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  1. Yep having the problem. I am using a Samsung tablet.
  2. These look great! I would paint mine, but I have way to many other projects to paint
  3. They come up with an Assault on Hoth Battlelore game my wallet will turn to the dark side.
  4. How about a Battlelore type game like the Assault on Hoth with miniature AT - ATs and squadrons of snow speeders that lead to an assault on echo base?
  5. 10mins south of Abington hospital on 611 Red canopy on the right, parking in the rear next to ihop Brave new worlds is around they are on 63 welsh rd pass the Willow Grove mall.
  6. 7th Dimension games has a group that plays in Jenkintown. Also, we have a group on Facebook for both X- wing and Attack wing called Flight Night @ 7th Dimension
  7. How about Advanced Targeting which allows you to fire both Primary and secondary Weapons for a stress token.
  8. odinfellhammer

    Wave Three?

    I am guessing we will see a preview for wave 3 by Gen Con.
  9. Well, They should stop using Chinese Manufacturers. Move the operation to America. I don't think there would be delays then.
  10. Picture is not being displayed.
  11. I would have to agree that the Forums are slow or it hangs up and doesn't take you anywhere when you click on a link.
  12. odinfellhammer

    Gaming mats

    GF9 mats are not Available yet per their website
  13. Looks Great! I may need to find one of them.
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