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  1. It costs a standard action to scan , no? so if he constantly delays have him stay behind the rest of the team. In my games i had rulled that the Warp could affect auspex. Also if they are moving in such close formation so as to have a 50 m "bubble" around them maybe add the hazard "Unstable (see collapsiible) Footing. Also remember that corners by definition stop scans and there are things out there that can charge 50m.
  2. Right so... A unified "soak pool". Add Toughness and armor together. That is your soak pool. Weapons ignore a value equal to their penetration. That means that a plasma gun is more dangerous to an unarmored person thatn to a armored one. It also makes the game a little more lethal. Full Auto is a Full action that inflicts Pinning. However SP and Bolt weapons not properly braced suffer a -20 to hit. A braced weapon needs a full action to change facing. The Warp Weapon SR ignores the entirety of your pool. Yes that is deadly. Holy, Sanctified and Force armour retain their Bonus. Pure Faith Wielders retain atheir Toughness Bonus. The Deamon Trait meand that weapon penetration Is set to 0 against them. Holy and Sanctified weapons inflict penetration normally.
  3. I had lost all hope... Captivating indeed.... I really liked the part about Jolan moral quandaries. And his slow path to damnation...
  4. A RL rifle is basicaly a heavy length of material with a weighted stock. It can and will be used as a club or a small quarterstaff. I don't see why a 4 kg Lasgun can't be used as a mellee weapon. Use the rules for a club but add the chance that any parry with it will damage the weapon's firing mechanism/sights
  5. Is it still possible to recover the original Eldar ritual. Is there any acolyte with the skill to decipher and enact it? I'm thinking Evil Dead 2 here, so -Awakened entity inimical to Man. -Possibly a Eldar World Spirit. -It can posess people. -It will ignore imature persons (children) as it can warp them to it's purpose. -It is banishable by the same ritual used to awaken it.
  6. I 'd say no. It wea the players actions (read idiocy) that led to that advance being granted in the first place. As I wouldn't charge xp to give the player a Peer talent for which he would go to great lenghts to achieve.
  7. My group have killed their first Inquisitor when he tried to summon a deamon on a desert planet. In ther trial the gathered Inquisitors of the Tyrantine Cabal decided to give the Emperor's Mercy tHo the characters. At that moment an Astroapathic message blurts out: : -Lord Inquisitor Zerbe, I call on favours owed. Spare these agents and return them to the field. Inquisitor Silas Marr So the Characters are dispatced to a junior Inquisitor who blatantly tells them he has no need of their services and that he is sending them on a "holyday" to get them out of his way. The groups Leader is told to pay special attention to the Psycker. Of course they are being watched… So after a couple near disasters the Acolytes are picked up by their Inquisitor and handed over to Silas Marr. They are sent to the House of Dust and Ash to "observe and report". And when the group's Psycker faceis reflected on the Unknown Portrait the pieces come together. Hermes the Sanctionite is Hermes Haarlock, Heir to that Name and can interface with the Machinery in the House and control it. It was an awesome session…
  8. I think the whole Blind Tesseract Scene is to impose on the players a feeling of "Damned if you do , Damned if you don't" situation. The three scratches are purely cosmetic to differentiate members of the cult from others. The scenario i think goes as follows: -Erasmus returns and start to methodicaly dismantle the Imperium's control of the sector. -The Slaugh sensing all is lost attack, only to be completely trounced. -The Imperium reels, abandoning whloe swathes of the sector in an attempt to consolidate it's base in order to strike back at Erasmus. The real question is what sort of power exactly has Erasmus at his disposal. Is he something like a Chaos Lord, with an army of Cultists and bound Daemons? Or something else altotogether.
