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  1. Ugh... I have been trying and trying to print these out, but they will not print correctly on a letter size paper (they shrink, and will not line up). Has anyone else been able to overcome this? Getting A4 cardstock paper is seemingly out of the question...
  2. But some Agility actions and maneuvers would use the legs more than the arms... what then? That's why I am asking. I would still interpret the rules as a general characteristics raise.
  3. That's my thought. It seems it would possibly open up a lot of needless debate...
  4. The Biotech Cybernetic Arms (Mod V and VI, Core p. 173) gives the PC +1 Brawn/Agility... Does a person with a Mod VI Cyberarm raise their Agilitity characteristics with one in all situations - or only in situations where the GM determines that he/she is using the arm? In other words: is the +1 Agility/Brawn general or situational?
  5. That is awesome... Going to bring them to the printer next week, then sleeve them. Keep it up!! You are doing the community a great service!
  6. Oh, dear… Well, I think you probably did as well as you could. I myself am a conservative, traditional Christian (and have served as a pastor for many years). I have also been a RPG gamer (and GM) since 1986… Still GM, although mostly for my family. I have been part of making role playing games, game testing new products, and written published adventures… So there. No contradiction for me. I have also met fundamentalists of the “Chick-tract persuasion.” There is no convincing them - and frankly, I don’t have it in me to do so. Some people are just terribly, terribly misinformed about what Roleplaying Games are. They are still somewhere in the early 1990’s panic about cultic covens and ritual murders… A roleplaying game is what the GM (and the group) makes it. It can be clean and moral - emphasizing good over evil - if that is how the group wants to play. It can be decadent, dark, occult and “immoral” if that is how the GM and player wants to do it. Just like play acting. Just like writing a book. Just like picking a movie from Redbox. Just like any other hobby… Oy vey! So I apologize, on behalf of people identifying themselves as Christians. Keep at it, mom. You’ve done what you can.
  7. Oh, I have no problems printing it for myself! I am just not going to share it publicly online - because I believe that would be frowned upon.
  8. I have scanned and photoshopped the heck out of the Galaxy map, and have a great high-res version on my computer. I added all the canonical places like D'Qar, Jakku, Chandrila etc.... Took out some obsolete EU regions from the one in EotE Core book. Unfortunately I think I would be in major trouble if I shared it.
  9. WOW! Thanks for the fast turn-around time! #feelinghumbled The graphics are what they are- they're ugnaughts, after all, so it's not like there might be a zillion FFG-style images, anyway! I just needed something that looks "official" enough to get players a reference without the computer fired up. Thank you so very much! You are more than welcome. I love what you are doing for the kids - and I hope that it will be fun for YOU as well!
  10. Alright, here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58496840/Ugnaught.pdf Give it a minute or so to upload. I apologize if it is not as polished as the Jawa one, I didn't quite find the graphics I'd like, but I hope it works...
  11. I made the one for Jawas... I will try to find the time to make one for Ugnaughts ASAP.
  12. Lazarus effect on this thread... I would be interested in seeing "flow charts" on how other GMs have managed tying the published adventures together, and what they have done to fill th gaps in between - so to speak. My new group started with Debts to Pay, but I changed Bargos to Teemo. They failed to save the mine and the miners, and Teemo got furious and put them in his dungeon. Voila! Opened up perfectly for Escape from Mos Shuuta and the Long Arm... will use PC Obligations to take them to Formos next and "Trouble Brewing"... After that I have yet to decide, but I think the Hutt in TB may become their Patron for future adventures and smuggle runs.
  13. Just so you know, I am still eagerly awaiting these... :-)
  14. My son (10) plays a Jawa Outlaw Tech, and has great fun jabbering away in Jawaese whenever he gets excited. I have used the stats from the PDF I posted on this forum, and it is working well.
  15. You mean like this: http://makingstarwars.net/2016/09/take-a-look-at-the-new-phantom-from-star-wars-rebels/
  16. I am working on expanding the timetable for Galactic Routes (Fly Casual, page 78). I want to add more key systems in the Galaxy, but before I go any further, has this already been done??
  17. Thanks. Figured, but I wasn't sure if there was anything official published that I was not aware of.
  18. Working this one in to my campaign... The planet is featured in the Aftermath books. Has any map been published that would actually give a location for Akiva? EDIT: Wookiepedia says: "Akiva was a remote planet in the Outer Rim Territories. It was one of five worlds closest to Raydonia, the others being Mustafar, Geonosis, Dermos, and Tatooine." That's not much help - as that is a huge are, isn't it?
  19. Freighters and more Silhouette 3 will be very useful... Your strategy of working your way up the classes sounds good to me!
  20. I have to take them to a printers, so I want to do them all at once (and am therefore eagerly waiting for a few more waves). I will most certainly use them though!
  21. A7T, I really like that... that's what I will do.
  22. I actually DO read (not speak) Koine Greek. :-) Anyhow, as my players are all drawing inspiration from the "new canon" I want to tie it in to it as much as possible. I respect that you do not "worry too much about getting your game to sync up closely with the Disneyverse." I, on the other hand, DO want it to take place in that rendition of the Star Wars universe.
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