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  1. Today, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, FFG's main distributor in Germany, announced that Star Wars: Armada will be available by mid-March in Germany. On its official webpage the publisher tells us the following: Screenshot included because you cannot link to the news item directly. This is as official as it gets. This means that Armada will be available in Germany in German and English version from mid-March onwards. I don't know what it means for the US release considering the whole delay by the protests. This would suggest that the German release of the game might happen before the US release. On the other hand, a forum post by Heidelberger community staff from February 19th states that Heidelberger Spieleverlag would have to wait with such an announcement until the US release was rescheduled, in order to release the game simultaneously worldwide (just like they do it every time with the wave releases for X-Wing). Anyway, this is big news, isn't it? I am excited! (also, sorry for my English but I don't post to international forums very often)
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