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  1. Opposed check vs. the droid's Computer skill? I'm not quite sure I can make sense of that.... The chassis difficulty makes more sense to me though.
  2. Isn't "skorv" a skin condition? Like cradle cap or scalp eczema? Not something I would love! I think you mean "potatis-korv"
  3. So... I have a droid tech in my group who tends to like to take Imperial droids and reprogram them. (Being a hipster he did this before Rogue One - before it was cool.) Are there any actual rules for reprogramming a droid? I have followed the rules in Special Modifications, and have just skipped the construction part (Mechanics) and gone straight to the programming part (Computers). But this seems almost too easy! How would you play this? Would you raise the difficulty? Have the tech first slice the droid before programming? How long would it take? Curious to hear from you all...
  4. A book with LOTS of NPC creatures and "animals" from around the Galaxy would be nice. But they are more likely to splash them in other books, as they have up to this point. And I guess that is what the NPC decks are for (and they are great....) So I changed my mind. I want more NPC cards.
  5. Is there a more complete list anywhere else?
  6. Other than being a bit "preachy," I actually really like the Aftermath books, especially Life Debt.
  7. I don't know... Whatever Chuck Wendig was intending when he wrote Aftermath.
  8. Secret hyperspace route? Meh. That would be useless when actually describing a location.
  9. So, how can you be close to Tattooine, Mustafar and Raydonia?! LOL!
  10. Raydonia is "relatively close to Dathomir" according to canon (http://www.starwars.com/databank/raydonia)
  11. Found a very odd thing in the Canon novel "Aftermath." There is a jungle planet in the book called Akiva. It's a cool planet, and I was planning on using it in my campaign. I just needed to locate it. Being a "new" planet, it is not on the galaxy map. The book first of all says that Akiva is in the Outer Rim. Secondly, Akiva was one of five worlds closest to Raydonia, the others being Mustafar, Geonosis, Dermos, and Tatooine. Raydonia is said to be located close to Dathomir. No clue where Dermos is... Tattooine, Mustafar and Dathomir are in completely different parts of the galaxy! Where the heck is Akiva located?! “Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing …” (Someone have been messing with the data bank again.) I know no one has an answer to this, as it is probably just a Wendig inconsistency, but I just wanted to post it. Being a geek, this stuff drives me nuts.
  12. I doubt we will see any of the crew, but it's still a very nice nod to continuity.
  13. And since you do not add a career, but only a new specialization, you can not get the Signature Ability from that tree? Correct?
  14. Necromantically resurrecting this thread... If I branch out and get a specialization from a DIFFERENT career, can I get the signature ability from that career as well as my original one?
  15. I have honestly rolled a Google check.... Got no successes, two threats. Sorry.
  16. I love how you don't even mention how the car fared!
  17. Yeah, it's an annoying setting on my printer that refuses to let me center the image... I will follow your lead and take in to Staples. What type of paper/gloss would you recommend at Staples?
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