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  1. Donovan Morningfire

    Retooling "Cracked" and "Corrupted" as modifiers

    Myself personally, I would treat the Cracked and Corrupted as overriding whatever the crystal's traits were previously; a Sapith Gem that is cracked simply becomes a Cracked Crystal and uses those specific traits, not some combination of the two. Elsewise, you open the door to some significant min-maxing. That being said, since neither of these (cracked or corrupted) are generally seen to be good things to have happen to the kyber crystal, if you are going to the route of having corrupted/cracked versions of the other crystals, my suggestion would be to have those traits impart mostly drawbacks with little to no perks. On the Cracked crystal as a template, it simply includes a mod option to add a rank of the Vicious quality, but also applies the whole rule of shattering into uselessness on a Despair result, and that's it. The trade-off might be that the rarity of the crystal type is reduced by one, as finding imperfect/flawed kyber crystals is likely easier to accomplish than the standard unflawed versions. For a Corrupted crystal, I wouldn't make this a template at all, since at least under how it's explained in the current canon the dark sider is directly altering the crystal through infusing it with the dark side, in turn making the crystal a very different object than what it started out as.
  2. Donovan Morningfire

    Coruscant Underbelly

    There's the Free RPG Day adventure Under a Black Sun, which you can grab off FFG's EotE page, found under resources I believe. It's fairly narrow in scope, but does deal a good bit with Coruscant's underbelly, so that's something. I recall somebody did a prequel adventure to the above, but don't remember who it was or the adventure's name. It's possibly in the stickied thread for resources, so searching there under adventures might help you track it down.
  3. Donovan Morningfire

    Rise of the Separtist's release date?

    It's entirely possible that if there was a production issue that required FFG to order a new print run of the book, that with the new release date being in April, they might well opt to have the book be released to coincide with Celebration. it's not going to be a con-exclusive, but seeing as how the book's been delayed to this extent, they may have just opted to roll with it and hold off until Celebration to start shipping the book.
  4. Donovan Morningfire

    Playing as a Grey Jedi

    From what I recall, the whole notion of the "grey Jedi" sprang up during the D6 days, as a way for players to be able to use Force powers that per RAW automatically awarded dark side points when used but without having to incur those dark side points. To put in to SWFFG terms, it's akin to being able to use dark pips rolled on your Force die as if they were white pips without having to suffer conflict, strain, or flip a Destiny Point. It was largely derided as a munchkin approach and flying completely in the face of what the Star Wars lore was at the time, where the dichotomy between light side and dark side was much starker regarding Force users. Then again, WEG had a very punitive dark side mechanic, where a PC had only so much room for error before their character wound up being an NPC. As for the current Morality mechanic, as emsquared noted FFG didn't really intend for it.to be a punitive mechanic the way that prior SWRPGs handled tracking dark side points. From what the recent lore has shown, one really doesn't just "accidentally" slide into being a full-blown dark sider, but that it takes a deliberate choice and deliberate action to fully embrace the dark side; how far down the rabbit hole a particular Force user goes is up to them, but it's ultimately a matter of choice. Even Anakin took a while to fall, with Palps slowly and judiciously nudging the boy over the course of his Jedi apprenticeship and the Clone Wars themselves until he reached the point of making that fateful decision to willingly embrace the dark side. Yes, being a dark sider in this system carries penalties, but compared to prior SWRPGs those penalties are pretty light.
  5. Donovan Morningfire

    Trouble Fitting Character Idea to Career

    Of the two, I've found that Shii-Cho Knight is more durable (focus on Brawn, rank of Toughened, ranks of Second Wind for fast strain recovery) and the talents are more broadly useful, especially as the PCs are more likely to be facing down minion groups than nemeses or even rivals that really need the offensive perks that Makashi Duelist offers. For Makashi Duelist, the main problem is that one of its two primary defensive talents, Feint, requires the PC to miss their attack in order for it to activate, which is a problem since the system is skewed towards making it easier to hit, thus the talent that should be protecting the Makashi Duelist in a one-on-one fight isn't likely to trigger as often as the player might like.
  6. Donovan Morningfire