  9. Gahhhhh. Copy paste error. The Acolytes that went down to the Shantytown were: G.I. Joseg, Frost and Voltrus. G.I. Joseg is not a Slaaneshi Daemon in any way, shape or form…
  10. A small update… Part V From the fire to the frying pan While the Acolytes are withdrawing for the night a very anxious Cistern calls Hermes to come quickly. Hermes alarmed by the tone of the message follows Whent only to discover that the Unknown Portrait had changed it’s image to depict his likeness. It appears that he is after all the resident Haarlock. In blind panic Erevos creates a distraction by tripping one of the mourners while Hermes covers the portrait with a piece of cloth. Unfortunately the Commodore and Hadarak Fell see through the deception and are starting to put two and two together. After the curfew has been imposed Techpriest Voltrus begins cataloguing the remains of Magos Dineth and starts to drool at the prospect of looting his possessions and absorbing his remaining augmentations. He is surprised by the visit of Octavia Nile who humbly asks for permission to remove from Dineth’s Cogitators the details of a contract between her patrons and him “for the rendering of services of great value to both parties”. She appeals to him as sole surviving member of the Mechanicus in the House to bring to a closure the dead Magos affairs. She also offers the password key to bypass the defences of the cogitator and gain access to the data within. The temptation to both logic and greed is too great for Voltrus resist and the scene ends with Nile deleting the contract from the cogitator and Voltrus plumbing the depths of Heretec knowledge after her departure. And amassing a fair amount of Corruption in the process. Now for actions that have unforeseen consequences Hermes had commissioned the adept Corteswain to research the matter of “the Worm that Walks” for him. The adept along with his assistant Stratov slip through the guards and with the promise of Rogue Trader gold in their minds proceed to one of the libraries, passing outside the place known as the Web. They hear something whispering from inside and in the best tradition of horror films decide to investigate. Syrlythyressissyn proceeds to Compel them into releasing it, uses their passion for each other to feed, kills Corteswain and possesses Stratov. It then starts to send visions to the three Acolytes that had disturbed it in the first place, seriously spooking them. In the morning the adept’s body is discovered. Erevos investigate to find that the body had been dragged to the edge of the curfew zone. The killing blow came from a large jagged instrument that went through the adept’s body. And it is a different modus operandi than the previous murders. Troubled, the Acolytes decide to split their forces for the day. Syrlythyressissyn takes with him Frost and Voltrus and heads down to the Shantytown, linking with Vimer & Quill Shaft on the way there. While exiting the House they witness the Commodore forcing his girls to board one of the Aquila Landers waiting for the VIPs inside. Then the hotshot pilot from his retinue salutes, mounts and braves the storm to get Julia and Saia Strophes to safety. The Commodore then gives the Acolytes a sign that he will be watching them. Down at the Shantytown G.I. Joseg acquires a custom fitted meltagun along with bolt ammunition and has to wait a few hours for the items. Vimer buys an Assault Heavy Stubber. You got to love smugglers… However back in the house Trouble is brewing… Hermes getting rather obsessed with the thought of a Xeno walking the same halls as he, murdering Imperial Citizens, takes along Erevos and Krixos and go to the library that contained most of the Xeno Lore of the House. Cistern accompanies them. At the library there are 8 adepts cataloguing things. Hermes passes a Psyniscience check to spot the irregularity in the ether. And then note that one of the normally austerely dressed Adepts is rather revealing in her choice of garments. Syrlythyressissyn senses the Scion of Haarlock and after it Compels the adepts (and Krixos) to leave, it attempts to make peaceful contact with Hermes while shedding the skin of adept Stratov. Hermes, with the soul of the Farseer screaming at him to kill it quickly, tries to shoot it with his hand cannon and fails to wound it. Syrlythyressissyn decides to play with her food after all and playfully scratches Hermes for 12 points of damage. With a Warp weapon. No soak from toughness or armor. The players panic and Erevos bravely steps in and attacks it with his power sword to allow the Haarlock to get away. The two start to dance a brutal tango with Erevos barely scratching the Daemon with his otherwise powerful blows and trying desperately to dodge it’s claws. He gets hit twice and that is enough to drop him to critical levels. The gore stained Syrlythyressissyn turns to regard Hermes over the prone form of Erevos and thankfully that’s when the Psyker finally gets his act together and uses his full Psy power to Force Bolt it with a lot of overbleed, blowing it into a bookcase and banishing it from the Materium. Krixos having previously broken through the Compel enters the room to find a smoking psyker, a bleeding assassin and a stunned Cistern and goes into damage control mode. He carries the wounded to their rooms for first aid by Hermes. While the Acolytes are busy licking their wounds a group of PDF led by an Advocate comes to arrest them for “Moral Threat”. Then Lanus Cistern goes into full outraged Noble mode, pulls his weight around, uses his Peer (government) talent and manages to bow Bland into submission. When G.I. Joseg returns from shopping guns he is dismayed to find that the most effective melee combatant and the Psyker of the group were one shot away from death The acolytes bunker down in their rooms waiting for the Auction with a heavy sense of incoming dread… Next ….. I have a bid for 30.000 gelt. Do i Hear 35.000?
