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  1. it's B, all the imperials have UK accents, ergo B
  2. the original card text says "instead of attacking." Being engaged doesn't prevent you from attacking, just limits your targets. The clarification was (basically) about if he had no valid targets to attack
  3. You're assuming they can't say anything about it. Another possibility is that they're just not far along enough to say anything about it.
  4. The above post made me think about this. So I looked and you are in fact dead wrong about this. Wave 2 was annoused at GAMA 2015, which took place in March of this year. So we've actually only known about it for 4 or so months, not a year +. This was still IMO too soon, but considering the issues they've seemed to have, and something they said at GenCon I think something happened to cause wave 2 to be delayed. Someone at GenCon said they were hoping to have it there, but that didn't work out. yeah, i was pretty sure the gencon 2014 date was wrong I suspect this might be why we weren't even teased images
  5. And remaking...and remaking.... And remaking.... And remaking... And remaking... I mean, you can say a lot about Marvel's movie strategy, but i dunno if "remaking" is a claim i could even agree to disagree on
  6. I'm curious to see how the meta shakes out, before i commit to doubling up on anything. Will more fighters or more expensive upgrades be the way to do it. I'm willing to save my money, and take some losses until we figure that out what I need to double up on
  7. Which is exactly what redpriest did though, he mocked the view of the dock workers with ridicule. Hypocritical much? If you read what I said, you and Seismic will note that it was a general comment. You will notice that the comment in question was seperate from the response to Red's idea. Neither Seismic nor Red was called out specifically as it was a general comment meant for both. Both had points to make and both could have made them better. So, the comment stands, with the caveat for the you and Seismic: be sure you fully understand a comment before casting aspursions. Again, general advice I think we would all be wise to follow. Have a nice day! Well, you should probably consider the context of what your comment on immaturity, since it was literally sandwiched between two comments about the dockworker's "strike" being a problem. Didn't do a great job of setting it apart from the rest of your ideas
  8. lol "ugh, people trying to negotiate their working conditions, where are my plastic spaceships" As a former union member and rep, and a current historian who has studied unions, including the west coast shipping unions, Redpriest is not wrong. Exagerating a little, perhaps, but not wrong. Generally speaking unions have become the monsters they once fought against.And it really is more than the plastic ships. Its about a national economy. Mocking the views of others with ridicule does not make you right. It just shows immaturity and an inability to discuss an issue. And as for the source you requested. Most articles and reports, both in and out of the industry, written at the time the dockworker strike ended agreed it would be months untill the backlog was cleared. Have a nice day! "immaturity" in my response to a guy insulting a group that's not even here to respond. Truly the height of discourse Also, my point about the stuff not even being on the boat until after the slowdown happened still stands. It wasn't going to get here on "time" whatever "time" was supposed to be
  9. lol "ugh, people trying to negotiate their working conditions, where are my plastic spaceships" Anyone got a source for the "Wave 1 was delayed by the strike"? because it wasn't "on the boat" until the after strike was over for a couple weeks, and the core was practically in our hands
  10. What does the Tector even look like? up-armored ISD, no hangar (read: low/no squadron value) and more protected reactor Why not just take an ISD then? If the Tector doesn't have a lot of cosmetic changes why is it even a separate ship? because it was in a movie? and also it's a whole separate model they can charge you money for, without a dramatically different mold I'm not declaring "yay, the tector" i'm simply saying that it's capabilities and scale fit in well with Armada, unlike say, the Interdictor, or the SSD respectively
  11. What does the Tector even look like? up-armored ISD, no hangar (read: low/no squadron value) and more protected reactor
  12. I could see a Tector coming out at the same time as the winged MC80
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