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  1. Someone, somewhere posted 5 or 6 tips for fun and smooth combat - produced by Order 66, I believe? I have not been able to find them anywhere. Can someone help me out? Did I dream this? EDIT: Never mind, I found it: http://www.d20radio.com/content/The%20List.pdf
  2. Sounds like you could use an index! Does anyone know how up to date the Index is with current product? Which was the last book to be included?
  3. You know... If you share what kind of artwork you need, I am sure you would get a lot of help right here...
  4. Yes, that's what I meant by using Legends stuff as long as it does not contradict Canon.
  5. I am aware that EotE came out before the new "Canon" was released by Lucasfilm/Disney. It therefore has many elements from "Legends." That's fine. However, I would like to run a campaign that is compatible with the new "Canon." I don't mind including "Legends" elements, as long as they do not directly contradict the "Canon." So, looking at the adventure "Long Arm of the Hutt"I find references to Geonosians... In the new canon, Geonosis was "sterilized" and very few Geonosians survived. Have anyone else given this any thoughts? How would you handle that in my situation?
  6. Forgive me... Who is Haley? EDIT: But thank you for your compliments... I will pass them on. I did help him with the word "kleptomaniac" - but now he knows something new.
  7. So... My son wrote a background for his Jawa (bear in mind he's only 11). I like it, and think this is going to be a lot of fun! His character's name is Nitt Binnikk. He also wrote the following about his character's personality (I helped him with the Jawaese)...
  8. I am really grateful for your help. Love the community here - you guys have given me a royal welcome. I will go ahead and get the other two core books (I already have two sets of dice), and the NPC decks... That sounds great. I will probably add more stuff later, but that sounds that a great start (and fortunately my birthday is coming up!).
  9. I think I like your ideas, cimmerianthief. The Brawn is a little hard to swallow, but with the lowered WT it may work. It was 3PO who called them "disgusting creatures." I can see why an unrestrained droid would say that about scavenger jawas, but I do not see it as a reason to disallow playing them. Even if they do stink.
  10. New hi-res version after some if the input: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58496840/Jawa02.pdf Lo-res here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58496840/jawa2_small.pdf Keep it coming! I really appreciate your help to create something of quality that will bring joy to the gaming table!
  11. So, I have just recently entered into the world of FFG Star Wars RPG. Someone gave me TFA Beginner Game, and then I went out and bought Edge of the Empire. I have had quite a bit of experience with pen and paper RPGs (I have played for 30 years!), but I am quite unfamiliar with all the product related to this particular brand. For example, I was quite confused by the fact that EotE, AoR and FaD are all marketed as separate games! There are even three different forums here for them. I understand now, of course, that they all have the same mechanics and are basically different modules of the same game - made to use together. My question is - where do I go next? Should I go all out with EotE, and get rule books, adventures, decks, etc - BEFORE venturing in to AoR and FaD? Or should I get the three core rules first? Would that give me more bang for the buck? And what about all these decks? Gah! Need some community guidance here!
  12. I like it! Although... In the new Canon I think that R2 sabotaged that other droid, and the Jawas do not only ACT surprised when Owen points it out - they ARE surprised. This does not mean I disagree with your idea. As I said I like it. Mechanics rank is rather common. I like Gearhead better.
  13. Not exactly sure where I got the stats from, to be honest. I looked at various suggested stats for Jaws online, and settled for what I found being the most balanced. But cimmerianthief is absolutely right, I am wide open to input - and would love even more community made material that is good and LOOKS good!
  14. ...and then you can have their plating upgraded. Just imagine 3PO's soak value for most of Episode 1, compared to after he gets his gold plating.
  15. "You did WHAT!?" -- On a roll with [Despair], the scavenger activates something disastrous, such as a loud alarm, an explosive device, a self destruct sequence or an old (and very moody) security droid.
  16. Nice! So we have: Success + 3 Threat Success + 1 Threat Failure + 2 Advantage We still need, let's see... Success Success + 1 Advantage Success + 2 Advantage Success + 3 Advantage Success + Triumph Success + 2 Threat Success + Despair Failure Failure + 1 Advantage Failure + 3 Advantage Failure + Triumph Failure + 1 Threat Failure + 2 Threat Failure + 3 Threat Failure + Despair
  17. As a reminder, this is what the Core Rules say: Utinni! Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Trees: Outlaw Tech The character removes ■ equal to the character's ranks in Utinni! from checks made to find or scavenge items or gear. These checks could include Negotiation, Perception, or other checks, depending on circumstances and the GM’s discretion. Such skill checks take half their normal time (this does not decrease with multiple ranks of Utinni!).
  18. That is such a BRILLIANT idea! Tell me what you have in mind, with some examples - and we will see what we can (collectively) come up with. I'll make it page 3 of the PDF.
  19. Thanks for all your input (and compliments)!
  20. Thanks... Just entered in to the whole FFG Star Wars RPG world, by the way. I haven't GM'd for almost 15 years! Love it! It's just like getting back on a bike.
  21. It was probably still uploading. Try it now.
  22. I am SURE this has been posted before, but I have compiled information and made a nifty PDF for those wishing to play a Jawa. My son insisted on playing one, so I made this for him. It will take one heck of a background story and a lot of good role-playing to play a Jawa, but it has added a lot to our group! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58496840/JAWA.pdf Low-res: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58496840/jawalores.pdf
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