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  1. Leemo2

    Clear Sleeves Argh

    Cliear Sleeves Standard Card Game Size have been out of stock on FFG site and in pretty much every store on earth for a month now. Are these going to be ordered and re-distributed? Is the line being abandoned? Are Dragon Shield clear sleeves the exact same? The other clear sleeves I have available are either awful (Ultra Pro with the holographic dot that makes the card look silly) or of a slightly different, but noticeable in a deck, size or thickness. I am drowning in unsleeved AGOTLCG cards, here.
  2. Hey - My question is about using Fishmonger's Square and Corpse Lake as responses to a discard event: Corpse Lake: Response - after a triggered effect discards 1 or more characters from the top of an opponent's deck, claim 1 power for your House. Fishmonger's Square: Response - After an attachment or event card is discarded from a player's deck, kneel Fishmonger's Square to draw 2 cards. Am I correct in believing these 2 will always synergize because the response opportunity is triggered by the discarding of an individual card? That is, if I use a drowned disciple for claim soak to force all my opponents to discard 3 cards: Player A first discards a Character from the top of their deck, I trigger Corpse Lake to claim a power. Player A then discards an Attachment, I trigger Fishmonger's square to draw 2 cards. Because of Corpse Lake's wording (one or more characters), I could not trigger it against the same player should their 3rd discard be a character. But, what about the next player? Would I be able to use Corpse Lake on them, also, and in most Melee situations grab 3 power from Corpse Lake everytime I can mill with a Disciple? I guess I am a little unclear on how discarding works - do players discard 1 card at a time, in sequence (Player A discard 1,2,3->Player B discard 1,2,3), allowing for responses against each individually discarded card? Or, when you discard "3 cards off the top of your deck" is that a lump of 3 cards that can only be interacted with as a single entity (letting me use EITHER Corpse Lake or Fishmonger's Square, on the basis of 1 response per trigger)? Thanks
  3. Leemo2

    Night's Watch Deck

    1) Yes, you can use multiple. As I was recently admonished, presume the positive when interpreting rules text (that is, the cards "can" do things), don't get hung up on you/the card designer missing something - it seldom happens, and for any older cards they'd be in the FAQ for errata/restricted/banned so. 2) Val and Satin would be the typical combo to see out of a Night's Watch deck, particularly running out of House Baratheon with The Laughing Storm. One of my favorite project decks is a Night's Watch deck. I struggle with TLS because thematically he is not as totally in synch as the other cards, but at the same time he is ridiculous powerful. Because Val can be a bit difficult in reading to understand her power, her typical use is to activate her ability during Marshalling, before paying any costs but after having knelt some of your cost reducer locations (e.g. a street of steel and a fiefdom). If the first card up is anything playable in the Marshalling phase, you get to pay its cost and put it into play. Because it's a draw effect, you can do this 3 times and with little/no risk so long as you don't run with a lot of phase-specific events or a constricted gold pool. My NW deck runs in Winter and I struggle with that. I am liking the use of Night's Watch trait assignment to Baratheon Cards (via The Wall) in terms of really powering up my weenie 0-cost Heralds. I also find that the "Herald of the Stag" card can fit in nicely because of his ability to let you positively know you can play the top card of your deck the first time you use Val. Mine runs just two North agendas, for MIL and INT. All the Baratheons have POW anyhow, as do some of the NW. FYI, though, this deck never wins (okay it has won once in its life), but does often aggravate people!
  4. mnBroncos said: okay thanks for the quick response…im a brand new player and just started building decks and playing so havent gotten to the skill to finish games quicker and just got expansions yesterday to build decks with copies so guess if you have exstra copie on all ur unquie players and use it be great way to give u an advantage. When my buddy and I played our first few games, we regularly sawed through the entire plot deck and halfway out the other end before victory - we also viewed Valar as an annoyance, as one of us would end up forced to play it on Turn 7, sweeping the board since we didn't really understand about save/cancel, and the core deck has no dupes anyhow…
  5. Leemo2

