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  1. so even with push the limit you can only do each action once? we only had the digital rule book on hand which is a pain to sift through so I might have missed it. So would Norra a kwing of some form and ahsoka would be decent? cool maybe I can do a mine laying build haha
  2. I am always horrible at list building, a long time go(back before the force awakens starter) I had a list that consisted of 2 awings an e wing and I think jan ors with an ion turret It was fun and zippy and hard to pin down. Recently me and my friend decided to get back into the game and decided to play a quick 50 point kind of test run to see if we still remembered what we are doing. My new list consisted of Ashoka tano, captured tie, sabines masterpiece, and a saboteur. THen tycho, chadan refit, awing test title, push the limit and determination( that is the +2 pilot skill one right) It was a pain for my friend to deal with because ashoka couldnt be targeted and thanks to at times 2-3 boosts the Awing spent most of the game a half in away from the enemy ships facing their sides. Sure I just out right stopped keeping track of stress tokens and only did white and green maneuvers from then on out but still the list just couldnt be pinned down and I am not sure what I should do to take this list to 100 points. The second list question is, what do arc 170's work with I just picked one up, I am kind of tempted to get a Kwing if our store ever gets more in and just run those two together but not sure what else I can do. Pretty much the only ship I never care about are x-wings themselves(I am a hipster about them lol) and I dont want to use any cards from the epic ship boxes( rebel transports etc) as I dont want to drop the money on them, Any help with this would be great thank you. actually somewhat unrelated PS just so I do not have to start a second post(I hate doing that) Any advice (aside from dont) for runnin Scyk and Khiraz heavy maybe with a hwk thrown in as well lol, I know the scum "aces" are coming soon and thanks to my history of playing SWG and jedi knight those three ships are my favorite ships
  3. All the different options can be a bit overwhelming I know I want to focus mostly on the bigger ships, though from the game I was able to watch the main complaint the rebel player seemed to have was that tie swarm can decimate so I know i want an answer to that. Are there any websites that can give a overview of what each ship would be best at and some standard builds? I know I want the new ships that are coming out for rebels and maybe a nebulon b or two, I tend not to build strict tourny lists
  4. True though looking at some army builders it seems like it isnt too expensive to chuck some in. Could 2 each of a wings and y wings do decently?
  5. So as silly as this sounds I am not as interested in the fighters as I am the rebel cruisers and frigates. If I want fighters I would just play xwing lol. Dont get me wrong I love the Ywing (though not xwings sadly) So anyways how important are the smallers ships or can i buy just the medium and larger ships and be just fine.
  6. it wasnt just viruses I saw a lot of cards that might help a shaper deck like cyberfeeder(forgot the the others though)
  7. I was having trouble deciding between doing a shaper or a anarch deck, so I was wondering are there any decent decks that main shaper and splash anarch focusing on things like viruses?
  8. me and my friend are each thinking about picking up a starter edition 2 questions I had. one is it only rebel vs empire? or can they fight against their own faction? me and my friend were planning on getting two starter sets and then splitting the rebel and empire stuff, him taking empire me taking rebel. and two, why is it that the starter set comes with 1 xwing and two tiefighters? does this make the game uneven?
  9. basically two examples if I am at the door to the center area and fail to pick the lock or bust down teh door, can my next turn I just stay where I am and try again? and with combat for example I land on a space draw two cards and fail to kill them, am I stuck in combat next round do I move or is it my choice?
  10. the requirement to land on a specific square to actually get to the very center. for hours this went on, we eventually just called it 2 people had talismans one was in the middle ring and no matter what just could not land on the door. and thinking about it even if she did get on teh door, it probably would have been another couple hours before she landed on the crown. is there anyway to fix this issue?
  11. so uh…how do I organize teh cards in the box, there are 6 slots that I have no clue what to do with them
  12. didnt know where to put this but any people in teh tampa bay area of florida play dust tactics or warfare regularly, it's sofar all been 40k mostly.
  13. I saw video of this game and it really interested me but saw a bunch of posts asking how many boxes they needed and people said at least one box per player, why is this? I thought that everything was included in the LCGs. are the extra boxes only needed for someone who wants to customize their deck like it was a CCG, and if I have one box can I not just let someone use one of the decks in the box and just play? That's the kind of card game I am drawn to right now something with more complexity then a normal card game but not needing to buy booster packs every week.
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