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  1. Trying to gauge if there is still any demand for the first edition with the expansions.
  2. Thrawn got his hands on a majority of those ships. There could be some cool things with him as admiral. He was using clones by that point as well. More interesting crew options.
  3. I'd like to see the Dreadnaught class cruisers, so Garm bel Iblis can command a flotilla of them.
  4. These are all in very good condition and have been played roughly 5 times. Asking $250 plus shipping. Message me for more details.
  5. My group has played this 5 times and are becoming frustrated at the lack of combat. It seems that we all usually build up on respective frontiers and no one has the guts to commit. Either the person that loses that battle can't recover and gets steamrolled by the orb players or both parties have whittled each other down that they both get steamrolled and can't recover. The amount time and resources it takes to field your navy prevents us from being aggressive militarily. While I understand that not all races are designed to win through might, there most certainly are races that benefit from that type of gameplay. What happens in your groups?
  6. Interesting thought, being used in atmosphere. The TIE fighters lose their maneuverability advantage over the X-Wing in atmosphere. Hmm. Also I'd like to comment on some earlier posts about EU ships. There are some really cool options: K-Wing, Chiss Clawcraft, Stealth X, even the Recon X can be used in scenarios that require the survival of certain units or it can provide targeting data. I do think EU is a long shot seeing as the Clone Wars stuff is such a cash cow right now.
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