    Lannister deck help

    I should mention you could easily pull all the "Clansman" cards and Tyrion and swap in, say, Ser Amory's Poachers + Addam Marbrand + Gregor's Band for non-kneeling army joy. Alternatively, you could get creative with some neutrals and the like. The combo-y cards in this are: Bronn+Bronn's Hirelings+Jamie Lannister for Deadly, including on Defense. Numerous non-unique non-limited locations + All the Gold in Casterly Rock for income. Myrcella + Cersei + Everything Intrigue Related for challenge victories / discard. Clansmen + Tyrion for massive overload on the last challenge of each phase. (When all the knelt clansmen are on Tyrion's side) Terminal Schemes + Double Bluff + Ilyn Paine + Intrigue for murder. Bastard (attachments) and Dromond (locations) are the only control, really. Pycelle + Widows' Wail bolster draw. You could surgically remove any of the above and refocus on another area. I didn't really set out to make a deck for your friend, I was just jotting notes and realized oh, that's a deck.
  6. Leemo2

    Lannister deck help

    We have control, draw and power to consider. With Core+LOTR, you definitely want to be running The Power Behind the Throne, allowing you to engage in Intrigue challenges 2x per round. This lets you limit your opponent's options thru discard, and also to have a better chance of undefended challenges (since you can make 4 per turn, requiring more people to be knelt to deal with you) LOTR Cersei is immediately essential, 3x, as she gives you power for Intrigue, doesn't kneel to attack Intrigue and picks up keywords as you win challenges. Bronn's Hireling, 3x, because he is a cost 1/str1 Deadly Intrigue. Opponent's will be reticent about losing a character to "Deadly" on Intrigue, as they can't double-dip as with Martial, and may be more willing to simply discard a random card. Doubting Septa, 3x, because she is a little bit of draw for a weenie who never hits the dead pile and will cycle into your deck as you do shuffle. She is there to die for claim or other purposes, though. Make no mistake. Lord Tyrion's Host, 3x, will often be a cost 3 Str 6 bicon, as Lannister typically has gold "left over" / will not suffer much from having a bit set aside. LOTR Myrcella, 3x, for sure - she gives you an additional intrigue challenge when you discard her, and is a respectable 2cost 2Str bicon when she's in play. Never dupe her - since her ability is a discard, you can pop it 3 times in one game. Ser Ilyn Payne, 1x, because he's kind of awesome. Even with only one copy, we will stick in a Core Jaime because he is great for military challenges and has martial/intrigue + deadly. That is 17 cards, and we are really weak for military. Synergy-wise, we have gotten some good intrigue in, and from a keyword perspective have some ladies, clansmen, and knights with one queen. So let's add in LOTR Bronn, 3x- he allows you to kill while defending by leveraging deadly. It's too bad we don't have access to House Payne Enforcers! Now our gold curve is getting troublesome and our martial is still a big weakness. Let's add: Tribes of the Vale, 3x. It means keeping your card count low, which can be hard when you're running Intrigue since you're milling through opponents, but we will focus this deck on having "playable" cards at all times to keep the count low. LOTR Tyrion gives you some Stealth, combos up with your now (6) Clansmen, and is tricon+stealth. 3 of him. This is 26 cards. We will round out the Clansman theme with: 2x Crawn son of Calor, who lets you play Clansmen from Discard 1x Chella Daughter of Cheyk, who gives some mild location control. We will add Core Pycelle, 1x, because he is great for draw. That is 30 characters, but the troubling gold curve means we need some help from our locations. Shadowblack Lane costs 0 and reduces an Intrigue play, so let's chuck that in. (non-limited) It's limited to one per deck. Lannisport Treasury costs 2, but gives you 2 gold. If you don't get them out early there's not much point, but they're nice if you have some time to work with them. So we'll toss in 2. Coin Mint is not great, but it is not limited and it is a net +2 coins, so let's add in 2 copies of that. Golden Tooth mines, 1x, is mandatory for draw purposes. Queen Cersei's Chambers, 1x, because it's cheap and non-limited. The Gold Road, 3x, 0 cost. It's limited, but more flexibility than Treasury. The Inn at the Crossroads, 2, just because it can be handy for you and plays into Clansmen. That is 12 locations, all but one of which offer money or cost reduction. Let's add 3x Shield Islands Dromon for location control, and because we are going to be taking doing All The Gold in Casterly Rock as a plot. 30 Characters, 15 locations. Now