    Playing as a Grey Jedi

    Playing a "grey Jedi" in that that you're neither light side or dark side is largely the default for Force users, as you're in the mid-range regarding the two extremes of the Morality scale. As emsquared said, being able to freely choose between using light or dark pips without any consequence is way too powerful of an option, to the point that you might as well just not bother rolling Force dice and just let Force powers go off at a rate of each Force die counts as one Force point. Which in turn is going to seriously skew the game in favor Force users, something FFG has taken great pains to avoid. If you're looking to encourage the players to use dark side pips more frequently in your games, the easiest solution that doesn't break the game is simply remove the destiny point cost. From my own experiences, if there's no requirement to spend a destiny point, then players (who aren't going Lawful Good Paladin route) are going to be a lot more tempted to use those dark pips to fuel their Force powers. Using the dark pips should still carry the strain and conflict costs (or just strain if you're not using the full Morality mechanics).
  7. Donovan Morningfire

    Can the clones breed?

    Nothing in the new canon, but Legends at least the children of clone troopers seemed to age at a normal rate. And the accelerated aging was still a thing for the clone troopers, as Rebels gave us Rex, Wolfe, and Gregor as being rather old looking men given their chronological age, which was approximately 28 years assuming that Season 2 took place about 4 BBY and Rex's line in the TCW movie about him only being 10 years old. Even assuming that Rex was indeed the old bearded guy on the Endor team in RotJ, he probably didn't live much past the toppling of the Empire and the founding of the New Republic simply due to old age; he'd very likely be long dead by the time TFA takes place. Which in a twisted way makes sense for Sidious to have the clone troopers have a shortened shelf life, especially in light of how Order 66 was forcibly enforced via an implanted brain chip and that according to Dave Filoni a great many of the clone troopers had severe regrets over their participation in the execution of Order 66. As Rex showed, even at his accelerated age a clone trooper with his combat experience proved a devastatingly effective asset in combating the Empire.
  8. Donovan Morningfire

    Starter Mandalorian Armor

    If you're referring to Sabine's stats in Dawn of Rebellion, that's likely her kit as of Season 3, where she'd noticeably upgraded her armor. Also, Mando armor is pretty potent (especially with the amount of hard points it has), so just handing out something like that to a starting XP character is giving them one heck of a leg up compared to the other PCs. It's akin to handing a starting XP character a light repeating blaster for free "just because." For starting Mando armor, the PC can simply just purchase a Padded Vest and say "yeah, this is a set of Mando armor, but it's not a full set just yet." And at a later point, the PC can employ the armor crafting rules to reforge the armor into something better, truly making the armor "theirs."
  9. Donovan Morningfire

    Can the clones breed?

    Does it ultimately matter? Sexual preference isn't solely the domain of genetics, so whichever direction Jango orientated towards doesn't mean his clones would have the same preference. Jango (and seemingly Boba) were both workaholics with no time for much in the way of a social life, though in Legends at least Boba did have a wife for a brief time and a daughter that he reconnected with much later in his life. It's quite likely that Jango saw it as an opportunity to have the "perfect" apprentice/heir that he could mold as he saw fit from the ground up.
  10. Donovan Morningfire

    Can the clones breed?

