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  1. Donovan Morningfire

    Force power: move question

    Adversary only applies when being targeted by combat checks. In this case, it doesn't apply since you're not using Move to hurl something at the Nemesis, so it's just pppr to resist.
  2. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    Depends on how you define equipment. There are weapons in various splats, such as the Staff of Office in Desperate Allies, that provides a bonus to social checks in a specific circumstance. There are armors in Dangerous Covenants that apply a bonus to Coercion checks just for being worn, but a penalty to most Charm checks, with armor itself potentially being considered a form of equipment. Desperate Allies also has armors that provide a bonus on social checks for certain circumstances, such as dealing with nobility or drawing attention to oneself. Keeping the Peace's armor-crafting rules have an option to spend 2 advantage from crafting to gain a minor benefit to a specified skill check, with again armor falling into the rather broad category of "equipment." So what Daeglan is asking for isn't completely without precedent within the official rules. Unfortunately, some folks are just out and out determined to get their knickers in a twist because he's looking for something that isn't explicitly detailed within the existing rules, a fact that he's been pretty clear on almost from the get-go. @Daeglan, my earlier advice stands; at this point the sensible thing for you to do is to walk away from this thread and just talk it over with your GM, as too many folks seem determined to say "No! You can't do that! It's not da rulez!" as opposed to actually trying to help you out here. I think you've explained yourself pretty well, but these folks don't appear to be interested in listening or actually providing constructive advice.
  3. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    @Daeglan at this point, the best advice you can take away from this thread is talk with your GM to see what sort of leeway/wiggleroom they're willing to allow in terms of what you're looking for in terms of options. They're the ones that have to manage it at the table, so if they're not on board, then any suggestions given here are hogwash. Plus, they know the balance of the group a lot better than a bunch of faceless jokers (myself included) posting on a forum, so the GM will have a better feel for what's "balanced" for their table in terms of homebrew options.
  4. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    In terms of mechanics, at most I'd say it provides an advantage to a specific skill check, not unlike the armor option for Keeping the Peace (2A = add 1 advantage to one of Charm, Coercion, Negotiation, or Leadership while the armor is worn), and even then only when the weapon is prominently displayed. And it'd be easy enough to add a drawback that because the lightsaber hilt is so distinctive in appearance that there's a penalty to conceal the object, such as a free advantage on the searcher's Perception check to find and/or identify the item as a lightsaber hilt. Of course, the custom look doesn't have to be electrum plating/detailing, as I believe the SWTOR MMO has some pretty menacing looking hilt designs favored by the Sith, with various sharp and/or hooked bits that have zero to do with how the lightsaber operates, but simply makes it look more ominous (translating as adding an advantage to Coercion checks when displayed).
  5. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    On the subject of "enhancements to lightsabers granting social benefits..." http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Electrum/Legends Granted, such detailing was limited to high-ranking Jedi Masters prior to Order 66, and Sidious had both of his lightsabers blinged out this way, because he's him. What the mechanical perks might be would be up to the player and the GM to hash out.
  6. Donovan Morningfire

    Question reguarding linked quality

    None that I know of. For single weapons, the biggest is the Quad Laser Cannon at Linked 3 in and of itself, as well as ships like the X-Wing and TIE Interceptor. In terms of practicality however, going over Linked 3 simply isn't, for the simple reason of being able to reliably generate enough advantage/triumphs to get all those activations is a very difficult prospect. That and in terms of practicality where starfighters are concerned, Linked 1 is enough to do the job of taking out the beefier snubfighters in one go.
  7. Donovan Morningfire

    Question reguarding linked quality

    Re-read how Linked operates. You can score one extra hit per rank of Linked, up to the value of the Linked quality. Otherwise, if it worked as you said, Linked 1 would be worthless.
  8. Donovan Morningfire

    defensive training + dual wielding

    Go to Products, click Star Wars, chose any of the three SWRPG game lines, and click under Support.
  9. Donovan Morningfire

    defensive training + dual wielding

    They don't, but if you read the text on Defensive, it says "adds +1 to your melee defense" per rank (or words to those effect, don't have my rule book on hand to cite the page and exact text). Personally I think it's a bit silly that multiple weapons with Defensive (either from a talent or innate weapon quality) can stack, but I just simply noted what the FAQ/errata says. Armor and Cover are both instances of providing a flat defense value, and thus don't stack with each other (much to the consternation of several frequent posters).
  10. Donovan Morningfire

    defensive training + dual wielding

    The answer, per the latest FAQ/Errata, is complicated. Going by that, one rank in Defensive Training provides one rank of the Defensive quality, which is +1 to your melee defense. Wielding two weapons, as I understand the errata, would indeed give you +2 to your melee defense. However, the catch is that your defense, melee or ranged, cannot exceed a 4. So if you were to get a second rank of Defensive Training, and be wearing armored robes (defense 1), your melee defense would be a 4, since that's the cap.
  11. Donovan Morningfire

    Greetings and a question

    On the first one (other PC ruthlessly gunning down the officers with the F&D PC not able to do anything to affect the outcome), I'd say little to no conflict; at absolute most I'd assign 1 point of Conflict if the shooting PC was being especially ruthless (such as gunning down the officers when they weren't attacking the group at all), but so long as the Corsec officers were attacking (even if using stun setting), then there's not really any grounds for assigning Conflict. On the tossing one Corsec officer into another, that's a bit different. If the F&D PC did so to both inflict damage and did so before the Corsec officers attacked, then that's Conflict-worthy, but at most it'd be 2 points of Conflict, and more likely to just be 1 for immediately resorting to violence rather than trying to find a more peaceful resolution. Now, if the PC at least tried for a non-violent solution and didn't resort to telekinesis until after the Corsec officers started shooting, then there wouldn't be any Conflict assigned.
  12. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    Frankly, it's probably a case of the designers realizing that with most of these hilts packing a crystal that provides Breach 1, they wanted to play a bit more cautious with what sort of options are available to be added, especially when you start factoring in double-bladed hilts as well as hilts that automatically add Defensive 1 or Accurate 1 on top of anything else. Of course, there's also been a host of complaints about the crafting system in general, but most of those are whining about how the rules provided don't allow the PC to perfectly replicate existing items from other sourcebooks at a fraction of what said items cost.
  13. Donovan Morningfire

    Dawn Temple extended map?

    Yeah, the only maps for the Dawn Temple that I've seen are the official ones, which only cover the upper levels.
  14. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    With regards to adding Defensive, for lightsaber construction, that option also includes a cheaper disarm ability (2A rather than the 3A normally required). If you just want Defensive but not the whole cross-guard business, ask the GM if he'll allow you to just have Defensive and nothing else. That being said, while it's not exciting the setback die on checks to conceal your lightsaber's true purpose can occasionally come in handy if you're playing in an era where the Empire is running the show. Doesn't sound like your PC is especially good at Deception or Skulduggery, and probably only using raw Agility for Stealth. So having that extra little bit to allow you to pass your lightsaber off as something more innocuous and less damning than a lightsaber can come in handy.
  15. Donovan Morningfire

    Lightsaber construction in endless vigil

    Well, you've said a few times that the options offered don't fit your character. So, would probably help if you mentioned what sort of character you have? Comes down to it, you could peruse the crafting options from Special Modifications for melee weapons, and see if your GM is amenable to you using one of the 2A options from there.