  11. To Crunch: What do you mean by time periods? To Brother Kane: It's not an ability he can activate at will. His conscious self was being destroyed by a Daemonhost and while bleeding and battered he asked the spirit of the Farseer to help. She demolished the Deamonhost, afterwards was quite unwilling to return control of the body back to Hermes and quite ready to destroy the rest of the Acolytes. (They were responsible for her death after all). He did manage to regain control (after burning FPs) with a lot of luck and is now at critical levels with his mind and soul his after all. For the rrecord the same Psyker in our last session suffered 26 Insanity points by Learning Things Man Was Not Meant To Knowtm . I don't want to end with a gibbering wreck of character as he is my Scion of Haarlock. I plan on the ship to the next mission to introduce him to what passes for psychotherapy in the 40k.
  12. Part IV… It's a bloody soiree, what's the worse that can happen? Techpriest Voltrus along with Assasins Frost and Erevos continuie their exploration of the House. Next stop: Haarlocks Tomb. The two Assasins find the two secret doors and the depression that looks like a sunburst atop the Door inscribed "DEATH IS BUT A DOOR". Voltrus manages to decipher an inscription on the hieroglyphics decorating the Tomb stating " From inaction Erasmus in wrath arose perfidius traitors and murderers to hunt the whole Clan He deemed unworthy and their posessions irrelevant So aboard the Spear of Destiny He wanderered to beyond and back the Traveller forevermore to find a way to shackle Time. From Cold Stars He returned the secrets of the Cosmos now His along with artefacts of wonder and terrific creations of forgoten aeons. He still Wanders He is the Traveller. Notice that the poem is 13 verses long. Also believe me it sounds better in greek. Before the three acolytes can pry even futher Master Mourner Greell appears and chases them out of the tomb. Erevos manages to spot his medallion and make the obvious connection with the sunburst shaped depression above the door. The three acolytes then proceed to the Observatory, where Voltrus tries to commune with the Machine Spirit of the Cogitator and discovers that the whole place is boobytraped. The group then proceeds to the Fearsome Enjin where the Techpriest divines it's true nature (wow a Data Loom!) and after a few checks he figures that if the parts in the auction are from here he can bring it back to operational status. Also it will only work for a Haarlock and it is certainly trapped. So onwards to the location marked "The Web". Where all hell is let loose. Literaly. In the Web Voltrus levitates himself to the Astropath's throne where he proceeds to disturb the remains of the late astropath. Erevos having superior senes to the other two catches a sweet smell starting to emanate from the throne. Then the whole chamber is powered up and a passage to the Immaterium is opened. Enter Syrlythyressissyn the Deamonette. The techpriest is terminally scared and runs frantically away, Erevos is struck dumb and only faithfull Frost retains his wits about him and starts to shoot at the thing. The players are relieved when they discover that apparrently the deamon cannot leave the platform the throne is built on and flee when they discover that their guns are useless.* Frost drags the fascinated Erevos away only to find the Techpriest cowering in a corner and shakingly pointing a plasma pistol at him. Wich the badly shaken Techpriest proceeds to fire at his "hunters". Luckily Frost manages to Dodge the Maximal power shot, drops Erevos to the ground, draws his faithfull Bolt pistol and his vision sparkling with bright after images returns fire at the shadowy tentacled figure. Luckily his weapon jams so no friendly fire here. The three acolytes recover enough to return to their quarters. There they brief G.I.Joseg who then asks the Psyker if that thing can leave its confinment. The answer of course is no, unless someone sets it loose. Well guess what will happe next. *(well not quite. But i gave that thing Natural Armour 2 and 20 wounds and had Demonic (8). So a total soak of 10. And i had ruled that things with the demonic SR ignore the penetration of mundane energy and power weapons. So you need Psychic Powers and Blessed Ammunition to deal reliably with them. And yes that makes them pretty hard to deal with. That's the whole point.)