet to keep track of our quests. I'm posting it to share and also for any feedback as to what could make this spreadsheet better. What I'd be really happy with is if the developers of the FFG Quest Log implemented some of the benefits of this spreadsheet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3jMbSw-sPK_Y19wcXJ1czhZcE0/edit?usp=sharing Here's a summary of what the spreadsheet is capable of: Quest Entry This tab is used for entering your quests. Select items from drop down lists like you and your friends names, scenario, and heros. The grey shaded area is auto-filled in. What's great about this tab is that you can enter your quests as well as your friends' quests. Statistics The statistics tab shows some basic statistics for you and your friends, like # of quests completed, average points per game (by number of players), and % of sphere weight for your selected heros. What I like about this tab is that I can compare me and my friends side by side. Most importantly, on this tab is where you select which friends to view the statistics. At the top of this tab there are drop down lists where you select the names. These name selections will feed the remaining tabs, so you can compare yourself with your friends on many other features. Sets The sets tab is the one I use most. It shows quests completed by you and your friends, with referenced quest scenario, set, and difficulty level. The players presented are from the players selected in the Statistics tab. When we are deciding as a team which quest to undertake, I pull up this tab to see where someone needs a completion. Heros The heros tab list all the heros and the frequency of use by each player. Dashboard The dashboard tab is where I can throw any cool features or views. Right now I only have colored pie charts of each player's hero selection by sphere. Any recommendations here would be helpful, maybe a bar graph showing some info? One usefull thing we do is share this document on Google Docs. Then anyone in the group can pull up the document and update for the group. If you want to use this spreadsheet and add you and your friends to this spreadsheet, right click on the tabs and click 'unhide', then unhide the 'players' tab. This is where you list the players. Also, the scenarios and heros can be added in the scenario and hero tabs, you would just need to drag down the formulas after you've added it. Also, please download if you are going to edit things. This isn't the original, but would like it to stay how it is for others to download.
  11. FrizzleFratz

    Player Meetup Megathread

    Rochester, MN, USA