    Drawing from Legends, one of the story arcs in the Republic Commando series revolves around a Clone Commando and a young female Jedi commander/general having a child (which came across as unnecessarily creepy in how Karen Traviss tackled it), so biologically speaking it does seem to be possible. Given that the clone troopers weren't just simply exterminated once the Clone Wars ended, I'd say that it's quite likely that there are people out in the galaxy that have the same genetic father. That is unless there was some element in the training/conditioning to try and make them have an asexual outlook, but biological impulses can be a funny thing, and fiction is replete with stories across all genres of humans overcoming extreme conditioning to instead act on biological impulses, whether it be beneficial or detrimental. Now if you want delve into the matter, one thing to consider is that given the frequent life-or-death situations they found themselves, it's not entirely out of the question that clone troopers might have formed emotional/romantic bonds with other clone troopers. True, no progeny would be created, but there's nothing to suggest in either Legends or the new canon that clone troopers were "wired" to be of one particular orientation. Admittedly, I could see the Kamonians instilling programming along with all the combat data that was imparted via flash learning to try and suppress such 'useless' biological urges, likely to make the clone troopers be asexual (they were created to fight a war after all). How well it takes may well vary from clone to clone based upon their own experiences; ones that have more opportunity to see what life away from constant warfare is like might be quicker to subvert that conditioning than clones were are almost constantly in the trenches or otherwise don't get to mingle with the broader civilian populace. Seems like KungFuFerret's campaign is being set in the Rebellion Era, so that last paragraph may not have much relevance to the larger campaign. Though it might be interesting to have a PC who was adopted and their two dads are a pair of retired clone troopers, and certainly explain why the PC in question has such formidable combat skills. Heck, perhaps the PC was the illegitimate child of a Jed Knight that the clone troopers served under, and in the wake of Order 66 the two clones decided to make amends for their actions by raising their fallen general's offspring? It'd certainly be one heck of a story hook.
  11. Agreed, at least with regards to the current edition. And most likely not with the any possible revised or second edition unless they ditch the baby with the bath water and make it a Genesys clone (which I find highly unlikely). The three core book approach worked out very well financially for FFG, making the SWRPG line very profitable for them. Which seeing as how FFG is a for-profit company. The percentage of people like TylerTT that are belly-aching over not having a single corebook are in a distinct minority, and in terms of purchasing power don't amount to squat. For every one of his ilk, there's probably five or more folks that are okay with the multiple lines, simply because they can narrow their Star Wars games to the themes they want, and if so desiring can pretty much excise Jedi and the like from their campaigns; they can even go so far as to cut Force users out entirely as the Force chapter in EotE and AoR is pretty minimal, with the option to introduce it gradually if they so choose. It's a strategy that has worked out wonderfully for FFG and for folks that don't want to be forced into a "kitchen sink" Star Wars game.
  12. Can't speak for the KOTOR/SWTOR eras, but with the sequel era it's probably more the case that Sam wants to wait until Episode 9 is released and they know how the story goes before they really delve into producing a era-splat for that time frame. TFA Beginner Box didn't really offer much new in terms of the galaxy, and frankly it can be used for any era, such as Clone Wars or Rebellion, with just a few name changes, swapping out Jakku for some other desert wasteland planet and First Order for either Empire or Separatists.
  13. And that's not counting that D&D has been using the "you need three books in order to play" model since the inception of D&D 1st edition, a business model that is still alive and thriving for that product line to this day.
  14. Yep. And since the three book model proved to be fiscally successful for FFG, it's not likely they're going to change course and try to cram everything into a single rulebook. WotC took that approach, trying to have their corebooks cover the prequel era, the OT era, and the NJO era, with the Saga Edition catching it the worst in terms of barest of bare essentials.
  15. To be fair, the Star Wars RPG line has been in production for over 5 years now, especially if you count the EotE Beta. It's rare for an RPG to go without updating to a second/newer edition that much past the 5 year mark, with WotC's 4e being a major exception (likely as they were re-assessing in wake of the negative feedback before moving forward with 5e) and Palladium (which is due to Siembieda being stuck in the past and delusional in the belief that the Palladium system is just fine as is despite being decades out of date from what it was written). Even HERO System has made various tweaks during their edition changes while keeping the fundamental core mechanics largely the same. As was discussed when the line was starting up, FFG is stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they're going to get flak for either having three separate corebooks as they've done, or go the way of Genesys with one very bare-bones corebook and then requiring the GM/players to either purchase at least one add-on book to play the theme they want or do a whole lot of work homebrewing up the material they'd need for that theme (or hoping that somebody else did the work of writing up the theme and didn't bungle the job).