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  1. Is defensive driving a strong talent?

    It's helpful, especially if you're in a ship that's got decent shields already, but it's not a "must have" talent either, since it only adds setback dice and those can be situationally useful, as there's a 1 in 3 chance the die will come up blank. Personally, assuming you're in a snubfighter squadron game, I wouldn't say it's really worth dipping into a third spec if that spec in and of itself doesn't fit your character's general concept. Pilot gets a rank of Defensive Driving anyway, so I'd say save the XP you'd have spent buying into Squadron Leader and spent on Pilot talents instead.
  2. Q dual wielding nimian

    It's the second one, with the uncancelled successes being added to the damage of the individual weapon, with the target getting to apply their soak (if applicable) to each separate hit. Granted, if you're using lightsabers then the target's soak isn't going to matter. Provided you scored sufficient advantage on your combat check to trigger the second weapon to hit. If you don't score those 2 advantage (or 1 advantage if your lightsabers have the Paired attachment from Fly Casual), then the damage on the second weapon isn't relevant since it didn't connect.
  3. Another Character Generator

    Another bug (don't think it's been flagged to be fixed): For the Armor Templates, the Combat Armor template is listed as already having the Sealable quality. Given that one of the options to customize a set of constructed armor is to add the Sealable quality, pretty sure that Combat Armor shouldn't have it by default.
  4. Reflect and Parry

    Out of curiosity, how many failures are given per rank of Parry/Reflect? I'm going to presume that you're using the ranks+2 formula that the talents use for damage negation, which strikes me as being too good seeing as even a single rank can very easily turn a successful attack into a total miss, and in turn will lead to combats dragging out, especially if it's a Nemesis-tier villain with multiple ranks of Parry and Reflect. I'm thinking a more balanced approach (for anyone wanting to consider this house rule but not want the Jedi crowd to completely steal the show) might be to simply have reach rank of Parry and Reflect only apply 1 auto-failure per rank of the talent, but still cost 3 strain. Combined with the various defensive options available (Sense on top of Dodge, Defensive Stance, and Side Step), that can give a PC a definite leg up on mitigating the amount of damage they take.
  5. Reflect and Parry

    And even then, there were survivors of the purge/massacre, especially over in Legends, and included a few Jedi Masters. Admittedly, most of those who survived did so through lucky circumstances (not unlike Kenobi) or simply not being near Clone Troopers when the order came through. Rahm Kota from The Force Unleashed games for instance survived simply because he didn't trust the clones and instead surrounded himself with troops that he had personally recruited. Granted, the volume of Order 66 survivors did get slimmed down quite a bit in the wake of the canon reset, but Order 66 was far from being a clean sweep.
  6. Force Lightning with Cybernetic Limbs. Your thoughts?

    And even that bit (Vader and life support) boiled down to fanwankery and ham-fisted backfilling about why Vader, ostensibly one of the most powerful Force users in the saga, never used said ability. All when the real answer was "George hadn't thought of it until RotJ, and decided it'd be a cool trump card for the Emperor to have to give weight to Yoda's warning about not underestimating the guy's power."
  7. Force powers against minion groups

    If you're not the GM, bring the issue up with them, and discuss until you reach a happy medium. Or, if you're the GM, discuss with the players until you've reached a happy medium. As more time goes on, it becomes clearer and clearer to my view that FFG designed their Force rules to not be rigid and dogmatic but instead to have a certain degree of flexibility so that groups could find the path that worked for them. Some groups prefer that the Force indeed be a powerful ally, and that yoinking the blasters out of the hands of a single group of minions doesn't require any magnitude upgrades, while other groups would prefer a tighter rein on a Force user's power and treat the minions in a group as individuals, thus necessitating magnitude upgrades.
  8. Force powers against minion groups

    "Whatever answer works best for you and your group." In all seriousness, you'll probably get as many different answers as there are active posters in this subforum. My own thought is to generally go with what's simplest, and that being to treat a minion group as a single target (even if you're not making a combat check) and get on with playing the game. About the only exception I might make is using Move to pick up a minion group, and even then as the GM I'd just bump the group's Silhouette up by 1 (so a minion group of stormtroopers would be treated as a Silhouette 2 target for purposes of lifting) but that's about it. Similar to a discussion I've had with a number of folks regarding 7th Sea 2nd edition and its brute squads, minion groups aren't meant to be a serious threat to the PCs, and are generally speed bumps to slow the PCs down on their way to being awesome. Granted, the combat system in this game is intended to make the PCs sweat a bit during fights, while the Heroes in 7S2e should really only be worried when a Villain enters the mix.
  9. Purchasing Force Rating, outside of trees

    From what the OP said earlier in the thread, sounds like his group only has access to the F&D core rulebook, and as such don't have access to any of the specializations introduced in the supplementary books. Speaking as someone that's bought every book that FFG has produced for their Star Wars line, it can be easy to forget that not everyone has access to those extra options and thus don't have as big a toolbox to pull from.
  10. The Complete Species Guide

    Suggestion to this is to maybe include a note as to which species aren't from official material? Cuts down on confusion amidst newer players and GMs as to why they won't find some of these species in the published material no matter how hard they look.
  11. Another Character Generator

    Perhaps if a large part of why bandwidth gets exceeded is the auto-update checking, maybe it'd be worth adding a selectable option so that the program only checks for updates on a more limited basis instead of every time it's fired up? Maybe options to check once a week or perhaps more realistically once a month (given release schedules and OggDude's own availability), along with a choice to manually force a check for updates?
  12. Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    I think it was a comment by Dave Filoni that the idea of artificially creating kyber crystals was no longer a thing in the new canon, especially if taking into account the Ahsoka novel and the relationship/bond between a Jedi and their fated/destined kyber crystal.
  13. Purchasing Force Rating, outside of trees

    So I'm guessing a fair portion of your PCs started out with one of the Lightsaber Form specs and are now lamenting they have to buy additional specs in order to boost up their Force Rating? I am curious what sort of build this player has for their character that it can't benefit from additional specializations. That is unless they've got a fairly narrow/dogmatic view of what this character should be. Looking at the propose cost, if I'm figuring this right going from Force Rating 1 to Force Rating 2 would cost 120XP? With some rare exceptions, that less expensive than buying another in-career specialization, though you're not getting the additional talents, which is a mitigating factor. I'm not in favor of such a "free ride" increase, but of the various options to boost Force Rating without buying the Force Rating talent, especially with all the other restrictions you've put in place, this isn't a horrible suggestion.
  14. "Never tell me the odds!" - Han Solo, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Hey, somebody had to say it
  15. Agreed, once you take away all the extra material that the EU/Legends built up around him. Looking strictly at the films (especially Rotj), Palpatine is indeed a one-note villain, with Vader as his top enforcer. The prequels added a bit more, but that was mostly building up his cred as a top-tier manipulator. But ultimately, Palps is just as much a one-dimensional "mustache-twirling villain" of the type seen in the old time serials that inspired Star Wars in the first place.