for attachments: Increased Levy, 2x, can be played during setup, is unlimited, and can hook onto otherwise not-great lands such as the Treasury. Bastard, 2x, is about all you're going to get for attachment control so learn to love it. You can use him defensively for your many non-power characters, remember. Widow's Wail, 1x, can be nice when you draw into it as it boosts your draw., but as a unique isn't worth multiple copies due to ease of attachment control. Bodyguard, 1x, why not? Some expensive uniques in here. That's 6 attachments. Finally, events: Terminal Schemes, x3, to kill pesky characters. The Wealth of the Rock, x3, to boost income Double Bluff, x3, to keep people guessing That's 9 events. That's 60 cards! For Plots? All the Gold in Casterly Rock for massive expenditures and emptying of hand to support clansmen (a bit… it is not really end of the world if you have cards in hand). Frey Hospitality, for murder purposes. Game of Thrones, for zerging. Shadows and Spiders to limit opponent's options. Mutual Enemies to paper over martial weakness. Summoning Season to get Cersei or another key character out of your deck. Valar or Wildfire for reset. Use events are you get 'em, to bolster your board and to swap intrigue to power or martial for kill/power, or just to kill with terminal schemes. Play wildfire, and then follow it up with Frey Hospitality + Myrcella to clean up the board. This is not a great deck, but it does have a story-ish theme (it's basically Cersei and Tyrion when he returns to King's Landing), should be able to win some, will struggle with accumulating/protecting power. Mulligan your first hand if it doesn't have 2 playable locations.
  7. Reading more closely, a good player with Core+Deluxe+some budget for pre-scouted chapter packs (Say, 5-6 of them) would be able to do respectably and plausibly win/2nd, particularly in melee, especially if you scheme specifically against the current flavor of the month (which you can determine by taking a look at the match reports on various websites). All my other comments still apply, though.
  8. mnBroncos said: i love the books and just got into the game of thrones lcg and want to get to a point that can enter tournements (for fun dont really plan on winning) but wondering if get just the core and the expansions be able to make competetive decks i dont want to spend a ton of money on chapter packs and get only two cards really use in each type of deal. also if i get the martell expansion (since really love them for some reason even though rarely in the books so far) is just that core deck fairly well built alone? any help be greatly appreciated (: I think it is very common with this game for a group of people to get together under either a commie or a daddy model. In the former, everyone pools money to buy the game and its expansions communally, with "first dibs" offered up on houses and settled via roshambo or similar method. In the latter, one person obsessively buys everything and then lets other people build/sleeve decks so that they have friends to play with! Unless you are extremely creative, you're unlikely to go to a Joust or Melee tournament with just core+an expansion and be able to place well, though I think it's overstating the case to suggest you will be last place every time. A lot of this game revolves around not making crucial mistakes, and on manipulating the meta-game (the multiplayer titles and game board). That being said, a lot more of this game revolves around cards - and the fewer cards you have, the less options you've got. However, with YOUR FRIENDS, you can play with whatever cards you have available, and have fun every time - it's a level playing field! So long as everyone has access to the same cards. We actually got started with chapter packs, since you get cards for each house. We pooled our resources to buy a full cycle ($75 versus $150 for the 6 deluxe expansions) and got hooked from there. Also: fun of "unboxing". If you want to play at a high competitive level and not feel like the guy with no Lotus or Mox in a cash prize Type 1 MTG tournament (e.g. a guy losing largely because he was neither lucky nor rich), you will need more cards. Maybe not all -- but all the ones to support an efficient build, which will likely require multiple copies of the core set (2-3), multiple copies of the first chapter cycle (same), one copy of the remaining chapter cycles, and the deluxe expansion for your chosen house. Blessedly, you could probably trade in one Mox and get that. I recommend using some online deck-building tools (I use cardgamedb). You can both make decks filtering only to the sets you own, or make decks filtering to everything and then go buy the necessary sets.
  9. Leemo2

