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  1. Ok, thanks for the info, I was feeling quite enraged, now I am feeling stupid. I hope a moderator close this post
  2. Tell me if I am missing something, but FFG tell us that in this FIRST wave of 2.0, all the ships and upgrades cards will be included in the conversion kits , so if we are veteran players, with a conversion kit of each faction we will be done, and we won’t be in need to buy the separate expansion ships... (at least for this first wave, I know). They have repeat this soooo many times, and even in the last article (the Y-wing one) , they repeat this again. But then in the same article I read that the Y-Wing expansion includes two pilots (Norra and Evaan) that are not included in the rebel conversion kit, at least in the leak of the contents of the conversion kit are not included. WTF FFG? This is the kind of trust that we are going to receive from you????
  3. Maarek is supposed to be a force user, but he hasn’t any force point in xwing2.0 . Errata or balancing thing?
  4. Vader + engine upgrade + daredevil. This is THE COMBO.
  5. B-WIng: 2 - Primary fire 2 - Defense 3 - Hull 4 - Shields Actions: Focus, Target lock, Barrel roll. Options: Cannon (heavy laser or ion), 1 missile, (MAYBE 1 proton).
  6. In fact the B-wing is a ship perfect to perform barrel rolls by design.
  7. "Because the cockpit is surrounded by a unique gyro-stabilization system, the pilot always remains stationary, even as the rest of the ship rotates during flight." If a rebel ship must have Barrel Roll. It is the B-wing. I'm pretty sure it will have it
  8. There are any new bonus tokens with Franky?
  9. That is how I understand the token too.
  10. Can the Sten Mark 2 be used like a normal automatic gun? I mean if it is an automatic weapon , but it also has the ability to attack again in the same activation (like if you were using an extra ammunition token with it) and then discard it. This is similar to the happo question.
  11. The bonus obtained by focus or marksmanship , is given to both attacks of the cluster missiles or only at the first one?
  12. When you use the Determination Skill, if a critical damage card have the name Pilot, you must discard it (not put it face down). So no damage will be done in the ship?
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