* Meanwhile Hermes along with Krixos and G.I. Joseg are off to meet with Outidanos (mr Nonesuch) in the august company of the Lord General. Outidanos keeping a faint air of amusement at the squirming of the psyker Hermes tells them bluntly that the auction will proceed and that he will oppose their scheme. The acolytes then decide not to pit their feeble Lores against those of a master of ther Administratum and scrap their plan. While returning to their quarters they are apprehended by one of the Commodore's retinue who summons Hermes to meet with the Commodore. There Julia and Saia Strophes entertain (and bore to tears) the archmilitant and the senechal while the good Commodore tries to intimidate the truth out of Hermes. See before he landed he had received a report on all the capital ships in the Marayn Marches and there is no mention of House Sunder nor of Captain Hermes Sunder of the good ship Sundered Foe. Hermes resists admirably but is worried about how much everyone else knowns. Then all the Acolytes return to the quarters to prepare for the official Gala. Initially at the Gala all goes smoothly. The three acolytes present dance (awkardly) and make smalltalk (clumsily). Hermes touches the subject of the Murders with Severous Destienne who tells him that he can think of at least 7 Xenos that devour brains and flesh like that , mentioning the name Worm that Walks. Hermes curses the absense of the Adept Hercules and bribes one of the resident adepts, Corteswain, to research the name for him. Then the Archmilitant notes that several of the guests are (discreetly ) armed where there should be no wepons at all. The force field is apparently compromised. They start to panic. In truth magos Dineth had been trying to circumvent the interdiction since he came to the House so he divined a password token and after having come to an agrement with Lady Nile he gave a few of them to her. Nothing fancy. Then the senechal notes that lady Nile is whispering to Captain Rubio of the Ozzymandias. The challenge is not long in coming and a battle between champions is declared. Hadarak Fell assumes the role of Master of Ceremonies and takes the names of the participants and collects the bets. Thogg from the retinue of captain Rubio and Erevos VII from the retinue of captain Hermes. Erevos menwhile finds Wreck the Ogryn and wispers to him that "Thogg said bad thing about Django". Before anyone can react a raging augmented 400kg brute grabs Thogg and proceeds to pulp him into paste. Then Django stands him down and proceeds to whip him publicly. When all is said and done Fell reminds the trembling Rubio that there is still the small matter of an honour duel to the death. And that his life is forfeit if he backs down. Rubio enters the ring where Erevos beats him with his fists. Thoughrouly humiliated Rubio offers the Ozzymandias in return for his miserable hide. Hermes graciously accepts and Fell engages Bland to codify the agreement so it is all nice and legal. While congratulations are passed around and another round of drinks for the victor Voltrus and Frost as his Bodyguard are lounging in the Entrance Hall in time to see Janus the Goleph purposedly walking toward the garden of lost saints. Magos Dineth is after it ordering it to stop. The Goleph then proceeds to overload and breach the force field denying it's entrance to the garden. A few scared PDF troopers manage to firea few shots but the goleph dispassionatelly chops them to pieces while trying to sample the canapes. Seeing this and after the urging of Voltrus, Magos Dineth fires at his creation. The goleph keens in disapointment bounds down the stairs dodging fire from its creator and proceeds to disembower and quadfurcate the Magos before it is torn apart by the heavy bolter armed servitors of the House. And the night ends with the PDF enforcing a curfew, Voltrus transfering the remains of the Magos to his room and gathering his other posessions as well. Stay tuned for Part V From the fire to the fireing pan
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