    house dayne reserves

    mnBroncos said: just wondering if the part ANY PHASE kneel 1 influence to return house dayne reserves to its owners hand. can your oppenent use this? just wondering because why would the owner of that card want to mnBroncos said: just wondering if the part ANY PHASE kneel 1 influence to return house dayne reserves to its owners hand. can your oppenent use this? just wondering because why would the owner of that card want to No, although there is a mechanic that is similar to what you're thinking it always specifies something like (any player may trigger this effect). For instance, Steelshanks Walton says "Dominance: If you won dominance this round, take control of Steelshanks Walton. (Any player may trigger this effect)." Unless otherwise specified, card effects can only be triggered by the card's controller.
  10. This should be in deck-building, but the simple answer is that the game is designed to accommodate multiple board "resets". Otherwise, the complexity of interactions becomes very difficult to keep track of and even very experienced players lose the handle on possible outcomes. A reset allows you to "simplify" the board, and Valar in particular is not "Cannot be saved" and so allows the initiator to leverage save effects such as Bodyguard, duplicates, the many Greyjoy saves, Unburnt, etc. Since you can plan your reset, you can ensure that you are (generally, unless playing vs. Greyjoy) the most equipped player to deal with it. This gives you a fresh board within which you should have board advantage over at least half of the other people playing, a simpler game and, since it's probably occurring turn 3 or turn 4, a clear path to victory! It's worth mentioning that there are means of interacting with Valar to prevent you from suffering its 0 claim (by flipping a new plot card, or using +claim cards such as Arianne Martel / the Red Viper) - it does not force you to avoid initiating challenges, only makes them unrewarding from a claim perspective. Likewise, you still "win" challenges and so can trigger responses such as Superior Claim. You will also find that a very common strategy in Melee is a power rush (out of Baratheon, usually), which is most effectively countered at a macro level by Valar, forcing the killing of multiple characters. Even saved characters, after a Valar, have limited options - because the opponent has a smaller board, military claim has much more effect in the subsequent round, as do any generic "owner's choice" kill/discard effects. But, honestly, I include resets primarily to prune the board and let me know what all is going on.
  11. Though this whole thing would not even be a question if the grammatically unambiguous "any challenges" instead of "any challenge" If anyone else wants to weigh in to indicate they interpret it similarly (applies to all challenges) or differently (applies to only one), please feel free. I will point my group to this thread.
  12. doulos2k said: While I see your point, your grocer is giving you an explicit choice in a specific point in time. Any orange at that moment. Each challenge also happens in a specific moment in time… each time a challenge happens, you check the language and, again, it says "any X challenge." If you walk out the door and come back into your grocer's store and he, again, says, "pick any orange and take it home," you get to pick another one. You don't get to pick a pear or an apple, but you do get to pick an orange a second time because a second event has occurred. This is very good, thanks.
  13. doulos2k said: The Core Rules language is pretty explicit in my mind: "If you choose this title, you add 3 to your side’s total STR in any X challenge in which you have at least one participating character." There are two things here - the word "any X challenge" and "in which you have at least one participating character." The STR buff would apply in every case where both statements were true. Where my group gets hung up is if I am a grocer and I say, "Pick any orange to take home for free", nobody is interpreting that as an orange-less grocer. Any is not a great word to use without qualifiers - it can mean a, an, one, or some (of), or many.
  14. Hey - Are these bonuses intended to be used only once per Challenges Phase, or are they constant effects when the condition is met (having at least one participating character in the given challenge type)? We have been playing that they are one-offs, interpreting the "any X challenge" to mean "during any X challenge of your choice." But, the wording would seem to work either way -"You add $50 to your paycheque during any week in which you work a Tuesday", or "You add $50 to your paycheque during any given week in which you work a Tuesday", hinging on whether the printed "Power Struggle" icon is meant to specifiy an individual challenge or a class thereof. Help out, please -- and if you can explain to me how to interpret from the rulebook/FAQ that would be very much helpful. As may be apparent, we are a bit of a literal-minded meta that quibbles often about the rules.