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  1. I. J. Thompson said: I don't hate the prequels. I'm the first to confess they're not great cinema, but I have better things to do than 'hate' a movie (well, unless it's The Love Guru). The problem with the prequels would have been the same in the hands of any director: prequels suck. We know what happens. It's a no-win situation. I enjoyed The Hobbit, but did I have any anxiety about Bilbo's safety? Of course not. Did I hope that the crew of the Prometheus was going to achieve their goals and have a meaningful dialogue with 'god'? Nuh-uh. Would I like to see a movie about Quint's pre-Jaws adventures in fish-catching aboard the Orca? Hell, naw. Everybody hates on Lucas because the Star Wars series is, arguably, the biggest film franchise of all time. So if those films were gonna fail, they weren't gonna fail 'slightly'. But I've always felt that anyone who wanted the prequels to effectively be Episodes IV, V, and VI, but twenty years prior, is fooling themselves. Look at Obi-Wan's description of the era: "the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy". Clearly, we're not talking about a rag-tag bunch of outlaw heroes cruising around in a boogie van. It's a different kind of story. Yes, I cringe when I hear a lot of the prequels' dialogue, and I wince when I watch great actors stumbling woodenly around in front of a green screen. But I still enjoy the films… because when all is said and done, I think Lucas really did give us the story he'd (essentially) imagined all along. So, yeah… prequel = bad. Amen to that brother!
  2. Muad Dib said: You really thought this was authentic? You can tell it was written by a fanboy that had his dreams crushed after watching episodes 1-3. The people that do the most complaining about these movies are some of the least creative people on this planet. They are good at criticizing and complaining, but how how many movies have they directed? how many screenplays have they wrote? how many movies have they acted in? These people will go through their whole complaining about what others have created. If you can create something better- than go out there and do it. To much anger I sense on you my friend, calm down a bit, all that hatred is no good for your health. But yeah I could have been wrong didn't realize it was April fools' day, just thought old Lucas had still some sanity inside of him..
  3. mischraum.de said: Have you looked at the date of this article? That's why I wrote a while ago, my friend.
  4. Hey whats up! I leave you all here a link with a really interesting interview that was made a while ago to George Lucas, it comes to explain the motive of the big **** he did with episodes I, II and III and his intention (not sure if Disney will help) in a future of re-structuring the story so that it fits better with the other films of the original triology we like so much. Fortunately he would leave about of the script Jar Jar Binks and Anakin as a child and teenager (Thank God), i really find Jake Lloyd's and Hayden Christensen's acting some of the worst ever. http://shutupandwatchthemovie.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/george-lucas-says-hell-remake-the-prequel-trilogy/ Leave here your comments!
  5. The Empire Brings Sexy Back said: Karnivor said: Found this in the desciption of Edge of Darkness: Edge of Darkness is the first deluxe expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game. Its twenty-two unique objective sets add 132 total cards that allow players to battle for the fate of the galaxy as either of two new affiliations, the dark side’s Scum and Villainy or the light side’s Smugglers and Spies. Does anyone know the difference between these new ones and the old ones? they're probably galactic republic and confederacy of independent systems I think its a possibility, but not on edge of darkness, rather on future expansions related to the new triology, those two will go along side jedi and sith I suppose.
  6. Norsehound said: All that fawning over the beautiful minis? That's why I want the TIE Defender. It's the most beautiful TIE design and I want to see what FFG's version of the model. Plus, fly it and kill things with it. I think the design of the classic Tie fighter and Interceptor is much better than defender. Although i must say defender is also way better than the horrible tie avanger….
  7. We already have it, it came out last friday!!
  8. Agree, Moff Tarkin looks spectacular!
  9. Mikko Leho said: Penfold said: But now you are all over the place in your statements. We were talking about transhumanists in science fiction. Lets set aside gravity boots and gps. The point I was making with those examples was that while something might seem far fetched or easily attainable in the future, future has a way of proving us wrong. While some ideas promoted by transhumanists are quite reasonable, there are countless of predictions that, no matter how believable they were at the time, have not come true like fusion power. In essence I admit I might be wrong with me more pessimistic views, but I seriously doubt transhumanists' ability to augur the future any better than those of past futurists. Penfold said: All the things I put forward are fact. While you didn't dispute them it feels like you dismissed them. Transhuminism (from now on referred to as H+) is not about nanotechnology or brain uploading. I consider these essential for transhumanism as I see it as radical and profound transformation of the human condition. Enhancing ourselves is a step in that direction, but true transhumanism is presented in works like Accelerando by Charles Stross, Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis or the Culture series by Ian M Banks. This include personality forking, uploading one's consciousness into sentient plasma clouds, turning the whole solar system's matter into giant computer to simulate Humanity 2.0 etc. Some of these changes within our expected lifespan and this quick time frame is that I am opposed. Just recently a Russian mogul announced a timetable for immortality by 2045 with mind uploads, and you can find pretty similar statements from other transhumanist daydreamers. Penfold said: Of course, SF isn't about predicting the future. SF is about using concepts and questions about science and technology and using those to tell a story about what it means to be human. Exactly, what irks me how sometimes transhumanists seem to promote their views like religion. Immortality and economical equality for all in our lifetime sounds like the Rapture without Jesus. And I guess that in turn tells us something about the human nature. I think you're loosing the point man…
  10. Looking forward to the Imperial Snow & Scout trooper avatar!!!
  11. Penfold said: I think his point was more on the order of Dragons and Magic are fantasy, transhumanist elements in fiction are based on real science, admittedly pushed far beyond our current capabilities, and frequently understanding. But we have molecular organic computers. We have brain/machine interfaces. We have mechanical limbs and bipedal robots. We can do ocular and cochlear implants to give vision and hearing to those without. Taking these things and flinging them 20-50 years in the future and given the rate technology is jumping isn't fantasy. Hell we have 3D printers that can produce organic matter to create arteries and tissue. Hello Jinteki. Jus because we don't have fully vat grown clones that we can program, nor implanted computers that let our eyes combine a suped-up version of Google Glasses with Google Goggles doesn't mean we won't get there in a VERY short period of time. That's exactly my point Penfold Glad to hear someone understood it!
  12. It would also be interesting to see some accessories such as asteroids, space mines, and turrets…
  13. tiepilot1138 said: R5Don4 said: With all the OT love here I'm surprised at the complete lack of desire for the Cloud Car. The Cloud Car is just atmospheric. I'm sure if they do expand to ground/atmospheric scenarios it would be included, right next to the snowspeeder. Lest hope they'll do that; the ground scenarios with some semi-terrestrial ships will give an interesting twist to the game..
  14. sinnerfold said: I invite everyone on these forums to go pay for the licensing for the Star Wars property and design your own game. Make it play however you like. Until you do that, stop whining and complaining about how you don't like this design or these rules. It isn't your game. It's FFG's. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I'm pretty sure they'll make more than enough money from the players who play games because they're fun, not because they're co-op. Isn't this censorship? Now we can't give a free opinion of what we don't like? What a pitty… And answering your question, if we had the money we would surely buy the licensing as old George is happy to exploit every last bit of the franchise…
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