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  1. Here it is as TTF: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8nq0741b41palgu/AAAQoXvkOUmL58cY7FQj6mVLa?dl=0
  2. Anyone have a link to the Genesys discord channel?
  3. I was thinking that as well - but would imagine a need for rules for netrunning, cybernetics, etc. Seems like they are already more than halfway there though!
  4. I have not played Netrunner LCG, or Android - but am intrigued by the cyberpunk setting that I have seen. I would love to role-play in the Netrunner universe! What do you all think the odds are that FFG will give out a Netrunner module in Genesys? They have so much fantastic artwork already, and with all games and novels produced it shouldn't be too hard to write a "world book"...
  5. NECROMANCY: Has this been officially clarified by FFG somewhere?
  6. Yeah, most people who are able to do this will charge you - and rightly so.
  7. Is the "Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia" (DK, April 4, 2017) canon? If so, Vaapad is also canon.
  8. Does anyone on this forum do full-color character artwork on commission? If not, is there anyone you can recommend?
  9. In my campaign I had the two dukes as being absent when the sterilization took place (working off world)... A few years after the sterilization they returned to Geonosis and took over some of the old manufacturing camps. These are the dukes the PCs interact with... I actually turned it into further adventures, as the Empire found out that they were there and sent an "Extermination Team" (pun intended) to Geonosis to take them out once and for all. The PCs ended up protecting them, and transporting them off world - and fighting elite Stormtroopers as they did so.
  10. If we are playing the Core campaign, can players pick characters from other Expansions, such as Jabba's Realm? Or are they restricted to the characters that came in the Core box?
  11. If fans made the decisions... It would be Galactic Civil War.
  12. I would agree with Discipline. Perhaps the PC will get additional setback dice for better makes. My second question though is: How long would such a reprogramming take? A minute? A day?
  13. I could see a Computer check vs. the original maker/manufacturer's Computer skill... But not the droid's.
  14. Jag bor i USA, och kan eventuellt hjälpa er att få tag på en del grejer... Det är väl typ lagligt? PMa mig.
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